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My Second Grader’s Lunch

There’s a saying, ” you are what you eat” or “your body shows what you eat”. So if a person is overweight, you can tell by the kind of food she eats. That is what I observe from people I see at the grocery stores, those who are obese are filling their carts with frozen foods, boxes of sodas, pizza, corn dogs, ice cream and a whole lot more. Not even a single fresh produce can be seen in their carts.

The school my second grader attends to offers free breakfast and lunch. Although they are free, I still pack her lunch instead of just relying from what the cafeteria is giving to the kids. Their food falls in what we call “junks” category. I have to make sure how much my child eat during lunch and to ensure what she’s getting is good and not just random junks like what they feed to the students.

Brutal as it sounds but it’s true. Besides, we are not that poor to not being able to afford our child’s meal. At home, I do 99% cooking of our meals. There should be vegetables and fruits in every meal or I feel guilty not giving my children the necessary nutrients their little bodies need for growing up.

Here’s samples of what I pack for my second grader. First photo was yesterday’s lunch and it’s a Filipino food for that’s what she was asking for. It is actually a repeat of what she had the previous day. She said, she liked the fried pork and rice very much, so her wish is my command.

Second photo is today’s lunch. American food this time so she doesn’t get tired eating the same meal everyday. I kind of packed her too much today but if she really likes what’s in her lunch box, she would eat it all. I shall see if there’s a leftover when she comes back from school this afternoon.

 photo bfast1_zpsgia4nbog.jpg

 photo bfast_zpsyr10uvly.jpg


Healthy Eating at Home

When it comes to eating meals, everybody gets a fair amount of food I serve for them on their plate, well, I am talking about my two girls. My husband will sometimes take care of himself and figure out what to eat in that particular night if I don’t cook him anything. But for my girls, they eat what I give them and it is usually Filipino food.

They are trained eating healthy Pinoy food ever since they started eating solid food. With that being said, I have no problem what to give them these days or I don’t have to think about feeding them differently when I have something freshly cooked in our kitchen. One of the many foods they can eat is native vegetable stew paired with rice, sausage, shrimp fry, salted anchovy or dried fish at times.

Just by looking at their plates pictured below, you wouldn’t think that the ones who are eating the food are half Americans because not all FIL-AM kids eat this kind of food. There are just kiddos that we can’t force to eat what they don’t like to eat.

But my girls, I am super proud of them. You can give them anything Filipino. In fact, they prefer eating my food rather than some American food. However, they love pizza, mac and cheese, pancakes, bacon, hash brown and a few others.

 photo utan_zpsjx4ybt3z.jpg

Banana Muffins with Chia Seeds and Almond Nuts

Baking might not be very healthy because of sugar, flour and other unhealthy ingredients in it but you can make it healthier by adding some good stuff in whatever you wish to make for your kids or family. For example, this banana muffins pictured below. I used the usual banana bread recipe I can find online but I added two tablespoons of chia seeds and slivered almond nuts to it, not only it taste good but with those two added ingredients makes it beneficial to our body.

Another thing, I recently found that stir-fry asparagus not only is very delicious but also simple  to cook. With a few sprinkles of seasonings, viola! You can have crunchy and tender tasty cut up asparagus paired with my nutty muffins. I just loved the combo! I make sure that we have vegetables to eat everyday and or fruits.

You can always choose to eat healthy and at the same time prepare simple dishes for your family. By doing this, it puts your mind at ease because what your family is getting is nutritious!

 photo nuts_zpsexz7w9ky.jpg

Hearty Quick Fix American Breakfast

We stay home moms want to make sure what we’re feeding to our kids are healthy and filling to
their little stomachs. Isn’t it our job to do just that and the main reason why we stay home in the first place? To take care of them and look after their needs, am I right? Occasional eating junks is fine with me but as long as we do have stocks in the refrigerator, why not make them homemade meals straight from the stove top cooked with passion and love?

Anyway, here’s one example for quick fixes I do for them at home. It isn’t too fancy but makes them happy. Won’t take too long to prepare and most of all, it’s colorful! Exactly what my girls love to eat especially when they are hungry. A hearty quick fix American breakfast for my half-American girls looks yummy!

I just simply toast two and a half slices of bread, spread some strawberry jam in it, fried egg with chopped onions and a few slices of strawberries, voila! As much as possible, I try to make a presentation on the plate for them so that the food will look appealing to them to eat.

 photo bfast_zps9068044e.jpg

Quick Fix Lunch: Garlicky Shrimp with Green Beans

For stay-at-home moms like me, I can have all the time cooking healthy and nutritious foods at home but sometimes I tend to get busy too like today. I got mountains of tasks need to be done and the fact that I have been working since I got up this morning, you might think that I couldn’t find time feeding my girls a really good lunch.

Well, cooking lunch doesn’t have to be long and difficult. I can think ahead of time on what to prepare before lunch time and I thought a quick fix garlicky shrimp with green beans was a good idea. I probably have done this dish for less than ten minutes from sauteing the garlic and onions until the food is served. See, I did not stand long in the kitchen plus my girls had something to eat that they really liked.

 photo 974965_10152001080ve029517_1399686532_n_zpsdf2ebda2.jpg

Our Dinner – Pork Bone Soup and Tuscan Style Roasted Asparagus

 photo 30317424-fd62-4e4a-a3ab-5d906e6b3820_zps77f2511d.jpg

This is what I prepared for dinner tonight. One for the Filipino taste buds and the other one for my husband. Since I craved for a soup, I made myself and the girls this tasty pork bone soup with young corn and bokchoy paired with rice. As for the husband, I only prepared him the Tuscan style roasted asparagus with minced almond nuts. It is my first time to try such and it turned out good, though it needs a  pinch of salt lol.

I am just so glad I got a really good food magazine in which I can quickly fix my husband’s dinner. Their foods are really good and healthy yet easy to do. Looking forward to trying new dishes in days to come from the same magazine that I receive monthly.

Great Expectations of becoming a mother

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting chapters in a woman’s life. There is nothing more thrilling than waiting for that little thing to come out just like the excitement a child feels when opening a precious gift under a Christmas tree.

One of the most wonders during my pregnancy is the speed at which my weight increased as the months go by. I am an extra small sized-woman. When I knew I got pregnant, my weight is only thirty eight kilograms. My blouses and shirts only fit from extra small to small sizes. At first, I could not believe that there is something in my tummy because of my small body build. But the moment when I felt something in me move, I was convinced that I am a certified mother. The subsequent months of my “wonderful and great expectation” were like magic. I grew bigger than my normal size of course. Soon, I found all of my clothing to fit on me except that on the tummy and breast part, everything is too tight. So I have to find new clothes and shop pregnancy bras in preparation of the growing baby in me. There are loads found in department stores but if you want convenience, you can always find these online. It would be easier to choose by just sitting back and clicking a few ticks.

By the end of my trimester, I gained 10 kilos. It may not be much for other people, but to me it means everything. I get to think how my baby is growing inside and the supposition whether the thing in me is eating healthily even if I just gained all those kilos. Providentially, my baby is healthy every time I had my pre-natal checkup. And when I gave birth, sure enough, the 3.1 kilos goes to my baby. She was born healthy, ready to conquer the world. Along with the new baby come new priorities, new worries and new responsibilities. The decisions you have to make should be the best and only the best for your baby. The first thing I thought is how I would feed the baby. Breastfeeding is ever-best for the baby’s needs. So I also need to adjust myself to cater to her necessities. Wearing hotmilk bra could bring lots of comfort to a mother and a child when nursing. Not only does it come handy, it could also boost mother’s confidence because they have tremendous designs fit for your needs too.

Motherhood is a challenging task both in pregnancy and post-natal. The most important thing is that you give what is best for your new child,because seeing your new born baby healthy is one of the best feelings in the world.


Healthy And Delicious Filipino Recipes

I am one lucky wife and mommy when it comes to feeding my family. I can serve my husband and girls with whatever we have in the refrigerator even Filipino foods I cook. Well, I only cook delicious and healthy meals so they have no right to refuse it except of course squid, dried fish, salted anchovy and other seafood because they are stinky and my husband can’t swallow them in his stomach.

These two Filipino vegetable dishes I cooked were being served to my family and they ate it. They are not picky eaters which makes us save a few dollars for I don’t have to cook different recipes every meal. Aside from saving money,  it also saves me energy for spending so much time in the kitchen trying to prepare meals for my American husband.

water spinach sautee
mung bean sprout sautee

Strollers for Two

The weather is getting nicer where we are. The nicer it gets, the more I am encouraged to start walking again. Lately I have only been doing short walks going back and forth from one block every other day. I couldn’t walk farther because I have to babies to watch and look after while being outside. Yes, we do have a stroller intended for jogging or walking but it is a single stroller. I don’t want my three-year old to be walking along the streets with no sidewalk because she might get hit with a car. The only thing that hinders me from doing a serious walking exercise is that we don’t have a stroller that carries two kids.
While browsing on the internet trying to find that very stroller I need, I found this bumbleride indie twin strollers to be the exact stroller or jogger I would need in order to enjoy walking again. I will try to save up some money and see if I can come up with the amount that this jogger cost. I would be happy to have it and bring smiles to my little ones’ faces.

All She Can Eat

Jadyn is acting strange lately. She wouldn’t eat rice unless she is starving. She is not like that before. All she can eat now is rice porridge or champorado as we call it. My husband knows I am feeding her the porridge and he insisted that there is nothing to it, that I should feed my Jadyn healthy foods. If he wants, he can feed her the right kind of foods… as for me…he cannot stop me from giving porridge to Jadyn as this is the only thing she can eat right now. I’ve no energy to argue with him, I just do whatever I can so Jadyn can have something in her belly. I tell you, she could go for hours not eating anything and that worries me. Giving her porridge is better than not having anything at all, right?