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Filipino Foods During Our Picnic

April 25 myself, my family and a group of Filipinas in our area agreed to gather together and had a picnic near the back of Benbrook Lake. It was such a beautiful day, the weather was perfect for picnic with a group of crazy and fun people that consist of mostly Bisayan-speaking like me. Two of whom speak Tagalog.

Anyway, you know when Filipinos gather, you can expect plentiful of food to be served at the table. Yes, I must admit, we love to eat and eat and eat while chit chatting nonstop. That’s just how we are. Imagine, we live close by yet we don’t get to hangout a lot often. So when we have the time, rest assured, chaos and loud mouths are to be expected.

According to my husband, we brought more food than we contributed. I told him, that’s just pretty normal. We bring food and we take home a lot. Everybody is a winner. We will not go home empty-handed because no one would want to bring back her food. Might as well, share it to others and enjoy the left over at home.

Photo below were the foosd that each of us brought to the picnic. As you can see, there were squid, tuna kinilaw – my contribution, rice, fried fish, chicken bbq, pinakbit- not on the picture, fried shrimp, noodles, eggplant salad, pork adobo, boiled sweet potatoes, pork with carrots. Some desserts like leche flan, maja blanca and sweet glutinous rice.

Looking at the food in the photo, makes you want to think that there was a big birthday celebration or a fiesta going on but no, it was just truly a simple picnic on a beautiful day.

 photo boodle_zps64xar0p5.jpg

Filipinos Love to “Bringhouse Food” from the Party

“Bringhouse” is a common word we use in the Philippines for food that we bring from the party to our home. I guess it’s  a Filipino habit because I don’t see whites do that here unless a person is related or very close to the host. Filipinos anywhere in the world when gathered together, rest assured there will be plenty of food laid on the table to eat. Of course, a party wouldn’t be complete without food to munch in. Once done and there’ll be plenty of food left, the host will then ask the visitors to bring some when they leave.

We attended my firstborn’s friend’s 7th birthday last Sunday. His parents served plenty of dishes and desserts for their not so many visitors which resulted to still have so much leftover after that first round of eating. I actually brought some home, enough for days meals and not need to cook for a dish. I like it when we get to attend a Filipino party for I always bring some delicious foods at home.

As you can see in the picture below, so many sweets for desserts I was able to take with me. I love them, they are all just so freaking yummy. For some reason, I only got to bring a few dishes. Maybe I craved for desserts so much that I didn’t bother taking more food other than kare-kare, fresh lumpia, leftover lechon kawali and egg rolls , a piece of fried chicken and sweet shrimp.

first column are custard cakes, cheesecake, braso de mercedes, cheesecake, pitsi pitsi underneath cheesecake, fried chicken and shrimp
second column: kare kare, fresh lumpia, lechon kawali and egg rolls and lastly, chocolate birthday cake!
 photo bh_zpsdd776e9d.jpg

Our Small Thanksgiving Feast

These are just the food I prepared last night for our Thanksgiving dinner. I also made macaroni salad Filipino version but wasn’t able to include in the picture. I baked some chicken drumsticks instead of roasting a whole turkey. Reasons are; it’s too big and it would take us a while to eat the whole thing and I have not tried roasting turkey before, it’s such a big meat and I don’t want to take the risk of screwing it up.

We had turkey last year but it was my husband who worked in the kitchen. Another recipe I cooked is a classic green bean casserole. Thanks to Liliana Hart on FB for sharing her easy to follow recipe.

As usual, we celebrated another Holiday simply with my family. I guess it is going to be like this until we will have grandchildren coming over to our house every Holiday.

 photo thanksgivingfood_zpsa2e166cb.jpg
… below is the screenshot recipe of the classic green bean casserole…
 photo greenbeancasserole_zps9c74f981.jpg

Japanese Food Trip

Since it was my birthday, I got to choose the restaurant I want for a birthday treat. I love sushi a lot but it is not often I get to eat it because it is a bit pricey in stores. My birthday, my choice of restaurant, great! There is this Japanese buffet restaurant that serves all the goodness a Filipina woman like me wants that I so wanted to go but the distance stopped us from driving over there.

It is at least 43 minutes drive near Dallas and I think it is not practical to waste so much time driving just so we can eat so we opted to go by a sushi place nearby. Though not a buffet resto yet it was okay. I ordered Chirashi which has ten pieces of cut salmon and other kind with a few pieces of vegetables in my bowl sitting on a bed of sushi rice.

My husband had a Tower Pisa of 4 which was shockingly very cute serving when it arrived on our table. I thought it wasn’t worth of the price. So did mine but trying out a new restaurant we haven’t been before is always a thrill.

 photo sushi_zpsc417425c.jpg
 photo sushi1_zps60d7d59e.jpg

Filipino Style Spaghetti for Long Life

It is our belief as Filipinos that having noodles of any kind on the table on birthdays is important for long life. I know it is pretty much a myth but I grew up believing the idea that it can be true, besides, there’s no harm with that. So, I turned 31 two days ago, we went out to a Sushi restaurant nearby but I didn’t order anything with noodles in it for a celebration and today, I cooked a Filipino-style spaghetti for again… for long life! Hahaha.

I prefer the taste of our own simply because I find the American version bland, I am sorry to be upfront. Filipino style spaghetti differs from what they serve here for it uses Pinoy spaghetti sauce that is a bit sweet and spicy, with hot dogs and shredded cheese on top. For my spaghetti, I added a cup of minced carrots at the end of my cooking to give it a “crunchy” taste. I got the idea from a brother in the Philippines who went to a culinary school, by the way.

At first my first born refused to eat my spaghetti. She thought it was yucky but then when she got really hungry, she accepted it and ate some. Unlike the little sister, I can say she is a spaghetti person. I see the appetite when I fed her twice today. Thank goodness she is not so ignorant when it comes to spaghetti.

 photo pinoystyle_zpsfb943169.jpg

Gorgeous Christmas Present from My Neighbor Friend

I was wowed when I checked this nicely packaged Christmas present for my two girls from our Filipina neighbor Santa this morning. I have never received such gorgeous present like this one in my entire life. The boxes alone are just wow! It is even more sweeter when I opened each and found that there were four different kinds of sweet treat each box. It was there quietly waiting outside our front door waiting for me to pick it up and bring inside.

Thankful me much for not we only got yummy chocs, I now have four beautiful boxes to reuse. The smallest box is now my instant lipstick organizer. I still have to think of ways to reuse the rest. Thanks for the thoughtfulness my friend!

 photo chocs_zpsa3edf7b8.jpg

 photo chocs1_zps90925367.jpg

Michael Kors Handbag for My Birthday

I take pride in every handbag I buy for me because it is a fruit of my own labor. When it comes to things like these, I don’t ask money from my husband just so I can buy my “want”. And since my birthday is drawing near, buying a designer handbag would be a great excuse. This is my first ever Michael Kors handbag and don’t laugh at me. This is just the beginning. Gotta save up some moolah and hunt for bargains next time.

I couldn’t resist the appealing deal Macy’s had last weekend. When I went to the mall last Friday, I did not even think of buying an expensive handbag although I had a plan of buying the much cheaper ones. I was in a handbag department and browsed a while, I saw this great sign for MKs of 25% off plus take an additional 20% off sign. The style shown below was originally priced for $178, after the two discounts, it came down to $106 but I paid $115 total including tax.

While a few of you think it is a little bit too much for a handbag, but it’s Michael Kors you know? They don’t normally come down to that price. They normally are pricey (well for me who has no money!). Photo on the left is the MK bag I brought home with me last weekend.

 photo trmks6osh45enka055gutkz9cu1bo9bt_zps894513cb.jpg

Wedding Gowns at Dimitra Designs

People just celebrated Valentine’s Day. And in fact, there are several couples who chose to get wed on that very Heart’s Day to make their wedding even more special. I guess it was all the brides’ idea so each year that passes by it will be a double celebration for them, wedding anniversary and Valentine’s Day that is.

Well, personally, no matter what month or day it is as long as the two partners genuinely love each other, they can be married of the dates they choose. Speaking of which, if you happen to stumble upon this blog today and are located in the Spartanburg, South Carolina and are planning your wedding, you may want to check out bridal shops in Spartanburg SC and at least gather ideas of what the cost for wedding entourage and a wedding dress might be.

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 photo dress-1_zps00bb4571.jpg

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Seafood Noodles for Long Life


This is the only dish I cooked for Jadyn’s birthday yesterday. We don’t need that much for I am the only one eating most of the leftovers. Better cook just one dish that I really love eating so it won’t end up in the trash can.

I think I made a pretty good job making this seafood noodles yesterday for it really tastes great. The husband ate some too but he put some water and salt in it after putting in the microwave, I can only understand that for he doesn’t normally eat Filipino noodles or what we call “bam-e”.

This dish is cooked normally on birthdays because it represents long life for the celebrant. I cooked mine with bacon in it and used the bacon grease to sautee the garlic, onions and red bell pepper. I also added some jumbo shrimp in it to add flavor to the dish.