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How To Earn Freebies from Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body Works

I tell you what, I can go to the mall and not spending any dime for items I wear and use everyday, instead, bringing them home for free. Loyalty to one’s store pays off, once you become their loyal customer, rest assured, you will get many freebies ahead of you!

I don’t buy my panties anymore. Most of them are free from PINK by Victoria’s Secret. My bras are all PINK too, although I did not get them for free but at least, I got them at discounted items plus a whole lot more free stuff from them. Same goes with lotions from Bath and Body Works store. I have a couple of travel size BBW lotions free from them as well.

Here’s I do it.

1. Become a member by applying for a Victoria’s Secret or Pink credit card. You can apply in person at their store or online.
2. When you shop in-store, do not hesitate to provide your email and physical address so they can track your purchases and so they can send you brochures, coupons and other promos to your home address in the future.
3. The more you shop, the more you get coupons from them. Once you have your VS credit card, always swipe it for points. Certain points earned will be equivalent to certain reward card in the future when you reach the threshold they set for you.
4. Also, if you choose to shop online. Sign up on EBATES and search for your favorite store through their site to earn cashback when you check out successfully. First time members, receive $ too!

As for Bath and Body Works, it pretty much work the same way as Victoria’s Secret since they are sister companies only I don’t hold a BBW credit card but I do provide my email to them when they ask in store plus I have been a long time customer to this store so coupons arrive in our mailbox once in a while.

….. PINK panties and BBW lotion I got for free the other day with the use of coupons they sent me to our home address. That is $20 plus savings there for both items.
 photo VSFREE.png_zpsgbxzifw0.jpeg

Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Haul

What did I just say in the title, “haul”? That if you can call those four items a haul, hehe. Haul for me is bags and bags of merchandise bought. Anyway, I am proud of myself again today for scoring a great deal of these things in the picture below at Victoria’s Secret store.

They are currently having their semi-annual sale where bras, clothing, cosmetics, beauty/fragrance products are marked down to 75% off. Since I still have new bras with tag on, I did not need to buy any even though I got two $10 off a regular priced bra coupons. Instead, went ahead and used my 2 free panties coupons with purchase.

For 4 items that would have cost me $35 plus tax without the coupons, I stuck to my plan, just get the things that I intended to get before I went there. Believe it or not, I only paid $7.04 including tax for these VS items below. The body lotion is on clearance for $3.50, the panties original price each is $10.50 but with coupons, I paid them real low. What a steal, wasn’t it?

Honestly, my undies  are mostly freebies for being their loyal customers. I am loving it, they have my loyalty and they shower me with good rewards. Well they should, for VS is the only brand I wear whether it be a sport bra, panties and bras or even fragrance mists. It’s just a matter of give and take, ika nga!

 photo 7.04_zps2xpmngoh.jpg

Victoria’s Secret Promo Buy 2 Bras and get a Free Tote a $78 Value

I went to shop at the V.S store yesterday in the mall and did not plan spending more than $15 but I ended up buying two Pink bras. The temptation was hard to resist. I had a $10 bra coupon with me plus they offer a promo when you buy two any bras, you’ll get a free tote… that is without a minimum purchase.

I paid a bit over $50 for two bras, after using my coupon and got my silver bottom Victoria’s Secret tote and a SECRET REWARD card. I am okay if I just have $10 in my reward card and hopefully reduced that amount spent to $40. Promos like that doesn’t always come because they usually require customers to shop at least $65 or higher in order to qualify for a free tote.

I am happy with the tote because it looks prettier from the outside and is spacious inside. Although there is no velcro or magnetic closure, it is good enough to carry all essentials when traveling. This lovely tote will go to my mother and hope she likes it as I do.

Whenever I go shop for under garments or lingerie, I often thought of my sister, so the pink lacey bra will go to her. It is cute and is perfect for her age. I love her to death that is why I don’t hesitate buying her stuff for I know that makes her happy, besides, she is a person that knows how to appreciate the things that are given to her.

 photo vs_zps5a9fbcb8.jpg

The Fifty Shades Effect


This year’s literary success story Fifty Shades of Grey is producing more than just parody Twitter accounts (e.g.,Fifty Shades of Andy Gray) and spoof books Fifty Sheds of Grey and the countless books just like Fifty Shades… on the supermarket shelves right now); it’s having a noticeable effect on consumer trends in the UK too.
Sales of bondage gear and even rope from DIY stores have reportedly risen in the months following the book’s release, and increased sales of items like handcuffs have forced retailers to advise customers to take it a little easier when they’re experimenting for the first time.
Couples can get involved without getting hurt though, and unsurprisingly sales of sexier underwear have also gone up in the UK over the last year, with lingerie from Figleavesproving to be a big hit for fans of the trilogy.


The more exotic items in particular are seeing somewhat of a renaissance thanks to E.L. James’ books, with sales of suspender belts doubling during 2012 for some retailers. Basques too have seen a large increase in sales this year, as women who have read the books are looking to add a little spice to their underwear collections, instead of opting for the basic sets that still dominate the market.
The Fifty Shades… series has shifted over 5.3 million books just in the UK, with the majority of sales coming in 2012. As retailers have looked to get in on the act, the designers, as well as companies like Figleaves, have been creating sexier and sexier photo shoots inspired by the series. The marketing push by these brands could have also affected sales, though this could be attributed to the Fifty Shades effect indirectly.

Why Women Love Victoria’s Secret

They say Victoria’s secret is when a woman is over 30 years old, she can no longer wear their products which is very wrong for the reason their products are made for tiny or sexy women. That is very wrong. As long as you maintain your figure, slim, sexy, skinny and a bit chubby,  you can still wear VS for they do have different sizes especially in panties and bras that anybody can choose according to their fit or right size.

Personally, why I love Victoria’s Secret so much is that they have various styles to choose from, panties that are sexy yet comfortable. I love the cottony feeling and lacey hiphugger panties. When it comes to bra, I could only buy their Pink collection. I find them comfortable, stylish, different print patterns and colors that I love and most of all it adds up one size to your bust. To top of it all, I love love the free panties they give me each month and a $10 less a bra coupon. I think these what drive customers to keep shopping at Victoria’s Secret.