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New Lone Star Quilt in Our Bedroom

I don’t always purchase a bedroom item unless it is necessary but upon seeing this lovely Lone Star quilt on Macy’s website, I fell in love with it right away, no doubt about that because I could not take my eyes and mind off of it. I find the quilt very pretty for it represents the great State of Texas and I thought, it would be nice to have it in our bedroom.

I asked my husband if I can buy it and he agreed to it so I did buy it with no hesitation. The fact that it was sold for 60% off last week, that made me desire to have this quilt even more! I finally was able to lay it on our bed yesterday and got a compliment from my husband when he saw it the first time saying I got a great taste and that it looks pretty! Yeah right, that’s why I bought it!

Original is $380 and bought it for $160 plus tax. Not only that, I also received $10 cashback through If you haven’t signed up, please click on the link and set up yours, begin shopping and start earning cashbacks! Thank you.

 photo lonestar_zpskpmdgrl0.jpg

Seneo Cool Mist Humidifier and Essential Oil Diffuser is the Coolest Thing I Have

I received this Seneo cool mist humidifier and essential oil diffuser for free in exchange of my unbiased review about the product. All opinions are 100% mine.

It is beautiful straight out of package. It has a cool tear drop design and is way bigger in size than other essential oil diffusers I purchased. It can hold 2.3 ml of water and runs for up to six hours when choosing the highest setting to disperse mist.

 photo P1012735_zpsr4rccstc.jpg

I choose to use the medium setting and it still running the moment I am typing this entry. I started it 9 hours ago at night. It also serves as our night light in our dark living room as it has an LED light setting. It came with a user’s manual and I recommend reading the manual first before doing anything else to avoid damaging the product.

If you skip reading the manual, you might mistaken the dispersing tube is where you put the water in, that’s WRONG! This humidifier has three parts, the base which the mechanical parts are located, the tank where you fill the water and is the body of this thing and third part is the spout that you should put last.

Has a nice black switch on/off button in the back, big round knob with indications as to how much mist you want to disperse into the air and a little button for the LED light.

It is very easy to use once you familiarize yourself with how to get started. It also has an instruction on how to clean it after several uses but for me, I don’t think I need to do the cleaning often as I only use distilled water in it not what the company is recommended which is the use of a tap water. You know, tap water is chlorinated and contains other chemicals in it which will then dispersed into the air, to your floor and your furniture which can be bad and leaves fine white residue.

There is a small tray in the back of the base that you can pull out where you drop essential oils of your choice. In regular diffusers which are 100 ml smaller size ones, 3 drops of oil will be enough but this thing since it’s big in capacity, I put at least ten or more drops of oils into the tray.

I love that it is so quiet and disperses the oil lightly into the air so to not hurt our nostrils even if I use plenty of oils in it. It truly serves its purpose and yes, it’s an additional attention-catcher humidifier now sitting in our living room.

Order yours today at Amazon for $46 free shipping with PRIME.

Picture below shows the two parts taken apart. The object on the left is the bottom part of the body of the humidifier or the tank wherein you turn the knob open to fill it with water. The object to the right is the base where you sit the tank on.

 photo P1012738_zpsfpfpthik.jpg
The entire humidifier fully assembled.

 photo P1012740_zpsxqaxtwc3.jpg
Taken when nothing is lit up but the humidifier in the dark..
 photo P1012800_zpse9nlfum4.jpg

 photo 064e60f8-9094-4c8a-b976-94fdeeef01f9_zps3kgdzigw.jpg

 photo P1012801_zpsb7zjemu7.jpg

My Goodwill Find Vase Under $10

It pays off to be patient and it has been proven to myself that it does. For a year now, I have this nice white decorative twigs we bought at IKEA last year. I am so attracted to them and thought that they could make a beautiful decor in the house so I bought ten pieces. It has been sitting in the corner for I did not have a big, heavy and sturdy vase to it into.

At long last, I found one that is suitable for my twigs and it didn’t cost me much money to buy it. I found this very piece at Goodwill last week for just $8.99. It still looks pretty good and shiny from the outside, just needed a little bit of cleaning and voila!

I went to Goodwill hoping to find a supply box for my second grader but then it wasn’t available, while in the store might as well roam around and see what treasure I could find that day. I was not disappointed for I brought home with me two big heavy vases that could’ve easily cost me $60 for both when bought new. How lucky, right?

Photo below taken in our bedroom. The vase itself matches with the color of our headboard and almost similar color to our curtains I currently use. It also is making our bedroom a little bit presentable I believe.

 photo gwvase_zpsgwmvhti3.jpg

Stocking Up on Bath Towels on Memorial Day

While Memorial Day is celebrated in commemoration of the Fallen heroes, this is also the time when retailers take advantage of making huge profits by flooding the consumers with their bargains both online and in-store. Most families especially those who have lost a loved on in the battlefield or in the country serving this great nation, they celebrated the occasion by visiting them at their graves, others are barbecuing in their backyard, some are participating the event called “Carry the Load” starting from NY to Dallas. And a few went to the malls or outlet stores to shop and take advantage of the sales.

I was one of them. My girls and I went shopping for home at Macy’s yesterday and bought 7 pieces Tommy Hilfiger bath towels. They were on sale for $7.99 each plus I had a 20% coupon on hand which cost me just a little over $6 each. Also I earned $10 Macy’s money after spending over $55 at their store.

We need new bath towels for the ones we are still using are at least 7-9 years old. They need to be changed because they are getting rough on the skin when we pat dry our body after shower. I did not get disappointed for I got what I wanted to buy although we were rushing yesterday due to severe thunderstorm coming our way!

Now we got enough towels, I can now rest my mind from spending money on them and will do so a few years from now. Tommy Hilfiger is a name brand known in the US, so that I alone, I trust that their merchandise should last longer.

 photo towels_zpsggcpbwpz.jpg

Willow Tree Figurines Celebrate Emotions

The Willow Tree collection has a large variety of new and old favorite delicate resin figures hand-crafted and individually painted by Susan Lordi from her original clay sculptures. They convey universal emotions and tenderness through elegance and simplicity and are meant to become touching keepsakes.

Willow Tree statues show that how much you truly care about a person and appreciate the love in return. The figurines also commemorate happiness, promise, friendship and other special emotional moments in a person’s life.

These statuettes make perfect gifts for special occasions where you want to convey “I love you”. They are also a unique way to decorate the home of the recipient or of an avid Willow Tree collector and create a series of outstanding figures in an unusual and gorgeous montage.

Surrounded By Love

Specifically created for Mother’s Day in 2010, this is for mothers of all ages and in all stages of motherhood or grandmotherhood and including expectant mothers-to-be. A young woman holds a brightly colored bouquet of flowers that remind her of the love that surrounds her from close family and friends. Of course, this will last much longer than living floral arrangements and will give a permanent spiritual lift.

Close To Me

Women play important roles in influencing lives throughout their years, and this statue conveys that bond with the motto “Apart or together, always close to me.”

Guardian Musical

A mother is holding her baby while she sits on top a musical box that plays Brahm’s “Lullaby”.

Other Statues

Additional ones include a cake topper commemorating a wedding promise or a landmark anniversary and an angel wearing a crown of hearts on her head. All the cherished figurines can be kept for many years.

Types of Fixtures

When you look at the inside of the home, you might start thinking about how to update the fixtures that you have. As you change the furniture in a room, this is a time when you can change the fixtures as well so that all of the colors and styles blend together. The lighting fixtures are the easiest things to change, and there are numerous styles to choose from. Click here for pictures of some of the latest designs available.

Recessed lighting is a very popular way to go, especially in contemporary homes or homes that have lower ceilings. You won’t have a large fixture on the ceiling to take up a lot of room, and you will still have adequate light for all of the important functions that take place. Another idea for modern fixtures is cove lighting. This is the kind of lighting that you see on shelves. The light is bounced from the shelf to the center of the room on the ceiling. This method of indirect lighting doesn’t give as many shadows as typical light fixtures. There are pendant lights that hang from the ceiling but appear in an elegant fashion and undercabinet lights that are ideal for small spaces.

 photo 1_106_zps3768ecf7.jpg

Store Freebies of this Week

Two items I got for free today from Albertson’s and CVS. I got the full-size body wash from CVS by printing a coupon couple of days ago. The 8 inches Cuisinart non-stick stainless skillet is from Albertson. The store has an annual promo to all their customers. Those who shop from September until December 25 can earn 1 stamp for every $10 spent in their store. We have collected just 73 stamps and so an 8 inches skillet is what we got for free.

It is a pretty thing to have in our kitchen, makes cooking easy and wipe off easy. I always love it when I get free stuff through coupons or joining promotions.

 photo freebies_zps1cf767d5.jpg

Incorporating Bells Into Your Home Decor

There are various benefits to including bells in your home decor. Bells can be an aesthetic addition to a coastal theme decor. A brass ship bell is a purposeful and fun accessory to hang at the entrance to your vacation cottage. Brass bells with an aged appearance can be an attractive, although somewhat unexpected, addition to a modern or rustic decor.

Your personal decorating style, your creativity and your appreciation for the beauty of bells can determine the extent to which you include them in your home and lifestyle. In Feng Shui, bells are considered to be a symbol of creativity. With this in mind, you might want to use a beautiful brass hand bell as a paper weight on your desk or as part of your office decor. A bell of any type would be a wonderful gift idea for an aspiring musician, writer or artist who desires to take their creative talent to its highest level. It could become an inspirational feature in their studio.

 photo bell_zps66e75472.jpg

The positive features of bells extends beyond their visual beauty. Bell chimes can be hung inside or outside of your home to enliven and energize the atmosphere with their melodic sound. If your lifestyle includes a meditation routine, or if establishing a meditation routine is one of your goals, bell chimes can be incorporated into your meditation area. Temple bells, a brass bell on a stand or any type of hand bell can be used as part of your meditation routine.

Giving Our Seats a New Look

For four years, all of our chairs were covered with unattractive and ugly old bedsheets and area rugs which sometimes made us embarrassed whenever we have someone come over to our house. I am the woman of the house and is supposed to be the in-charge of the beautification of the house but, guess what? We’ve gone four years of not even thinking of changing those with decent chair covers.

After one day, a friend showed me a link to a site where chair covers were sold at low prices. There were at least a few design choices for the cover and I chose a zebra print. All five chairs we have now look pretty and in uniform. At $28 a piece, I think it is worth the money plus the fact that these covers are reversible. Two of the chairs we have are pictured below, the chair sits in our bedroom and the loveseat in front of our t.v where we squeeze our little bodies in there when we all watch a movie including the dog that leave me little to no room at all.

Anyway, I am just glad that we now have a decent cover that we wouldn’t feel embarrassed if we have someone in our house. The zebra print matches with the brown color of the chairs which for me looks like an animal in Africa with brown soil.

 photo zebra_zpsfa4e76c4.jpg

 photo zebrajpg1_zps5d055066.jpg

Rachel Ray’s Free Dishes from Shopping at Albertson’s

Stores have their technique for customers to keep coming back to shop at them. For pharmacies, they offer loyalty programs like offering exta money when customer reach certain amount for the entire season before they can get their incentives. For Albertson’s, they do give out stamps every year starting September-December. We are  loyal Albertson’s shoppers and we received our three free dishes from them. They are Rachel Ray dishes and cost $5.99 per piece. Imagine how much money we saved by just availing the promo they offered.

What we did is, we saved the stamps we collected within those months and at the end of the promo period, we were given the free items according to how many stamps we have. For every $20 that’s equivalent to one stamp. We got almost 70 stamps but only got three items since I was not willing to pay half price of the fourth item.

Last year, we got a free 4-cup coffee maker from them and it sits in our cabinet unused, lol. It pays to be a loyal shopper at Albertson’s but I prefer shopping at Walmart for they do have products that aren’t available at the former store.

 photo 1555882_10152528043789517_712503847_n_zps928a6870.jpg