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Danelectro Guitars

I love the style and colors of Danelectro Guitars. I thought they were pretty. If only I know how to strum a guitar, I would save up some money and buy one for myself. I admire those who have the talent using the guitar. For me, I could admire and listen to them endlessly when they play near me. How about you, do you play a musical instrument? What specific of instrument do you do? Does any of your family play the guitar?

Pretty Looking

So I wrote in my other blog about our dreams for our kids. The husband wants our first born to join Kung Fu and I and him also want our child to learn how to play any musical instruments. She has choices, it is either we enroll her to a tutorial center to learn how to play the guitar or the keyboard. If she chooses the guitar over the keyboard, it is fine too as it is equally nice to listen to from the rest of the instruments you can think of. We already have a guitar that my husband bought during his first visit to my home country 7 years ago but if Jadyn can play a guitar someday, maybe her dada would buy her this kramer pacer classic as an upgrade to what she already has. It is very nice looking and pretty!

Love Song

My brain is tired. I did write quite opps today so I feel like I’m a little stressed in my mind. My way of relaxing my mind is listening to old classical and love songs. Good thing I got a very good Filipino local station and youtube so I can just switch each site to find love songs that I’d like to listen. You watch or listen to the love song embedded here guys and may it calms down your tired mind too. Enjoy your night!