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Going to a Professional Football Game

Guest post contributed by Teodoro Martin
Most people enjoy going to professional football games for the sport and the action. I, on the other hand, go for the food. I love concession stand food so much, it is near being considered and addiction. Hot dogs and beer on tab, in my eyes, is better than filet mignon.
The cold air and the hot food adds a little bit of adventure to my dining experience, along with wrestling through the crowds and keeping yourself, and your food, in one piece. I have tried many times to recreate the same experience at home while watching football on my satellite TV from, but my hot dogs and beer are just never as good. I don’t know if it is the environment that makes them taste so delicious or just the challenge. Either way, I would battle through angry crowds to get my concession stand meal every day if I had the opportunity to do so.
I may pack on the pounds as hot dogs and beer is definitely not the healthiest diet, but it would be worth every ounce of fat gained. Maybe getting through the crowds and repeatedly climbing up and down the bleachers cancels our some of my ridiculous, game time calorie intake, but for some reason I am sure the two things so not equal out at the end of the day.

Tuscany, Italy

The article written by Victor Flowers

As you know, I love to cook and as I was watching my cooking show on my new tv from, I got the wonderful idea that for our anniversary this year, we should go somewhere to truly romantic and experience the best Italian cuisine there is; so we decided to fly to Tuscany.

Now Tuscany, Italy is known for it’s historical, natural, and romantic atmosphere and for rich, home cooked Italian food, so it was the perfect place for us to go. When we arrived we decided to stay in a few of the charming ‘bed and breakfast’ hotels that are scattered throughout the countryside. By staying in one of these, we got to experience the rich, rural life in the country, but then we were also able to drive to any one of the cities in Tuscany, like Umberto, Valentina or Stefano, in less than an hour, and go sight-seeing.

We were really lucky in that we went into Piazza Santa Croce one day and found a Chocolate Fair going on for three days! The fair took place under huge tents and they had the best, most decadent treat ever, chocolate! They had chocolate from Florence and Tuscany, and then, there was also more chocolate from France, Spain and Belgium.

We enjoyed everything on our trip, but I think the Chocolate Fair took us over the top. Maybe we’ll get to go back again someday.

Favorite Talk Show

Guest post by Stan Atkins
Rachel Ray has to be my new favorite talk show that I watch on since getting hooked up with Florida satellite TV deals. Her personality is wonderful and she is very down to earth so she is so easy to relate with. It is like to having an hour with your best friend.
Her show combines interviews with intriguing guests from movie stars to politicians. She often has guests that are on that specialize in fashion. Many times the fashion segments are showing you how to get a designer look for a lot less money. Medical consultants are on the show that gives information about beauty tips and other common medical ailments and treatments. These segments are always popular and very informative.
Most importantly, the Rachel Ray show also depicts the cooking aspect that Rachel Ray is so famous for. She usually makes a recipe for dinner per episode. These recipes are always quick, easy and great tasting. To me a daytime show that includes interviews with a great guest list, special segments about fashion and medical advice and then great cooking tips is awesome. Rachel Ray’s show is the recipe for a great hour of entertainment!

To Lose Weight, We Start by Preparing Before Grocery Shopping

The article written by Adrian Hickman
Because my husband and I are in the process of losing weight, I like to be prepared before I go shopping for groceries. First, I’ll look at my calendar to determine which nights that I’ll be able to cook, we’ll need leftovers, and we’ll be dining out. I determine the number of servings we’ll need for the week to avoid buying too much fresh food that will eventually just go bad. Then I plan our meals. I like to try new recipes, so I pull out the ones I’ve collected and choose one. Then I decide which past favorites to make that week as well.
Once that’s done, it’s time to make my grocery list. Any ingredients I need for these recipes, but don’t already have, go on that list. Then I add other groceries we need for breakfasts and lunches. I always have breakfast bars on hand for days that I am running late. Otherwise, I tend to eat scrambled eggs, peanut butter toast, or cereal. For lunch on weekdays, we eat leftovers or frozen meals. In addition, I like to add a piece of dark chocolate, a serving of almonds, and some fruit to my lunch. If we are low on any of these items, they go on the list as well. Lastly, I set my adt safewatch alarm and off I go!