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Mentalist Quirks: 3 Things You Didn’t Know about Your Favorite Psychic

Joining the police force after your shenanigans as a TV psychic anger a serial killer who subsequently murders your wife and daughter might not be a common career path, but it is the fuel which drives the plot of The Mentalist, one of the most popular series on television. Simon Baker plays the sham-psychic turned police consultant Patrick Jane, a whimsical and freakishly perceptive character (a parallel with Sherlock would be legitimate) who aids the California Bureau of Investigation in cracking the tough cases while hunting for any leads which might reveal the identity of the one responsible for the deaths of his wife and daughter.

Jane dismisses his own psychic-ness and can be heard throughout the so far five seasons of the show claiming that there is no such thing as psychics. He prefers to be considered very observant instead, and his seemingly off-the-cuff deductions are received with skepticism by his colleagues, most notably by the Sphinx-like voice of reason Kimball Cho (Tim Kang) and by Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney), the leader of the Serious Crimes Unit. That is, until said deductions turn out to be legitimate and lead to the bad guys being apprehended.

Easily accessible through Time Warner Cable’s affordable packages for digital television and internet, the show also serves up several quirks beyond the usual tension of police procedurals. These quirks revolve around the troubled pasts of the characters and reveal their multi-faceted development.

  • Jane is seen driving a Citroën DS, one of the most innovative and craftily designed cars of its time. The car was introduced in 1955 and while it might seem just another one of Jane’s extravaganzas, the symbolism of the car is revealing. The Citroën DS was meant to signal the rebirth of war-torn France and was hailed as a hallmark of French ingenuity, which echoes Jane’s recovery after the trauma of losing his family.
  • Lisbon’s relationship with Jane is ambiguous, often seeming it might develop a romantic twist. While the tensions between them (both personal and professional) will most likely carry into the sixth season, Lisbon’s affection for Jane, whichever way it turns, is steeped in brotherly love. After her mother’s death, she and her three younger brothers are subject to their father’s alcohol-fueled abuse and she is burdened even more so after their father commits suicide.
  • Cho’s ability to remain straight-faced is only matched by his dedication in the line of fire. His reliable, down to earth persona and his dry humor come after his tumultuous teenage years when he was a member of a gang. The cool and collected Cho leaves to enlist in the US Army after a brief stint in juvenile hall, but not before shooting the gang leader in the shoulder for planning a house invasion he did not want to see happen. This might account for the times we see Cho befriending young people in dire situations who seem to him worthy of a second chance.

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App Fan? Here Are 3 You Should Think Twice Before Using

There’s no secret that together with the technology developments and the stronger and wider popularity of phone apps for both iPhone and Android, people can benefit from almost anything they want by just a few clicks. From calling a cab at three in the morning to ordering pizza and finding the nearest gas station on your drive route, app developers thought about a lot of useful apps that can make our lives simpler and easier. There are, of course, a lot of apps meant to only entertain us, and that too is a good thing, considering we’ve become quite addicted to this particular technology and if you’re already there, why not have a few laughs along the way? But some app developers’ imagination went a little bit too far (although there is certainly a market niche for whatever they can offer) and created some apps that may be not so useful, if not downright strange.

  1. 1.      For the electronic cigarette users – The Electric Smoke

The electronic cigarette market gains new customers every day and of course, given the fast pace we live up to, technology didn’t fall behind when it came to develop useful phone apps for these new clients. If you want to check out reviews for your blu cigs, if you want to be connected with the community, if you’re looking for the nearby store to buy e-liquid or if you’re just interested in the latest news on the Internet regarding this product, there are a lot of helpful apps out there, some even more sophisticated and dedicated to modders and experimenters who create their own flavored e-liquids and vaping devices. But the Electric Smoke app, available for iPhone, will make you look a bit silly, as the only thing it does is to use sonic transmission technology that makes a digital cigarette appear on the phone’s screen and somehow mimics the act of smoking. Granted, you won’t inhale anything, but pretending to suck on your phone isn’t something you’d like to be seen doing in public.

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  1. 2.      For new parents – The Ugly Baby Meter

Parents – fresh or experienced are a very powerful customer niche which needs new and improved products and services all the time. There are a lot of phone apps dedicated to mothers and if now you can perform a pregnancy test just by putting your finger on your phone’s screen, allowing you to skip the drama and the shame of going to the pharmacy and hiding in the bathroom, some other apps sound good in theory, but in practice may do quite a damage. The Ugly Meter needs your new-born photo and then calculates on a scale form 1 to 10 how ugly the kid is. And then… what? You find out you have a 4 point baby. It’s not like you can return it to the store and it is definitely not likely that new parents will have no emotional reaction to this news. This app is probably meant for those parents provided with a strong and a little twisted sense of humor.

  1. 3.      For the forever alone guys – Honey, It’s Me!

You don’t have a girlfriend and if you ever use this app, chances are you’ll never have one. Koreans went head over heels with this one, as they created a digital girlfriend called Mina. She can send the app user over 100 messages, acting like a true female partner. She asks if you slept well and there’s a safe bet she doesn’t yell when (if ever) she asks if you took the trash out. Well, gentlemen, as much fun as it would be to wake up in the morning with a 20 – something Asian model’s voice telling you should get ready for work, this app may not compensate for the fact that you don’t have a significant other. Virtual and digital girlfriends aren’t new inventions but still, before getting used to play house with your phone app, there’s that girl at the office you meant for so long to ask out for a coffee. Maybe it’s time to act on that ide

Features of the GMC Acadia

The GMC Acadia is a crossover vehicle, which is basically a vehicle that looks like a sport utility vehicle (SUV), but drives like a car. The crossover body is built on a car body rather than a light-duty truck platform, as SUVs are. Crossovers provide a spacious interior and flexible cargo capacity like an SUV, but are unable to tow and boast other off-road capabilities that an SUV has. The Acadia comes in four styles, or trim levels:  SLE-1, SLE-2, SLT-1, and SLT-2. There are many appealing features of the GMC Acadia in Kansas City.


 Although this vehicle is not generally expected to tow much weight, there is the option of adding a hitch for a few hundred dollars. The body also has power door mirrors, a spoiler, four doors, and a dual exhaust. The two higher styles also boast heated door mirrors and turn signal indicator mirrors. The three highest trim levels have a power liftgate.

Convenience and Entertainment

All styles of the Acadia have a tilt and telescoping steering wheel, emergency communication system, remote keyless entry, power front windows, speed control, beverage holders, rear HVAC, and air conditioning. They also have a radio, MP3 decoder, and CD player, with the controls being mounted on the steering wheel. There are either six or ten speakers, depending on the style.


All trim levels of the Acadia boast superior safety features. These include traction control, immobilizer, electronic stability, ABS brakes, dual front and side impact airbags, panic alarm, overhead airbag, and brake assist. Security systems are available in the SLT-1 and SLT-2 trim levels.


All four models are a six-speed automatic transmission, with a V-6 engine. The fuel tank can hold 22 gallons, with the average gas mileage being sixteen to seventeen miles per gallon. On highways, the gas mileage may jump to 23-24 miles per gallon. All styles come with front-wheel drive, but all-wheel drive is an option for all styles.


Seven or eight people can be seated in a GMC Acadia in Kansas City, depending on the trim level. All styles have a front center armrest with storage, front bucket seats, and a split-bench seat on the third row. There are options for leather upholstery, as well as other upgrades depending on the trim model.

Finding the Products You Need for the Price You Want

No matter who you are, you more than likely enjoy finding the products that you need for the price that you want. Bargain shopping is an extremely popular hobby for many people, with some taking the time to master the art of finding the best prices for different items. While some might take the art of bargain shopping to the extreme, it is something that can be extremely beneficial for a normal person, and it doesn’t take a great deal of time to be effective in this activity. By saving money on essential items, you will be able to spend your income on other things, such as a family vacation or a new vehicle. Here is a quick look at how you can use online websites, such as, and traditional stores to find items for the prices that you want.



While saving money while shopping online is relatively easy, it takes the joy out of the experience of shopping. By going to regular stores, you not only will be able to have a great time, but you will actually be able to see and touch the product that you are buying. In order to save money when you are shopping at regular stores, it can help to peruse through local ads before you go shopping. By doing this, you more than likely will be able to find great sales and additional coupons that can help further reduce prices. You might also want to consider visiting large discount stores and outlet malls if you want to get the largest savings.


There are a variety of different websites that can help you to save money, such as While you can scan the websites of normal stores in order to find deals, you might be able to get great savings by visiting special websites. Some websites will sell items on auction, which can sometimes help you to find new items at extremely reduced prices. There are also some sites that will get the left over inventory of normal stores, selling the items at extremely discounted prices. While you may not always be able to find the exact items that you want at these websites, you will be able to find the best deals.

Practicing the Art of Shaving

Some men consider the daily routine of shaving more of an art. These men probably have better shaving experiences than those who simply see it as a mundane daily task that needs to be completed as quickly as possible. If you learn how to practice the art of shaving, you may begin to enjoy your shaving routine a little bit more, and your face might thank you for it.

The Right Tools

A good shave always begins with the right tools. No matter what else you do, if you use poor tools, you will have a poor shave. Your most important tool is obviously going to be your razor. You should use a sharp, quality razor. For a really good shave, avoid the cheapest disposable razors you can buy at the convenience store. If you don’t know much about shaving, look for a middle-grade safety razor. You will also want some products that are of good quality. You might choose to use pre-shave oil, and you will need shaving soap or shaving cream. For the best results, you want to mix up your own shaving lather, which means you will also need a shaving brush and a shaving bowl. You will find that using a brush greatly improves your shaving experience, and that quality soap or cream moisturize instead of dry your skin.

The Process

Shaving is a process. You want to start by preparing your face with damp heat. This might mean taking a hot shower before you shave or wrapping a hot damp towel around your face for a minute or two. The heat and moisture will help open your pores and soften the hairs. Don’t scrub your face with soap beforehand, because this strips the natural oils from your skin. You want those oils there. You may even want to add to them with pre-shave oil. Then apply the lather to your skin with your shaving brush, working in slow circles.  Once you have worked the lather between each hair, begin to shave going with the grain of your hair first. This reduces irritation and cuts. After you have gone over your face once, you can do it again going across or against the grain to get a smoother shave. The art of shaving is something every man can master.

Screen Printing T-shirts for Your Next Big Event

Regardless of what the event is, a personalized t-shirt that is unique and fun to mark the special occasion or reflect a particular message is usually very well received. Whether it is a family reunion, a fraternity rush event, or a 5k for a fundraiser, screen printing a specialty image or message can make a lasting impression. Personalized t-shirts or other apparel is also a great way to generate additional income and advertising for you or your business. There are many companies that specialize in silk screening and recreating personalized clothes, so be sure you read the fine print before going in head first.

 photo 1x1ribbed_zps870d39f6.jpg

Be Sure of the Design

Get all the kinks worked out for any image or design you will want to feature. Remember, t-shirts are to be worn and not kept flat all the times. Sometimes the way a design looks on paper will not translate well once it hangs on a real person. Test this out if at all possible.  If the design needs to be voted on or passed by certain people, do this first. Many companies have a policy that once you place an order and a certain number of days have passed, the order cannot be canceled or revoked. Usually this is because the order is being worked on at that time. It would be unfair to place an order and ask for a revision or cancellation after half the t-shirts have already been made.

Order the Right Amount

Some screen printing companies have minimum order requirements and others even offer special deals for larger orders. Don’t fall for this marketing ploy. Unless you really need to order 500 t-shirts, you will not really be saving any money by ordering huge quantities. Having multiple full boxes of t-shirts lying around after your event is over will actually cost you much more in the long run. Instead, order what you need with several extra in every size. Once again, for very large events this should be amended with many extras. Left over t-shirts for smaller and more personalized events will only be sent away for charity.

womens Uggs at

Is Mother’s Day coming up? Does your wife have a birthday quickly approaching? Maybe you’re about to celebrate an important anniversary. Regardless of the reason you need a gift for the special woman in your life, there are a number of things you can choose that are sure to delight a mom, wife or even a girlfriend.

Consider purchasing a special piece of jewelry to show your love and appreciation. Most women enjoy receiving jewelry because it demonstrates how special you think she is. A ring, bracelet, earrings or necklace will go a long way in showing how much you love and appreciate the things she does for you.

Another option is to pick up a pair of womens Uggs at Make sure you know the size that the special lady in your life wears. You’ll be able to pick out a fashionable pair of boots in a color and style that she loves. Uggs are a fantastic gift since it means they’re something she can wear again and again with a variety of outfits.

Finally, you could offer the lady in your life a gift certificate to a favorite shop or restaurant. This is a great gift if it’s something the two of you want to enjoy together.

Five Steps to Help You with Contractor Qualification

Whether you are in charge of a large or small building project, you want to make sure that all contractors are qualified to do the job. Contractor qualification can be difficult if you aren’t familiar with the construction business. In October, 2012, US News published an article on the Internet that identified four suggestions for finding the right contractor:

  • Use the bidding process
  • Watch for warning signs
  • Make sure licensing and insurance is up-to-date
  • Put everything in writing

The Bidding Process

Individuals doing small jobs, such as home remodeling projects, might not be familiar or comfortable with the bidding process. The temptation will be to skip this step and hire the contractor that was referred to you by a friend. Resist this urge, and get bids. An ideal number is three to five bids. You might need to call ten companies to get that many bids, but it will be worth it. Bidding is important in helping you to get the right company for the job.

Warning Signs

There are several warning signs that you should pay attention to when looking for a contractor. If you come across any of the following, find a different company to work with:

  • High-pressure sales that insist you make a decision immediately
  • Acceptance of doing the work without a building permit
  • Willingness to accept only cash payments
  • Quotes given without looking at the job
  • Attempts to use supplies and materials left over from a different job

Licensing and Insurance

All contractors should be licensed and insured. Most state governments have websites on the Internet that will allow you to check whether or not a company is currently licensed. While looking at a company’s insurance, make sure they have workers’ compensation insurance.

Contract in Writing

Put everything in writing; never accept verbal agreements or commitments. If the company won’t put it in writing, find a different company to work with.

Professional Help

If you find this process too involved and complex for the size of job you have, you can get help. Many companies hire businesses to help them with the contractor qualification process. Based on your needs, these companies can help match you with the right contractor for your job.

The Most Fashionable Celebrity Couples

Every year we are inundated with the images of the best dressed celebrity couples of the year. Incredibly as quickly as one couple is in fashion, another seems to take over from them. However, there are some couples whose style simply appears to be timeless, here we will look at who they are and how they do it.

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson

They have been together for 7 years and their sense of personal styles have gone from strength to strength during this time. This is one couple that has got the casual chic look down to perfection. They are both often spotted in similar jeans and blazers, what could be more simple? Not only are they known for their statement sophisticated look, they are also one of the only couples to never miss out on a festival!

Mixing the chic with the boho is something the Ms Kruger does with ease. Designer collections such as Guess are great for promoting this kind of style. There are many stores that offer this range, Littlewoods for example allows you to browse their Guess range. Grab some festival chic now and rock it like this pair.

 photo dianekruger_zpsc00269eb.jpg

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

One of Hollywood’s most beautiful couples, the recently wedded couple never fail to turn heads on the red carpets. We would expect a certain level of fashion flair from Mrs Reynolds, but it turns out dapper gentleman Ryan Reynolds is equally as high in the fashion stakes. This is one couple that are always on trend no matter what the occasion, with Ryan generally turning towards sharp suits in a variety of colours and his beautiful wife, who let’s face it could pull off any look.

Match their style to yours by choosing a tailored suit in a stunning sea blue and Blake’s statement Grecian maxi dress – with an oversized hat of course. Head to collections such as Armani and Pucci for some serious inspiration.

 photo blakelively_zps2bc5db64.jpg

Shakira and Gerard Pique

This is one sporty little family. New parents Shakira and Gerard are certainly ones to keep your eyes on this year. Blending together a mixture of sports luxe and boho chic, they collaborate their styles perfectly showcasing their love of sport and Shakira’s famous curves. Gerard’s statement style involves bang on trend jeans, tailored T Shirts and a contrasting blazer; cool, calm and fun. Shakira is definitely a fan of the humble tank top, teaming them with ethnic skirts and sandals. This is one couple that know how to relax with their look.

Jealous of their style? Well there are plenty of ways that you can incorporate elements into your own wardrobes. Look to collections such as the latest Superdry range for on trend and creative.

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Tips on Finding an Online Contact Lens Retailer

If you want to find unique contacts for everyday or special use, searching online can easily produce the results you want. However, it can be risky to shop online, so it is crucial to prepare yourself beforehand for the task. In order to find the right online contact lens retailer, here are 5 tips:

 1. Comparison shop.

 In order to find the best online contact lens retailer, it is a must that you take the time to comparison shop. By browsing through various online stores, you will easily be able to compare products and services, as well as the prices, to find the best lenses for your needs.

 In most cases, it is recommended to use larger companies when buying contact lenses. Larger companies are often better sources because they:

 Offer a wider range of contact lenses and other related products and services

  • Have the experience and stability needed to ensure that you get the right lenses
  • Offer more flexible prices and payment plans (depending on the retailer)

 When comparison shopping, you may even be able to take advantage of various discounted offers as well.

 2. Look for the ability to place phone orders.

 Reputable online contact lens retailers typically offer the option to place your order via telephone. The option is a good one to have since many people still prefer working with other people instead of machines. Having a telephone number available also indicates that the retailer is less likely to be a scammer.

 3. Check for fast shipping.

 If you need your contacts fast, you will have to check for fast shipping. Many reputable retailers offer the option to have same day delivery for the fastest delivery possible. However, you will need to take into account that the faster delivery options will also be more costly than regular options.

 4. Ensure that the company has secure servers for ordering online.

 Whenever you purchase any product or service online, it is crucial that you ensure that the server is secure. An easy way of checking for a secure server is to look for the “https” at the beginning of the URL. “Https” is different from “http” because it indicates that the website is encrypted to help protect your sensitive information. If the website URL does not begin with “https,” it is recommended to immediately take your business elsewhere.

 5. Check for reliable customer service.

 To ensure that you have the best customer service, you need to check out various customer reviews to see what others have experienced. However, it is often not enough to rely on the reviews posted on actual company websites because they may not be altogether trustworthy. For example, companies can easily choose what comments to post, so negative comments may not always be present. Additionally, some companies pay to have people write and leave positive reviews. In order to get the best honest reviews, you need to check with forums or consumer reports.

 With these 5 tips on how to find an online contact lens retailer, you will be able to get the contact lenses you need with the added peace of mind as well.

 Chelsea Miller has been an optical technician for over 20 years. She enjoys writing about the progress and developments in her field. Visit the website for more information.