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My Pick

So in my previous entry, I asked several friends online whether which dress to buy because I can’t decide on my own. Some say that the blue maxi dress is nice and others say I should pick the multicolor halter type since I love the cleavage style of the dress. I follow what my heart says. I pick the multicolor one because it has some elegance in it, I love the color and most of all I have a nice feeling about it that it’s gonna fit very well.

This dress will be worn by me during our 6th wedding anniversary next month which I so look forward to. Yes, it has been 6 years since we got married, feels like yesterday because we are still both happy and smiling. What a nice life I have.

Torn Between These Two Maxi Dresses

It’s hard when you shop online and you get to choose between tons of beautiful dresses with such an amazing deal. From $29.80 as the original price marked down to $9 all you gotta do is grab the chance and here comes the hard part, deciding which one to buy. I can’t buy 2 so I really need to think about it seriously as to which one to get.

My first choice was this blue embroided maxi dress. I fell in love with it the moment I laid my eyes on this one and then I kept browsing. The second photo below appeared which happened to have the same price as the first one. Now I am torn between these two maxi dresses. Help me decide people!

Gift Giving

I talked to my brother last night who just came home from working overseas. I asked him what are his gifts for the family because I don’t want to buy them something that he already gave them. He just said he gave them a t-shirt each of them and a thousand peso each too. That is good and how kind of him to do that.On the other hand, I want to give something to my mother, something might make her happy. And since she likes jewelry, might as well look at these affordable murano jewelry pieces I just saw on the internet. I tried giving her other stuff before but she didn’t seem happy with it, never did she appreciate my presents to her. Hmppp.