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Healthy And Delicious Filipino Recipes

I am one lucky wife and mommy when it comes to feeding my family. I can serve my husband and girls with whatever we have in the refrigerator even Filipino foods I cook. Well, I only cook delicious and healthy meals so they have no right to refuse it except of course squid, dried fish, salted anchovy and other seafood because they are stinky and my husband can’t swallow them in his stomach.

These two Filipino vegetable dishes I cooked were being served to my family and they ate it. They are not picky eaters which makes us save a few dollars for I don’t have to cook different recipes every meal. Aside from saving money, ┬áit also saves me energy for spending so much time in the kitchen trying to prepare meals for my American husband.

water spinach sautee
mung bean sprout sautee

Drawing Near

Our 6th wedding anniversary is drawing near. It will be three days from now. Oh really? We are on our six years in marriage now? Yeah, right..yet I’m still smiling. I am living the life I pictured it to be ten years ago. One more baby and that formal theme I wrote in my journal when I was in highschool will come true.
How blessed and fortunate I am. Good thing I didn’t give up on my goals otherwise I’ll be nowhere to be found right now. Texas…is where I belong with my dear family! This is my destiny!

Making Up With Him

I WOWed my husband when I cooked him this big meal for his breakfast. This was during his day off, I sort of make it up with him every weekend because I don’t usually cook his dinner when he comes home from work. For some reason I am not used to that ever since I came here to join him.

Here in this photo are scrambled eggs (3 pieces) with tomatoes and onions, two pieces of bread (toasted) and two eggrolls. Guess he must be hungry that time for he ate it all!

At Home With My Family

In this cold dark night all we could do is be ourselves, do the things we like to do. I’m here in my computer, Jadyn is going round and round in the bedroom listening to her dada’s loud music and hubby is working on the doors, putting them up and installing new henge. Times like these should be appreciated for we are all home united as a family.

Though it is kind of slow night for me, somehow thankful enough for my lovely family being together. Nothing is more important in this world for me but seeing my family happy and healthy all the time.

Heart Melting

My husband isn’t here tonight. We will be left sleeping alone in our cozy bed without the man of the house. That is ok though, we will be alright. I just have to accept that there are times when the hubby needs to be away to check on his father 5 hours away. Anyways, we communicate through text and his last text for tonight is below.

lewis sanborn: Checking in my room now. I love my wife. And baby girl.

This is too personal to share but what can I do? He just made my heart melts for telling me that he loves me and our baby. He still loves me despite of my flaws and shortcomings. Even if I keep breaking his things, he can still say those magic words in text or right in front of me. Thank God for such a wonderful husband I have. Now enough of this ka dramahan, we shall go to bed and hoping to wake up alright, feeling good tomorrow. CIAO everybuddy.

Quite A Productive Day

I have done all my chores I ought to do today. The weather was cooperating with me that it allowed me to go outside with the baby to plant some of my tulip bulbs I have for a long time. I wasn’t able to plant around the other pecan tree though because I was out of soil, couldn’t drive and I just wait for my husband this weekend for another sack of soil.

But despite of that, I felt I accomplished something for I was able to do the planting while the temperature was fair. I was able to water some of the plants in the backyard as well. The rest of chores were followed when I was done outside. I did my dishes, finished the laundry (now need to fold ’em), showered myself and the baby!

Meanwhile, I’m relaxing here on my computer. In few minutes I’ll be outta here and do other things.

The Filipina In Her

I have never seen my husband drinking soup directly from the bowl. I think it’s not an American way to do such thing. Only Filipinas can do that. I’m a filipina myself and I must admit when there is no one around I do the same as what my baby Jadyn does in the picture. It only shows the filipina side in her.

She is fairly mixed American and Filipina baby. She has attributes that she got from her daddy as well as from me. One best example of which is the photo below.

Little Kitten Caught In Action

My Jadyn is into everything now. From trying on my clothes, shoes and playing with my purses to putting on lip moisturizer or lipstick. Last night she found where my lipstick and eye pencils were and so she started messing with them in our bedroom. I didn’t know how to react upon seeing Deden acting as if she was putting mama’s lipstick on with matching action action pas baba!
I couldn’t be mad at her. All I could do was drew her face transforming her into a sweet naughty little kitten as my revenge of her act. I don’t want her playing with my cosmetics for I don’t want her to learn applying make up at a very early age you know? The photos below are the results of last night’s LITTLE KITTEN CAUGHT IN ACTION show!

My Hated Chores

I don’t mind doing any other chores at home except these two, washing dishes and folding clean clothes. They take too long to finish you know but heck no one is around to do these things in my behalf. Heck, the most dreaded chores I wanna do yet I keep doing them everyday of my existence here on Earth, why is that?

When my husband arrived home from work tonight, the dryer was still running but the clothes that were drying were almost done and so he just stopped the dryer from running and finished the job himself. I was planning of folding the clothes tomorrow but what he did? He took them out and laid them all on the bed.

When I went to the bedroom to get something, all I could find was the clothes neatly scattered on our bed and I uttered, I am not ready to do this tonight, why did he bring ’em all in here??? Duhhhhh had no choice but did the folding of our clothes. I felt relieved afterwards for I don’t have to think about it tomorrow.