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My Goodwill Find Vase Under $10

It pays off to be patient and it has been proven to myself that it does. For a year now, I have this nice white decorative twigs we bought at IKEA last year. I am so attracted to them and thought that they could make a beautiful decor in the house so I bought ten pieces. It has been sitting in the corner for I did not have a big, heavy and sturdy vase to it into.

At long last, I found one that is suitable for my twigs and it didn’t cost me much money to buy it. I found this very piece at Goodwill last week for just $8.99. It still looks pretty good and shiny from the outside, just needed a little bit of cleaning and voila!

I went to Goodwill hoping to find a supply box for my second grader but then it wasn’t available, while in the store might as well roam around and see what treasure I could find that day. I was not disappointed for I brought home with me two big heavy vases that could’ve easily cost me $60 for both when bought new. How lucky, right?

Photo below taken in our bedroom. The vase itself matches with the color of our headboard and almost similar color to our curtains I currently use. It also is making our bedroom a little bit presentable I believe.

 photo gwvase_zpsgwmvhti3.jpg

Types of Fixtures

When you look at the inside of the home, you might start thinking about how to update the fixtures that you have. As you change the furniture in a room, this is a time when you can change the fixtures as well so that all of the colors and styles blend together. The lighting fixtures are the easiest things to change, and there are numerous styles to choose from. Click here for pictures of some of the latest designs available.

Recessed lighting is a very popular way to go, especially in contemporary homes or homes that have lower ceilings. You won’t have a large fixture on the ceiling to take up a lot of room, and you will still have adequate light for all of the important functions that take place. Another idea for modern fixtures is cove lighting. This is the kind of lighting that you see on shelves. The light is bounced from the shelf to the center of the room on the ceiling. This method of indirect lighting doesn’t give as many shadows as typical light fixtures. There are pendant lights that hang from the ceiling but appear in an elegant fashion and undercabinet lights that are ideal for small spaces.

 photo 1_106_zps3768ecf7.jpg

A Place To Sit On

These garden benches concrete are commonly found in parks, trails, backyard garden and other public places where people love to hang out. These serve as a place to sit on or to relax, not only that… they also add a nice decoration to the garden. It is the second thing people are looking to rest. If you are looking for one, shop The Garden Gates’ collection of cast stone outdoor benches for the best selection of high quality outdoor furniture.

Woman and The Kitchen

The heart of the house is the kitchen where a woman usually spends most of her time cooking palatable dishes for the family. Most women want a bigger space, new and the latest kitchen appliances. This was my wish months ago for our kitchen was an old fashion kitchen. When we had the kitchen remodeling, I couldn’t be more happier and excited because I knew the result will be amazing and I was right.
Now it’s not just me enjoying the new look and light color cabinets and drawers, the new greenish blue counter tops but also my husband. He must agree with me that our kitchen is now looking beautiful more than ever with brand new stainless steel appliances, who doesn’t want to cook and cook everyday? I love everything in the kitchen from the counter tops, cabinets to the appliances and the fresher look it gives to the old house. Next project will be to change the old floor into a bamboo flooring and paint the dark wood paneling of the wall. I know it will take a while because there are more important projects need to be done in this house but eventually we will get there.

New Kitchen Soon

At long last, after 17 months of waiting that much needed check has arrived. It could help us big time. We got too many major home improvement plans pending for months because of the delay and now we can make all these plans happen. I was away from home for two weeks. Before I could come back, my husband had our backyard fence fixed. Next group of people coming in our house are the ones that will do our kitchen.

Yeppeeyyy new kitchen is what we are going to have. The job won’t start until Monday. I so look forward to it. It is going to be a full week of torture without kitchen but in the end, the prize is worth it. New kitchen means new kitchen appliances and new dining table maybe? I love the idea of buying new dining chairs with casters or dining chairs casters to match with our newly remodeled kitchen. That is very cool to match with our corelle soup bowls and dishes. What more could I ask for? My dream of having a decent and new kitchen will soon come true. I’m lucky!

A Trip To Home Depot

We went to Home Depot last weekend to return something and also to look at sink and undermount stainless steel sinks. That was one of the trips to home improvement store that I loved because I can get to look at stuff for our home. We are in the process of having a major change in our kitchen. Right now we do shop around or look for stuff that are in great prices that suit our budget. Great price in high quality items are what we are looking for. If cannot find that very piece of undermount thingy for our sink then we might look for it online.

Porcelain Sinks

Choose an extensive line of porcelain sinks that will definitely compliment any decor from the traditional to the unique only on their site porcelain sink. Their porcelain sinks are true vitreous china with a triple laid glaze to create the strongest sink you will find. Plus are extremely low maintenance.

Keeping Your Driveway Smooth

When it comes to keeping your driveway smooth, you can only rely on companies like
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These guys don’t only pave your way out to the street but they also provide excellent services such as design and installation, free consultation, product promotions and you can request any free consultation on the following products; pavers, synthetic turf, lighting and outdoor elements. Check out also their year end sale on all products. No interest in 36 months. Hurry limited time only! Click on any of the links provided above and it should bring you to their official website.

My New Kitchen Counter

This is a guest post written by Rita Heyson
It was love at first sight when I walked into my house; the kitchen was another story. I signed the contract and immediately started kitchen shopping. This was four years ago when granite was (and still is I guess) the must-have household update.
The entire new kitchen process took about 3 months, from planning the layout to completion. My favorite part was choosing the counters. I walked a vast warehouse of giant slabs of granite, up and down aisles and aisles of it. There were so many to choose from but I was drawn to darker colors with lighter accents. I came upon a slab named ‘flash green,’ which actually looks almost black but has swirling grey/green inclusions and some light silvery flecks. It was definitely good that when I thought kitchen counters sears was what came to mind.The granite contractor came to my house and drew a template of the counter when the new cabinets were in place. There were some details to iron out such as how many holes for faucets and the size of the sink but it was a simple process. About five days later the granite guys arrived with my newly cut and polished slabs.

Installation took a couple of hours and couldn’t have been easier (of course, I didn’t have to lift it.) The granite counter makes such a statement in my kitchen, it’s natural beauty is so eye catching but not at all flashy, four years and I still love it.

Max Vanities

Before we had our house back I didn’t have any interests on looking for Bathroom Cabinets, Linen Cabinet or even knowing what Contemporary Bathroom Vanities look like. Whenever we go to a home improvement store, I saw samples of those mentioned above but I just didn’t bother to even know how much is the price for installing them because who would have thought that we could be working in such a big old house like we have?
We live in a four bedroom, three baths house right now that needs intensive home improvement. We have only done not even half part of the house right now for there are some works outside that need our immediate attention. Once we are done doing the priorities outside then it is time for us to move on and continue working the interior of the house. We do the job ourselves to avoid spending so much money on the labor that is so expensive. Next project I want to have inside the house is replacing all the linen and bathroom cabinets for they look so old fashion. Then, paint the living room and do the kitchen afterwards. I am excited for that.