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Another Goodies From The Philippines


Another sweet friend has sent me another great goodies straight from the Philippines. As you can see I got dried boneless danggit, some squid and most of all me and my girls’ favorite, salted anchovy or what we call GINAMOS! This ginamos is made clean for it is her mother that made it, this is not something bought from the market which we don’t how they prepared their ginamos. We are eating it slowly so it can last a bit longer.

Thanks to her for remembering me and keeping her promise of sending me these! You know who you are girl and you might not read this but I hope you know I appreciate your goodies

A Coach Wristlet Gift

I am not so bad as a person after all because friends are giving me stuff for free. How do you like receiving a Coach wristlet as a gift from someone you’ve been friends with for a long time but haven’t met in person even once? That is just sweet! Such a cute thing to have, I love wristlets a lot and of course Coach too, haha!

I myself could probably cannot afford to give away my Coach purses or wristlets because if I like them too much, I plan of keeping them for a long time. I rarely buy me a present so I see to it that when I buy one, I am going to like it a lot or I’ll be regretting spending so much money on to something that I don’t like to use.

Sweet Goodies From Utah


It feels wonderful when someone thinks of sending sweet goodies to me just like in the picture above. A friend of mine who just had her vacation in the Philippines sent me these goodies. I am so happy and thankful to her for being kind. To you mamu, thank you so much. I love everything you sent us especially the dayok! Just so effin’ yummy and even Jadyn loves it a lot. This is what I tame her just to get her to eat her meals.

Sweet Goodies From A Friend In Colorado


I am thankful that despite of the chaotic world I belong where only very few people remained true and kind to me, there are still some left I know that remember me and treasure me as their friend. I am so thankful I have them in my life. Those are the good ones that I plan to keep forever.

Someone in Colorado whom I met a couple years back on a dating site where we both found our husbands sent me these sweet goodies. I am happy of the thought that it is me that comes in her mind when she eats dried fish and that she sent me some. Lerio whom I have never met in person yet we felt we’re close at each other’s heart. For some reason, we are connected in a way two friends share despite of the distance we’re living and the fact that we have never met in person. Thanks for this so much friendship. Now I am enjoying my tamban buwad.

Looking Forward To Buying Birthday Gifts For My Little Princess

Amazing how times fly so fast. It feels like it was just yesterday when I gave birth to a bouncing baby girl named Megan. My little Megan will be celebrating her 1st birthday come July 19. Buying her birthday presents has been on my mind but I don’t have any idea yet as to what to give to my special little Princess. I know there are plenty of baby stuff you can find in stores and online for birthdays but it would be awesome if I can give something to her that she can keep until she grows old.

When she goes to sleep in a couple of minutes, I would love to search for birthday gifts and present ideas appropriate for her age on the internet. That way I don’t feel guilty buying stuff that do not really useful at her age. It would be a waste of money if that is the case. I really don’t want the idea of giving my children toys or gifts just for the sake of giving them presents it is because it’s their birthday. I want to give them something educational so they can learn from using or playing with these particular stuff.

Oh I remember I had bookmarked before and opened the website just now. I actually found a very interesting object that the birthday celebrant and her big sister both want to enjoy playing. It is an 8-inch sound responsive plasma ball. I believe this could make a nice gift for both of my kids so they can explore Science and technology at the same time.


Brown Sugar Fragrance & Lotion Gift Set For $4.98

This Brown Sugar fragrance and lotion gift set just arrived this afternoon. I was hesitant to buy it at first since I am not familiar with the brand but I received a gift card from might as well use it. I could not think of anything else to buy from their site but this gift set so I went ahead and purchased it.

It actually smells good. I am only interested using the perfume and the rest will be put in my balik-bayan box. I got it for a pretty good deal of $4.98. This gift set is sold at for 65% off now priced at $6.99. Since I had $5 gift certificate from them I got it for $4.98 that of course included the shipping. Pretty sweet deal for a package of 4 items (body lotion, shower gel, perfume and a candle), isn’t it?

This Brown Sugar Fragrance & Lotion Gift Set comes loaded with shower gel, body lotion, eau de parfum (c’mon say it in your french accent), and a little candle to set the mood. Surround yourself with the rich aroma of brown sugar!

Mother’s Request For A Handbag

It is hard to refuse a request that is from my own mother who rarely ask me something. When I talked to her two nights ago, she shyly asked if I can give her a new bag for the ones she is using are falling apart. Well, that isn’t too much to ask. Very well mother. Will give you a brand new handbag which I think is really gorgeous, in good quality and most of all something that you don’t see most people use in the Philippines.

Gladly enough I found a new website that sells cheaper designer handbags and other clothing. It didn’t take me long to find that perfect handbag for her. I found this Nine West handbag that is made of synthetic leather, holds a wallet, sunglasses, personal technology and a cosmetics case with dual shoulder straps. Since shopping from this particular website has free shipping, might as well look for a pair of sandals that would coordinate to the bag. I found one that 60% off the original price that look gorgeous. I hope my mother will love the stuff I will give to her. This would be my late Mother’s Day gift for her.



Sporting Fathers Day gift ideas

For some reason choosing a suitable present for Fathers Day seems to be something that causes many people more problems than they experience when it comes to Mothers Day. This is probably because Mothers Day gift ideas – like compilation CDs aimed at mothers – tend to receive higher levels of television and magazine promotion than ones for Fathers Day, and because there are staple fall-back presents for the latter day –such as boxes of chocolates, flowers and jewellery – that everyone is aware of.  However, with the existence of specialist gift providers like amongst others, there are an abundance of ideal Fathers Day presents to choose from nowadays.

 One thing a lot of dads are interested in is sport, making this a perennially popular theme when it comes to Fathers Day presents. However standard gifts in this area, such as mugs related to a favourite football or rugby team, are ones which most fathers who have any interest in sports will already have. Therefore it is necessary to look for more unusual sporting related gifts for your sports-mad dad this Fathers Day – with one option being a personalised newspaper rugby book. These consist of books made up entirely of newspaper stories related to the Rugby League Cup Finals, or the Rugby World Cup, and also come with a customised cover featuring the name of your father and a message of choice – making it a truly unique gift for any father with a love of rugby.

 On the other hand, if your dad is more of a football fan, you might want to consider getting him a framed, personalised match programme for his favourite team, which features his name included as part of the match day team list and also appear on the front cover of the programme, superimposed on the back of a team shirt. Again this is the kind of one-off Fathers Day present that it is unlikely that even the most dedicated football fan will already have.


Little Girls Are Precious

Most of my friends around here and in other countries have little girls. Last Christmas, I gave to a few chosen girls my handmade bows. I hope they like them. Bows take time to make them. I don’t mind how much time I get to spend making beautiful bows for little girls but with the baby around, it is harder for me to do it nowadays. There are two or three little girls whose birthday are coming soon and I don’t have anything to give them yet. Perhaps I can just order personalized gifts for little girls online.

I love the idea of sending personalized gifts to little girls or some people close to my heart because it sends a different meaning to them rather than just picking up stuff in the store without anything that could remind them of you.

Gourmet Gift Baskets For This Veteran’s Day

Are you thinking of giving your mother-in-law, a friend or somebody close to your heart gifts for the coming St.Patrick’s Day or a hero/heroin in the family who bravely fought for his/her country? Why not try giving something unique, something that a woman can use in the kitchen or anything that could possibly lighten up her day? At, you have all the choices of gourmet baskets to choose from appropriate for each occasion coming in your life.

Giving gifts to other people should not be hard on your part because there are just so many gift baskets to find on the internet these days. I should have thought of this idea long before. I myself find it hard buying gifts for other people for I don’t know what they want. Giving gifts to my husband for example is the hardest. He is very picky when it comes to clothing and tools or stuff for the house so I couldn’t come up anything that he likes. Now I know what to give to him on Father’s day or his birthday. I found this “around the world beer bucket” since he loves drinking beer so much as thirst quencher every afternoon.

around the world beer bucket