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Analytic Tools

When building a business online, it is necessary to install all the needed tools in order to be recognized and for prospect clients and customers see your presence online. Also, in order to keep track of important information on the traffic and other statistics you need to know that your website has gathered, a very important tool you might be interested in installing is an analytic tool which you can find analytic tools here. Please click on it to read information about it before buying or installing it.

Getting Thousand of Tweets

There are so many ways and networking sites nowadays that we can join and register for free in order to be heard, express one’s opinion, promote one’s business or simply be known to the internet world. One of these popular sites that almost all people in the world have is twitter. People from all walks of life, celebrities, ordinary people like me and you, musicians, business-minded people spend their time so much on tweeter trying to let the world know what they are up to.

Twitter is also a nice tool to make money out of tweeting companies’ products and services. Some people are being paid for what they tweet on their account. In fact, there are Tweets For Sale from people who have the most follower and are popular. You can click on the link provided here and you will be directed to a website wherein you’ll get to choose twitter users and buy tweets from them. You will see how many followers they have and the corresponding price they are asking from prospect clients to tweet a thing or two.

This is amazing and this makes everything easy. I wish I could have thousands of followers so I can make money out of twitting too. I wonder how they get these enormous number of followers. It seems so impossible to have people follow you especially if you are not a celebrity.

A Place for Programmers

There is a place for everybody on the net depending on their interests, hobbies, likes and etc. that they can go to, become a member and be active in different forums. One best example for this is a website that is exclusive for geeks, computer programmers. There, they can ask any Programming Questions, help everyone else who want answers, share information and anything else. This is such a great and informational website where all members can benefit each other by providing answers to questions that others want to know, guides, tutorials and a whole lot more. Members can help the website grow by leaving or exchanging comments and answers. If you are already a member to the site, please be active and participate. Invite your fellow programmers so they too, can share their knowledge to those who most need it.

I always love websites like because not only we can find valuable answers but also we feel confident knowing that we know where to go in times of needs. Thanks to a lot of people who are always there ready to be of help by giving good answers to programming questions. Take some time to visit the link above folks and if you like it there, you will then decide to join or not.

Buy Proxies

This is what I love the internet, it enables you to find anything you wish to buy and when you type in the specific keyword to get results, voila! As as when you Buy Proxies or selling proxies. There is a website to that where webmasters are able to find the cheapest and fastest proxies possible and be happy. Not only they are able to buy but you too, who is planning of selling your reliable, fast, cheap or reasonable proxies, SEOClerks is the place for you online to make money. Please visit or click on the link provided here to start selling.

This company called SEOClerks, is a fiverr like site for SEO Services. SEO Services range from $3 to $1,000. It can also be subscription based, instant downloads and multiple quantity orders. Whatever you prefer, you can choose your order. Also, for your information they are running a contest SEOClerks Affiliate Contest has begun wherein you can win $1,000 with $2,000 in winnings. Join now or spread the word on your Facebook and other social networking affiliations so you all can enjoy the prize. For more information, visit them on their site or if you know more anything about proxies and other services they offer. Thank you and good luck joining the contest.

Dating On Skype

I heard so much about skype to be the best alternative to video chatting with your loved ones in the other side of the world. It is a lot better than yahoo messenger, they say. It has more enhanced features and video clarity compared to yahoo messenger. I have never used skype. All I have installed in my computers is yahoo messenger because this is what I am used to using since I learned the internet.

I didn’t even know that skype dating is possible. Oh I should have not asked or wonder if it is possible or not since to connect with skype, you will have to have internet connection. And with internet anything is possible. You can chat, send e-mails, do online dating, video chatting with people around the globe or simply connect with old friends.

How cool it is for people who use skype for they can date on skype that if they are looking for someone to talk with on the internet and hopefully leads to friendship and if things go well, friendship will turn into a special relationship that will eventually lead them to the aisle where they will exchanged “I DO’s”. If you haven’t checked out about this skype service, you may want to click on the link provided here.


Post contributed by Hilton Miranda
After looking at clear TV packages I decided to bundle my services and use their television. I am glad that I did because now I only have one bill to deal with and actually ended up saving myself a lot of money each month. I save enough money every month that I can spend it on one of my favorite things that I quit doing when my parents cut me off. I used to like to get my nails done every two weeks. It costs about forty-five dollars. When I got on my own, and wasn’t getting any help from my parents, there are places that I was forced to cut back.
Personal grooming was one of them. Not that I don’t tend to my nails, but I started to learn to do them myself. I could get all of the supplies that I needed to do my nails for a lot less than it cost me every week to get my nails done. Problem is, that my nails would always chip after the first day I painted them. When I saved the money by bundling, that was the first thing that I wanted to do. It just makes me feel so much better about myself!

Who knew?

Thanks to Darwin Barton

Who would have thought a few years ago that I was going to be knee deep in boxes? Everyone in my life knew how much I loved my house and living in Chicago so the last thing anyone thought is that I would be moving but when this new job offer came along I just had to take it, even if it did mean leaving behind everything I’d loved before. I’m really starting to get used to it here and I actually kind of like being out of the city although there are some things I do miss. My new place has satellite star internet and a big bay window and it’s even got a view of the lake so I guess all in all it wasn’t a bad trade off for that cramped one bedroom I used to live in. I’m starting to feel at home although there will always be a special place in my heart for the Windy City and I go back to visit as often as I possibly can!

Secure Your Files

Trusting your most confidential files online has never been easier unless of course you have the right tool or software to trust and depend on. With Doclocker, you can confidently do online file sharing, sending files or backing up your files securely. Here’s what you can get if you buy the software, you will have complete privacy and sharing control of your files, easy to use- if you have used windows you can use our easy filing system to create folders, and share them securely, access safely access documents and support online anytime, anywhere, quick start, sharing control and a whole lot more.

Web Builders

Pretty much everything today is done on the internet. Even doing banking, business, shopping or selling products and services can be done through the internet by setting up your own website, one can fully do whatever he wants to do once he has his own site. Now the question is, how are sites going to be built? Who are the people behind it that makes merchants or simply businesses to have their own site? That is the work of web builders. They help clients build their own site or other web development services companies like WebDeva. Their services include custom web design, e-commerce store design, site setup, content management, strategic marketing consulting, business consulting, video editing, content creation and graphic/logo design. If you would like to inquiry any of the services offered here, you may contact them at Please remember though that they charge on an hourly basis.

New Year’s black eyed peas

Guest post written by Lucy Clark
No I’m not talking about the hip-hop group, I’m talking about the actual food. See, it’s been kind of a family tradition to have a special good luck lunch on New Year’s Day complete with black eyed peas and other certain dishes for good luck. But now it’s time that I teach my kids how to fix these dishes, or at least get them to try and see how I make them and somewhat assist.
My daughter and my son both don’t cook anything besides frozen pizzas, Lean Cuisines and microwave chicken nuggets, but then again I’ve always cooked for them so they’ve never really had a reason to have to cook much themselves. I was online looking at recipes and thinking about how to teach them how to make them and when I was doing that I came across some Portland clear wireless internet offers. I read some information about them and ended up signed up for one of them for our home internet service.
When I told my daughter that, she was really interested in learning how to make New Year’s black eyed peas because apparently that’s her favorite New Year’s dish, which I didn’t know until now!