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Pancit Canton Straight From My Kitchen


Pancit canton newly cooked anyone? I know you are drooling as you are looking at this tasty pancit canton I have here. It is easy to prepare and doesn’t take long to cook. All you have to gather are the simple ingredients, the dried pancit canton noodles, carrots, cabbage, some meat, garlic, onion, ground black pepper and lemon. Just sautee the ingredients except for cabbage lemon, pepper and noodles because they will be added once the small amount of water added to the sauteed ingredients is boiling. You do not have to cook longer once you added the cabbage for it might get overcooked. A simple dish to make that everybody loves and that is the pancit canton!

Cornish Chicken Soup With Horseradish Leaves


I don’t normally get to make a soup exactly like this complete with ingredients. The main ingredient is cornish chicken which makes the soup tasty and added flavor to it are lemon grass, chayote and of course the horse radish leaves that my friend Jazzmine brought from the HK market two weeks ago. Thanks to her, I was able to make this soup which is most loved by Filipinos especially as days get cooler as we head into Fall. Tinolang manok anyone?

Small Feast At Home

I hungered for real Filipino food. It’s been a while since we last shopped at the Asian market so you can only imagine how I craved for filling food. Yesterday, we were able to shop at Nguyen Loi and good timing all vegetables I wanted to buy were available. It looked like they were just delivered at the store, shelves were full of stocks, even veggies or fruits that I don’t usually see at the market were available.

We spent over two hundred dollars there, most of which are my pick. Last night, I satisfied my craving for cooking/grilling three different kinds of food. We had grilled fish (three different types; salmon, milk fish and carabalyas as we call it in PI with head on), sauteed water spinach and tuna fish salad in vinegar. It looks like there was an occasion but truly, it was just an ordinary day for all of us.

…….. seafood party in the kitchen last night…
…. my plate and oh so yummy!

Bulalo Soup


There are times no matter how hot the weather is, I crave for pork soup. And when I do I make sure that I get to eat it. Does this bulalo soup make you drool? For sure you want to make this soup right now too, right? This was my lunch and dinner couple of days ago and it’s all gone now. Looking at this picture makes me wanna cook this again for it simply activates my salivary glands. The corns were so sweet that it gave the soup some sweetness to it. My little Morgana loved the corn as well as the soup.

Grilled Pork Belly Oh So Yummy!


Grilled pork belly anyone? It is not bad eating fatty pork meat like this once in a while. I am just thankful that some food I am craving to eat are available here in our area. Although the Asian Market is at least 23 minutes away but that does not mean I can’t buy what I want. Whenever I feel like eating Filipino food, I would just ask my husband to drive me to the store and stock up some meats, canned goods, vegetables and of course not forgetting to buy me some pork belly.

This deliciously seasoned pork belly meat is sooo good that I didn’t wanna eat it all in one meal. It was the husband who grilled it and he did it exactly as I wanted it to be cooked, a bit scorched and the skin is crispy like that of a roasted pig in the Philippines.

Food For The Poor


In my home country when we serve food like that in the picture on our table this means, we are the poorest of the poor for we cannot afford to buy us some meats or other decent food for the family. I grew up eating this kind of food and with no complain… I ate it. That is how I learned to love food for the poor and even until now, faraway from my homeland I crave and I long to eat miswa, dried fish, leafy veggies and the likes.

Here in America, having dried fish on our table is so precious and everyone is so jealous of it especially those who haven’t eaten dried fish for a long time. People back home don’t appreciate buwad. Most people there crave and want for a more delectable dish like those we usually cook during Holidays or special occasions.

Tinolang Pompano

Pompano is good for any recipe you want to make. I prefer to make tinola out of it for the natural fats of the fish makes the soup savory and tasty. It is also good for inun-unan if you should choose. It has dense flesh and there is not much bones in it even my husband likes it. Looking at this fish soup up here makes me want to make some to slurp right now. How about you? Have you ever tried buying pompano? It is a bit expensive but I don’t mind because it is worth the money.

Crispy Fried Fish

It’s one of my favorites, crispy fried fish with head on. It is not complete without the head. If I eat this, nothing will be wasted for I can eat the entire fish and if the bone is crispy enough to chew, why not eat it too? It is best partnered with spiced native vinegar and freshly cooked grits. Yummy!

I am pretty sure just by looking at the picture you are drooling also? Because I am and I wish this fish is available in the freezer but it’s not! Poor me! Talking of which, I am so hungry right now, I have not eaten brunch yet but I don’t know what to eat. I have lost my appetite eating food these days.

Kare-Kare For The First Time

I cooked Kare-Kare for the first time in my life for lunch today. I guess it was my first time to taste or eat this type of Filipino dish haha, how poor. It tastes good and it wasn’t hard to do although there are some ingredients lacking in my recipe yet I liked it. I ate it with rice and sauteed shrimp paste with my Jadyn. I still got some left for the next meal but I won’t be eating it tomorrow. Original recipes are using oxtail for it but it’s not available so I used prawns instead.

I will have to cook another dish again ‘coz it’s kind of “bidli” man oy, maybe I put too much peanut butter in there after eating a plate full of food and drank a cupful of water. The recipe I followed is from by the way. It’s my favorite food blog that I follow whenever I feel like trying out new Pinoy recipes.

Kare Kare is a traditional Filipino stew complimented with a thick savory peanut sauce. The commonly used meats for this dish are ox tail, tripe, and pork leg; on some occasions goat and chicken meat are also used. Besides the peanuts, this dish depends on the shrimp paste (on the side) in order to be fully enjoyed. Traditionally, “palayok” (clay cooking pot) is used to cook this dish and it is also used as the serving pot.

Big Brunch

It feels good feeding your family with some great and healthy meals. By doing so, you feel like you have accomplished something in that particular day (at least I do because I don’t cook to my husband often only during weekends). We can have good food cooked at home that our family loves without spending so much money for it.

What we can order at the restaurant can also be cooked at home. The advantage of cooking your own meal at home is that you can ensure the quality of ingredients you are using, you know the food is clean for it is prepared by any of your family and most of all, the servings are great/big that can fill the stomach of the whole family without worrying too much how much are you gonna pay for over eating lol.

This great combo of meal pictured below was cooked by no other than ME. We had this yesterday and my family sure loved it. Such a big brunch we had that fueled our body the entire day working on our fence.

…this was my husband’s plate… in the plate are fried eggs, 3 pieces toasted wheat bread, New Zealand corned beef with lots of onions and garlic plus grape jelly to go with his bread while mine had rice as a substitutre to the bread.