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I Love My New Floral Print Parka

When I saw this floral print parka online, I knew I was going to love it. Before I purchased it from Aeropostale, I read the reviews from customers who bought and tried it on before and yes, they are all correct with the description of this lovely coat.

When I received this in the mail, I couldn’t be any happier for it is what I expected, very lightweight and can truly keep me warm during cold bitter winter days. I love that it has a string around its waist so it gives my body a bit of a shape when I put it on. Oh not also forgetting to mention that it is not bulky. I only bought it for $9.09 after being on clearance and an additional 30% off. For me, nothing beats the price. Originally $129 and it came down to under $10, how awesome is that?

This is the lightest coat I ever own. The ones I bought years back are very heavy and bulky. I feel like a robot when I put them on but I was a newbie back then, I didn’t really know what to buy as long as it gives me warm in cold days and I like the style…. but now I am smarter which sort of coat or jacket to buy for myself.

 photo coat_zpsf7c9de0d.jpg

The Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Deals I Got

I am a bit disappointed to know that the flannel PJ set I have been wanting to buy at Victoria’s Secret is still expensive for me to think that they are having a semi-annual sale right now yet the cost of the set is the same price before Christmas.

I have waited for the sale to come but guess, I did not buy it. Instead, I opted to these cute little things photographed below for so little money I paid to buy them. Thanks to a generous friend who e-gifted me with $25 in VS. They are worth a total of $41.41 including tax and shipping but only paid $6.41 final price.

The body scrub alone, the price is $10, Jet set portable make up kit on sale for $17.99 originally $35 and the glossy tint lip sheen for $3.99. I used the $25 egift and a $10 coupon that the store sent me weeks ago, that is how I came up with the $6.41 for all three items.

It was my first time to purchase a make up kit for I am not into make ups, this beautiful kit will go to my balik-bayan box so my sister can use it whenever she has activities in school that requires her to apply make up on the face. The tint lip sheen I am going to use for sure, it is recommended by a friend and I rely on her testimony that it can somehow enhance my lip appearance once applied,  we’ll see.

I love it when I score great deals on beautiful things. You see, there are ways to shop and not pay a whole price for it. You just have to find out how or be smart to take advantage of the sale and coupons. That’s one of the many things I learned living here in the States. Why pay full price if you can get them for such little money, right?

 photo kit_zpsbc89a385.jpg

My New 2 Pairs of Boots

In my other blog I mentioned that I will receive no gifts from my husband but I don’t feel I am very poor because of the fact that I bought a lot of stuff for myself since Black Friday. One of the many things I bought for me are these new pairs of riding and combat/military boots.

I only paid $59.71 including tax for these pairs from DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) two weeks ago. They sent me a $10 gift certificate plus they offered free shipping for all members with a minimum purchase of $35. These boots were on clearance and luckily, when I was browsing for boots that day, my size was still available. I wear size 6.5 for normal shoes but I go one size up for boots for comfort and extra space for my feet.

I wore the  riding boots at church yesterday and I cannot complain a thing about the boots, they feel comfortable and they make me feel taller. I am glad I bought heeled boots this time for a change. Most of my winter boots are flat and a pair or two with heels don’t hurt.

 photo boot_zps8ff33ed8.jpg
… The other pair I haven’t tried fitting on yet, it can be worn folded or as it is as shown in the left photo below. Right now, they are just sitting in its original box waiting for the time I can wear them hopefully soon.
 photo boot2_zps87a57fca.jpg

Taking Advantage of Puma Sale

It is not everyday I see some really deep discounts on name brand shoes and if I do, I try to take advantage of it. I bought a pair of Puma running shoes to give to my husband for Christmas, I bought the pair for only $24 plus. It came in the mail and looks pretty, I hope he likes the color I picked for him though, it is burgundy and I am not sure if he finds it nice.

Last week, I bought another at least three pair of the same brand on Puma website since they still have the sale going on and the free shipping offer. 3 Pairs and a tee for me total a little over $100 but, I did not pay that amount because I got an additional 30% of from them (get additional 30% off entire purchase of $75) so my total came down to $79 and a few cents and FREE SHIPPING!

Three of my brothers will receive these awesome goodness beautiful brand new Puma shoes while the drug-addicted brother of mine that I hated so much  won’t receive shoes from me. He will drool and eat his heart out once he finds out that he has no shoes, lol.

I can’t wait for them to arrive. My husband will be shocked I ordered too many shoes this time!

 photo pisa2_zps20933d81.jpg

Free Fragrance Gift Set at Victoria’s Secret a $50 Value!

Woooooooohoooooooo another freebie online I got, a fragrance gift set by Victoria’s Secret, a $50 value! Head on to their site now. Purchase a pair of slipper sock for $10 then add item number VG-307-373. Use the promo code FA1339037 (for free fragrance gift set, save $50). Pay shipping $5.99 and tax, final amount will be $16.99 or depending what state you are residing but you will receive a secret reward card for it so it will be like getting two items for free in the future.

Grab this deal now people, deals like this don’t come too often so better do it now. Worry the payment later, lol. Don’t forget to shop thru EBATES for 2% cash back shopping at Victoria’s Secret!

 photo vs_zpsac828e56.png

Victoria’s Secret Order Arrived Earlier than Expected

I am pleased of the early arrival of my order from Victoria’s Secret. I placed my order last Thursday and I got the package five days after that. How awesome? I don’t mind paying $6 for the shipping as long as the items arrived in no time.

Here’s a deal I got online, $26 for 7 panties, 3 travel size fragrances and a secret reward card. Who knows how much is in the reward card, if I get lucky I can have the $500 hehe. I don’t really need new undies but I went ahead and bought 7 since they were on sale and three of these beautiful undies will go to my little sister in the Philippines.

I hope she’ll love what I give to her for I personally pick them, colors and sizes appropriate for a thirteen-year old girl. I can give a lot to her without hesitation because I love her and she is my sister. She is also appreciative and grateful for everything that’s given to her, unlike a few people out there…. they don’t give value to the small things that come their way.

 photo vs_zps46de7c87.jpg

Hello Kitty Fashion Earrings and Watch

I don’t like having a cat as a pet but I definitely, without a doubt love Hello Kitty cartoon character. Not only me who is into kitty but my first born as well. I can see how her eyes light up when she sees a Hello Kitty anywhere. Hello Kitty is the cutest thing ever and so to prove my obsession with it, I purchased these fashion earrings and a blue watch on Amazon last week.

The cute HK earrings were sold for 99 cents a pair so I bought three, one for me, my first born and my little sister. I wonder if the company which is from China is going to make a profit for this since it’s only less than a dollar and it ships free. Amazing deal, isn’t it?

Being fashionable doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t matter how much your stuff cost as long as you know how to carry your clothing and you look good on them…

 photo 51-XSz-aixL_zps7a6c8399.jpg
…… I will for sure wear this HK pair everyday to school once they arrive! I am excited and it feels forever waiting for the items to be here.
 photo 693c4921-8392-4a7c-a044-dac53e500c7b_zps78afc909.jpg

Online Shopping – Know Your Facts First

Online shopping is one of the best ways we love to do for stress reliever or to dig for deals and savings. It is so easy and convenient as long as we have access to credit/debit cards and as long as we know what we want/need to shop. Thousands of online stores are in competition with each other just to catch a customer’s attention.

Before you open a website, you may Google a specific keyword first and see what pops up to be the most affordable item or which store should you shop for it. Online shopping is easy, convenient and most of all quick and hassle-free. You don’t need to burn your gas to go elsewhere. It is right at the convenience of your own home, and at your fingertips.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner, if you don’t know what to get for your kids, spouse or relatives, here’s Holiday gift guides that you might be interested to look to help you. Also, you may check out Sears’ extra savings event, online only, Tuesday only.

Have you done online shopping recently?

I Prefer to Shop Online Sometimes

Admittedly, I prefer shopping online sometimes than going to the mall especially if shopping for my family back home. Although we tend to pay for the shipping and we cannot physically touch the items online yet I find it easy to find the things I really want to buy. Items are laid out neatly in front of me with just a click of a mouse.

We are only less than ten minutes away from the mall but going there is sometimes a bit tiring plus the fact that, the items you see online might not be available in-store or they don’t have the same promotions offered online. Aeropostale is the brand of clothing I buy for my brothers, they are comfortable, nice colors/prints and true-to-size. One instance, I browsed for men’s clothing online first before heading out to the mall, unfortunately, almost all of the nice items were gone at the mall so I went back home and shopped online for the things that were cheaply priced.

I didn’t mind paying for the shipping because I loved what I bought when the items arrived to our front door. I’d rather pay an extra five bucks for my items rather than forcing myself to shop the ones that are leftovers by other customers in-store. I would be very disappointed if I did.

I paid less than $30 for all the items photographed below, that’s including shipping and tax. Men’s shirts are V-neck style in stripes which were not available in-store.

 photo 1376874_10152235858829517_1300276113_n_zps6e43d1d0.jpg

Be Cozy and Comfortable with Heating Blanket from Cozywinters

I love the morning temperatures here in our place now. I could feel the chill when we go to school, it’s just so perfect yet it gets still up to the 90’s in the afternoon. Weeks from now, people will be shivering and really need to bundle up for the winter. Although our winter here in Texas is mild compared to other states, still we need that warm, cozy and comfortable heating blanket at night in our bed. I am looking forward to buying us a new heating blanket with dual controls so I don’t bother my husband to adjust the temperature of the blanket when he is asleep. Heating blankets are perfect for travel too so I really believe it is one must-have accessory for everybody.

 photo 12v-heated-blanket_B_zps65617183.jpg