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Crispy Squid

Squid anyone? I brought this straight from the Philippines so you can expect the taste is very much Pinoy. I like it cooked crispy and a bit burned, just my own preference. This was paired with my grits, vegetable stew and eggrolls. Gonna show some pics the rest of my brunch later. For now enjoy drooling with this beautifully fried squid (tongue sticking out!).

My Kind Of Soup

I survived a day eating just this soup in three meals. Why would I not survive if this is the kind of soup I grew up with? Honestly, I can live all my life with this kind of food and not needing anything else except dried fish and salted anchovy to pair with my grits. I am easy to please. So long I got my vegetable soup and rice or grits I am fine with that. I used my one remaining pack of frozen horse raddish leaves left in the freezer for months today to go with my jackfruit and okra in making a soup that made it delicious plus subak dried anchoy, payts nah!

The Best Afternoon Snack

When I think of something yummy, one of the many things that come in my mind is this deliciously cooked very warm “binignit” complete with all the ingredients that make it more drooling. One boring afternoon, I laid down in bed and it suddenly popped in my mind and so I got up went to the market, bought the ingredients for “binignit” and cooked a pot of it. I plan of making this snack before I leave for Texas.

………. just looking at these photos, it make me want to eat it again right now..

Food For The Poor

These are the kind of foods I haven’t tasted for almost two years. The ingredients are freshly picked from the garden or bought from the public market. The bamboo shoots and horse radish leaves (first photo below) especially, they are something that can’t be bought fresh in America.
……… second photo right here is the lukot, I don’t know its term in English…it’s a seafood mixed with spices, vinegar, a little bit of salt and native pepper…
….… third photo is of pork blood pudding that can be bought in carenderias all over. I love it’s soft and tasty soup in my taste buds.

Mouth-Watering Shrimp

In the morning I feel lazy that I don’t want to stand and cook my own food. If I had a choice I wouldn’t do that but I have a baby too. I have to get up anyway, do something in the kitchen in the hope of making different recipe each day so we won’t get tired of eating the same food everyday. I cook whatever I can grab from the freezer.
One of the many quick fixes I can do is this fried in butter shrimp with seafood sauce, lemon, diced garlic and voila! We have a good breakfast best paired with brown rice. I am just one lucky momma for having a baby that can eat almost anything. She eats whatever I eat so that’s a big bonus already. I don’t have to cook two separate dishes each morning.

Noodle Soup With Chopped Celery

I made a lot of mouths drool over this deliciously cooked noodle soup here with chopped celery and pork meat. I have an exclusive food album on Facebook which I now have more than 30 photos of homemade foods I do in our own kitchen. The latest addition to it is the food above which every Filipina loves to slurp during cold Winter days. Admittedly, I liked it too. It was tasty and I paired it with brown rice and corned beef Philippine brand. I ate this noodle for two days in a row and I tell you what I never get tired of eating it.

Easy Fix Salmon Fillet

This was my dinner last night. My husband grilled it for me but I was the one preparing it. For those who like salmon fillet and want to have a quick fix of the fish, here’s what you do… sprinkle a bit of salt on to the fish, ground pepper and a green onion, lather with mayonnaise and put in tin foil. It should be done with in 7 or ten minutes. Yum!

Making Up With Him

I WOWed my husband when I cooked him this big meal for his breakfast. This was during his day off, I sort of make it up with him every weekend because I don’t usually cook his dinner when he comes home from work. For some reason I am not used to that ever since I came here to join him.

Here in this photo are scrambled eggs (3 pieces) with tomatoes and onions, two pieces of bread (toasted) and two eggrolls. Guess he must be hungry that time for he ate it all!

Hungry But I don’t Want To Cook

It is only ten o’clock in the morning and I am already starving. I am very hungry to the point of not wanting to cook anything for I am simply not in the mood to do anything in the kitchen right now. I got loads of things to do. But should I just let this hunger pass by?

I got a few things in my mind that I want to eat right now. They are Pinoy style corned beef and chicken noodle. They are a quick fix kind but that’s all I can have for now although I really want to sip some really hot and good soup just like in the photos attached below. They were my dishes from the past days, I forgot posting them here. But anyway, let’s drool over these yummy and tasty foodilicious here…

…… above is my shrimp sinigang..I used freshly squeezed lemon juice as an alternative to using a vinegar or tamarind soup base mix…and the second photo is my adobong pusit. For some people it is disgusting to look at…but not for Filipinos….for us it’s the best!

Filipino Foods

I’ve always been a soup lover but dry food occasionally will be good too. Here’s what I had yesterday and for my husband. Simple quick fixes to start our day will give us energy throughout the day without bothering of getting hungry an hour or two later. Not only I love fish but also fried pork chops eh.