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Relic Telecaster is a Beauty

Different people have different types and tastes when it comes to buying guitars. That is understandable, we were born different, no two individuals are like. So, with that said, some guitarists embrace more on the modern style or design while others, love this cute relic telecaster, specifically the the Fender Custom Classic Classic Relic S-1 Telecaster guitar because it is crafted with a thin-finished premium ash body. Fender equips the Custom Relix Tele with a 1-piece large C-shaped maple neck, a 9.5″ radius maple fingerboard with 22 medium-jumbo frets, and Fender/Gotoh vintage style tuning machines.

Zoom R8 Tutorial

When it comes to buying things online, we mainly rely on previous buyers or customers’ reviews to give us an insight on how the specific item or product is going to work, whether it is worth our money, good or bad quality or something. That is what I do most of the time when I go online shopping and you should too especially when you plan of buying this audio recording gear to get the value of your money and get maximum result in your music. The zoom r8 tutorial and review can be found on the link, I recommend you should read the entire article and take your time understanding it so you will know what you are getting when the product arrives if you choose to buy it.


For all your musical instruments, speakers, parts and accessories including tuners, you can find it all in one music online store I know. Please click on the link and it should direct you to the korgs’ tuners page. You know Korgs is a well-known company who has always been a company that prides itself on being on the cutting edge of technology. Founded in the early 1960s, Korg began its journey to prominence as a designer of rhythm machines. Over time, they grew to expand their offerings, all while maintaining the utmost quality in all of their products.

What to Know Before Buying Your First Electric Bass

The bass is an essential element in virtually every genre of popular music. Arguably, no other instrument is so universally employed. Whether you’re interested in playing rock, pop, R & B, country, jazz, or numerous other styles, they all call for a bass.

If you’re interested in eventually becoming a working musician, this makes choosing the bass as your primary instrument a very smart idea. While every town in the country is full of aspiring guitarists and singers, for instance, bassists are somewhat less common. Every band needs one, though, so a competent bass player will always be in high demand.

Types of Wood

The body and the neck of virtually every bass is made from wood. Often, different varieties are used for these two primary components. Wood choices are based both on aesthetics and functional characteristics. Different types of wood provide subtle, but detectable variations in sound quality. Some popular varieties of wood include maple, ash, rosewood, alder, and — appropriately enough — basswood.

Number of Strings

The vast majority of bass guitars feature four strings. You can’t go wrong with this classic arrangement — four strings is enough to play any song or type of music. Five and six string basses are also commonly available, though. They have the advantage of offering a wider range of tones (higher and lower notes.) While there’s nothing wrong with a person of any skill level playing one of these instruments, most experts recommend starting with a four string bass. This is simply because it will be a little easier to manage as you are starting out.

A quality used bass is a great choice for beginners. Stores such as Bass Central offer many used basses in various styles and at a wide range of different price points.

Music Enthusiasts’ Site

We all have different talents and hobbies in this world. We also have different hangouts and likes. For people who love music? They obviously love to visit websites pertaining to musical instruments or a site where they can get information on the latest release or music events like what is featured on NAMM. If you know anyone who appreciates hearing different music events, you may want to pass this site along so they can take a look at it and enjoy following twitter users that join those events.

Price Drop

Good news to all expert and newbie guitarists for there is a big price drop online right now. I do believe now is the best time to buy your new capo in order for you to play in a different key and have fun even more with your guitar with this thing. Please click on the provided link in order to search and or browse for different options you can see on their store. You can either search for brands, top rated, sale, new arrivals, condition (used or new) or price drop. Visit them now!

AKG on Sale

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Casio CTK 800

Musicians wherever they go, they will always be musicians and with that, they need to bring with them their beloved musical instrument like this portable casio ctk 800 from musicians friend. With an impressive sound, touch-responsive keys, and features galore at an unbeatable price, only can be found on the most recommended music online store. Please check this item’s specifications and features.

Fender Modern Player

Those that know how to play the guitar would admire this fender modern player at guitar center. The Modern Player Telecaster Plus HSS is that rare bird among Telecasters-a triple-pickup model with a mini-toggle coil-split switch for the Modern Player humbucking bridge pickup. Rated five stars on the link provided above among 37 customer reviews. It is currently priced at $399.99 with charcoal transparent maple fretboard and honey burst maple fretboard as your options. Check it out!

MI-audio Effects

Anything that you can think of when it comes to shopping for musical instruments and accessories, there is a one-stop online superstore for all of it. One example are the mi-audio effects. They are very much available on there, just visit the link provided in this entry and it should direct you to their website. For MI-audio effects there are only two currently displayed on their site under the best-selling category. You may explore for more products by clicking on the condition and the price on the left side of the page. Thank you!