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Usual Foods For Breakfast

These are the kind of foods I normally cook in this house. I stick to what my intestines used to eating because it simply satisfies my cravings and it fills my hungry stomach big time. Of my 4 years of living here in US, I never learned to love eating American foods like pizza, lasagna, mash potato, mac and cheese and others. It is ok with me to eat their food for snacks but never for heavy meal as I can never feel full after eating them.

……. yeah it’s a fish head with horseradish leaves and other spices soup.

.. stir fry ramen, veggies with shrimp…

… mung bean soup with okra and spinach and of course a whole fried fish as subak..
…and below is what filipinos usually have on their table to match with rice…

Homecooked Meals

I’m a great fan of cooking our meals at home. We don’t go out to eat instead we cook our own meals the way we want it. This way we save ourselves from eating unhealthy fast foods and aside from that we save money by doing so.

I have no problem cooking our food at all. I know how to cook simple dishes you know so eating or dining out makes no sense to me. However, occasionally we go to a restaurant to celebrate special events in our lives but that’s it. Eating outside can be expensive if you really want to eat real food.

……….. I take pride in showing you guys what I’m capable of cooking… above is my fried chicken that Jadyn really love and my sotanghon soup for breakfast…