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Ozeri Epicurean Digital Kitchen Scale in Our Kitchen

A new added kitchen gadget that we both love is so pretty, this Epicurean digital kitchen scale by Ozeri is what everybody needs in their kitchen especially those who are watching carefully of their diet in order to take the accurate weight of the food they are going to eat.

I couldn’t be any happier being sent such a fancy weighing scale like this because I believe what we are getting is valuable and it truly impresses my husband who is known for being picky and won’t settle for cheap stuff. It is a beauty that I could not resist but tried it right away, it didn’t take long for the scale to give me the weight of 4 rambutan fruits pictured below. How nice can it be to be able to tell how many grams of fruits, nuts or other stuff you put in your mouth so that you will be careful not to overeat?

It does its jobs accurately and it also make a gorgeous kitchen decor!

Product features:

This digital kitchen scale includes 4 AAA batteries with an easy-access battery compartment, no tools needed. It is an award-winning design features a contoured base layered with a reflective glass sheet for understated elegance and decor.

Shatter-resistant glass weighing platform is completely separated from the touch buttons to ensure the highest possible accuracy.

Reinforced sturdy case keeps the scale in place during operation.

Two instant-response touch buttons for easy operation.

Equipped with 4 high-precision sensors that weigh up to 5000 grams or 176 ounces in units of 1 g or 0.05 oz.

Precision Tare feature instantly calculates the net weight of the ingredients.

Large high-contrast LED screen provides weights in grams and ounces.

Buy yours today available at Amazon for $34.95 PRIME.

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Rachel Ray’s Free Dishes from Shopping at Albertson’s

Stores have their technique for customers to keep coming back to shop at them. For pharmacies, they offer loyalty programs like offering exta money when customer reach certain amount for the entire season before they can get their incentives. For Albertson’s, they do give out stamps every year starting September-December. We are ¬†loyal Albertson’s shoppers and we received our three free dishes from them. They are Rachel Ray dishes and cost $5.99 per piece. Imagine how much money we saved by just availing the promo they offered.

What we did is, we saved the stamps we collected within those months and at the end of the promo period, we were given the free items according to how many stamps we have. For every $20 that’s equivalent to one stamp. We got almost 70 stamps but only got three items since I was not willing to pay half price of the fourth item.

Last year, we got a free 4-cup coffee maker from them and it sits in our cabinet unused, lol. It pays to be a loyal shopper at Albertson’s but I prefer shopping at Walmart for they do have products that aren’t available at the former store.

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Woman and The Kitchen

The heart of the house is the kitchen where a woman usually spends most of her time cooking palatable dishes for the family. Most women want a bigger space, new and the latest kitchen appliances. This was my wish months ago for our kitchen was an old fashion kitchen. When we had the kitchen remodeling, I couldn’t be more happier and excited because I knew the result will be amazing and I was right.
Now it’s not just me enjoying the new look and light color cabinets and drawers, the new greenish blue counter tops but also my husband. He must agree with me that our kitchen is now looking beautiful more than ever with brand new stainless steel appliances, who doesn’t want to cook and cook everyday? I love everything in the kitchen from the counter tops, cabinets to the appliances and the fresher look it gives to the old house. Next project will be to change the old floor into a bamboo flooring and paint the dark wood paneling of the wall. I know it will take a while because there are more important projects need to be done in this house but eventually we will get there.

My New Kitchen Counter

This is a guest post written by Rita Heyson
It was love at first sight when I walked into my house; the kitchen was another story. I signed the contract and immediately started kitchen shopping. This was four years ago when granite was (and still is I guess) the must-have household update.
The entire new kitchen process took about 3 months, from planning the layout to completion. My favorite part was choosing the counters. I walked a vast warehouse of giant slabs of granite, up and down aisles and aisles of it. There were so many to choose from but I was drawn to darker colors with lighter accents. I came upon a slab named ‘flash green,’ which actually looks almost black but has swirling grey/green inclusions and some light silvery flecks. It was definitely good that when I thought kitchen counters sears was what came to mind.The granite contractor came to my house and drew a template of the counter when the new cabinets were in place. There were some details to iron out such as how many holes for faucets and the size of the sink but it was a simple process. About five days later the granite guys arrived with my newly cut and polished slabs.

Installation took a couple of hours and couldn’t have been easier (of course, I didn’t have to lift it.) The granite counter makes such a statement in my kitchen, it’s natural beauty is so eye catching but not at all flashy, four years and I still love it.