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Santa Is Coming To Town

There are only two more toys that I am waiting to arrive in the mail before I can call it done. These are just some of the presents I’ve done wrapping myself and hidden in my husbands closet just so Jadyn can’t see them and insist in opening them.
I always tell her that she should always be good so Santa will give her lots of presents. Time after time she’d ask me if Santa is here yet and I will reply to her that he is still far far away busy giving gifts to other children and that she should wait until Christmas day. Poor girl, she really believes that Santa is real…oh well, why can’t he be real if he is giving presents to our kids, my husband, their dada that is! Lol!

Boyfriend Gift Ideas

If a boyfriend buys her girlfriend a gift, he wouldn’t find it hard to do because most women love purses or shoes. It is either you buy her a shoe or a designer hand bag she would be overjoyed for sure. I know what women want, they want the fancy and most beautiful things in the world which include those two things mentioned above. But if a girlfriend buys her boyfriend a present, the biggest question is what am I going to give to him that he surely likes? Think no more. You will find plenty of boyfriend Gift Ideas at Red Envelope. Let them help you pick or choose the best boyfriend gifts they can in order to please and satisfy your boyfriend on his special day.

Chic Accessories

I was really surprised when these stuff came in the mail one day. I was asked by a friend if I like accessories and I said yes then she sent me these really chic three pieces of necklaces with matching earrings each plus another pair of fashionable gold earrings. 
How nice of her for sending them all to me for the fact that they are pretty. I really love them, Emelyn in case you don’t know that. Thanks a bunch for these… I just have to wait for perfect events and clothes that’ll certainly match with these kikay necklaces… thank you…thank you…thank you!

chic (shk)
adj. chic·er, chic·est
1. Conforming to the current fashion; stylish: chic clothes; a chic boutique.
2. Adopting or setting current fashions and styles; sophisticated: chic, well-dressed young executives.

1. The quality or state of being stylish; fashionableness.
2. Sophistication in dress and manner; elegance.

My Mother

My mother although I grew up not getting along with her, I still want to do something special to her that could make her day but she is too far away from where I reside now. I could’ve bought special occasion gifts for her if only she was living close to us but unfortunately she lives in the other part of the world. Sending gifts to her would be awesome but it would cost so much to send them to her, the shipping alone is expensive and there is no guarantee the gifts would arrive in the Philippines fresh and unharmed. Instead of doing that, I may just be sending her some cash on Mother’s Day. That way she will be happy.

Early Gift

It is never too late nor too early to find for cute Easter gifts at Personal Creations since it’s only the last month of the year. You can actually look for cute Easter gifts ahead of time so you can have an idea on what to give to your little kiddos or someone dear to your heart when Easter comes. Browse for cute personalized easter gifts online at affordable prices. Good luck in finding that very unique item that you cannot find elsewhere.

Gift Cards

There is an easy way to give gifts this Christmas. If you are confused as to what kind of present you are going to give to your loved ones, why not choose to buy them gift cards. That way you will make it easier for you and for them. Gift cards are available almost everywhere even online. Personally, I would rather buy someone a gift card because I am always having a hard time looking for gifts for other people. Choosing what particular item to purchase is the hardest way because what if that person won’t like your gift?

Sheriff Woody

Our big girl’s new toy is Sheriff Woody from the popular movie Toy Story. It was her dada’s choice to pick Woody and buy it for our girl. For some reason, he’d like to share his interest with Woody to Jadyn. At first Jadyn doesn’t like Woody but then when she learned that it has 25 different sayings she then learned to love the toy.  The toy  my husband bought is the one that Disney recommends. 

This Sheriff Woody looks just like in the movie and is ready for playtime with his own  “interactive” cowboy hat! He knows if you remove the hat from his head and he reacts! Place hat back on facing front and magically he knows and responds!

His Christmas Gift For Me

So thoughtful of him to give me a pair of blue topaz earrings to match with my necklace that has the same gemstone my husband gave me on our 4th wedding anniversary. I remember he said to me that I need earrings of the same kind so I can have a set. I never thought he would buy them for me really.

For days I was thinking that my husband is not gonna give me something for Christmas but to my surprise, he gave me those beautiful earrings. He really is full of surprises! Thanks a lot for the beautiful set lalabs! Man, you’re the best!

His Anniversary Present For Me

Of all the life’s blessings I have, one of the many things I am thankful for is an undying love from my husband. I should say he is the sweetest husband ever. He doesn’t say it much but it can be seen through his actions.

On our anniversary day, we went to spend it at a nice place somewhere in Dallas and had dinner afterwards. Before our day had started, I wrote a blog post intended for him and after reading it, my husband gave me his presents.. the usual things; anniversary card(which words were so sweet and touching that it made me teary-eyed) and of course the beautiful blue topaz necklace with diamond accent in it. He chose blue topaz as it’s the gem color for the 4th year of being married.

Thanks God for such a nice husband I have. I am so blessed to have him in his life.