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I Got My Free Photo Cards from Walgreens

I am so happy that there are certain ways to get free stuff nowadays. I am not talking about government handouts, but getting free through the use of coupons or items from my advertisers for a review.
One of the many stuff I got for free is this 20-pc. set of Christmas photo cards I ordered from Walgreens days ago.

I am ready to send out these cards to my friends, I just need to buy stamps and wait for December first before I could start mailing them to my friends. I used a coupon code for these cards online and picked them up from their store to avoid paying for the shipping. I really believe, getting free is awesome and saves me money big time! I got mine, have you got yours too?

 photo cards_zps266248bd.jpg

Victoria’s Secret Promo Buy 2 Bras and get a Free Tote a $78 Value

I went to shop at the V.S store yesterday in the mall and did not plan spending more than $15 but I ended up buying two Pink bras. The temptation was hard to resist. I had a $10 bra coupon with me plus they offer a promo when you buy two any bras, you’ll get a free tote… that is without a minimum purchase.

I paid a bit over $50 for two bras, after using my coupon and got my silver bottom Victoria’s Secret tote and a SECRET REWARD card. I am okay if I just have $10 in my reward card and hopefully reduced that amount spent to $40. Promos like that doesn’t always come because they usually require customers to shop at least $65 or higher in order to qualify for a free tote.

I am happy with the tote because it looks prettier from the outside and is spacious inside. Although there is no velcro or magnetic closure, it is good enough to carry all essentials when traveling. This lovely tote will go to my mother and hope she likes it as I do.

Whenever I go shop for under garments or lingerie, I often thought of my sister, so the pink lacey bra will go to her. It is cute and is perfect for her age. I love her to death that is why I don’t hesitate buying her stuff for I know that makes her happy, besides, she is a person that knows how to appreciate the things that are given to her.

 photo vs_zps5a9fbcb8.jpg

Turn Your Instagram Photos into Beautiful Accessories through Instajunction

Are you thinking of giving gifts to the people close to your heart this Christmas? I have a great recommendation to you which you should try out, you will be very pleased of their products. This can be done by turning your Instagram photos into beautiful accessories through Instajunction. Save 25% off by using promo code : LOY25C9P at the check out on anything you like. This code is good until December midnight 31st , 2013.

I recently received great stuff from them that put a smile on my and family’s face. Find below photos what I got in the mail from Instajunction. I honestly couldn’t be happier of my order.

I got at least 2 keyring sets with back to back photo each, magnets, a big sticker and discount magnet for my next purchase as well as discount for my friends.

 photo instajpg4_zpsf9d7fe99.jpg

Here are good reasons why you should order and give gifts from Instajunction.

1. There are so many products to choose from that could turn your pictures into an awesome and valuable gifts. Products like coasters, polaroid style cards, mini books, posters, magnets, greeting cards, framed prints, wall calendar, vinyls, luxury aluminum plates, keyrings, charm bracelets, cufflinks and wrapping paper. These come from high quality printing materials.

2. Easy to get started. You can select photos to upload directly from your Instagram account or direct from your own computer.

3. Perfect for gifts! Cute little accessories that they can bring anywhere they go such as the cufflinks, mini charm bracelets or the keyrings.

4. Fast turnaround. All orders printed and dispatched via First Class Post within 2-3 working days.

5. Great Customer Service. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Truly highly recommended for you guys that if you prefer customized/personalized gifts to people who matter to you. Old memories can keep alive through these products. Not convinced enough? You should check out their Facebook Pagefor more awesome blog reviews, news and or latest information about the company itself. Or follow them on Twitter. I have followed them and you should too!

 photo insta_zps4f759fef.jpg
…….photos above and below are my 2 set keyrings showing two sides of them with different photos on each keyring. Now I can bring my family with me wherever I go along with our other keys. If a friend want to see a photo of my girls, I can easily hand the keyring to her so she can see how beautiful my girls are.
 photo instajpg1_zpsb7250bfd.jpg

 photo instajpg2_zps69ef702e.jpg
…… photo magnets is my second favorite, magnets on the refrigerator door are great help to keeping the bills, important notes or drawings of my girls from falling. Not only I could see them every time I go to the kitchen but they also serve their purpose. Photo magnets are a cute way to send someone from afar photos of your family for remembrance.
 photo instajpg3_zps321cda01.jpg

Hello Kitty Fashion Earrings and Watch

I don’t like having a cat as a pet but I definitely, without a doubt love Hello Kitty cartoon character. Not only me who is into kitty but my first born as well. I can see how her eyes light up when she sees a Hello Kitty anywhere. Hello Kitty is the cutest thing ever and so to prove my obsession with it, I purchased these fashion earrings and a blue watch on Amazon last week.

The cute HK earrings were sold for 99 cents a pair so I bought three, one for me, my first born and my little sister. I wonder if the company which is from China is going to make a profit for this since it’s only less than a dollar and it ships free. Amazing deal, isn’t it?

Being fashionable doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t matter how much your stuff cost as long as you know how to carry your clothing and you look good on them…

 photo 51-XSz-aixL_zps7a6c8399.jpg
…… I will for sure wear this HK pair everyday to school once they arrive! I am excited and it feels forever waiting for the items to be here.
 photo 693c4921-8392-4a7c-a044-dac53e500c7b_zps78afc909.jpg

Goodies from Davao, Philippines

It is nice to know that somewhere along the journey we call life we met people we didn’t expect to come in our way. Some would leave, others may stay and make it to the future. I am blessed to have a few of those who I can treasure and truly call friends. I call them friends not because they give me stuff but the friendship, emotion and time we invested through our journey is so precious to me that I want to keep them in my treasure box. Those kind of friends I am talking about are people who laugh with me, cheer me up, share the same interest with me and most of all are good influence.

One of them lives in the same state with me but in a different city who recently visited her hometown. After a month of vacation she and her family flew back to Texas and sent me these sweet goodies all the way from Davao, Philippines. When I opened the box from her, it wowed me upon seeing these polvoron and macaroons from Goldilocks, my ever favorite Filipino corned beef as well as the durian and mangosteen bars. She knew I and the girls love them. Seeing them in a box is like opening a Christmas package from Santa, haha.

I thank her for doing me such a great favor for bringing me my birth control pills good for 9 months. That way, I don’t have to think about it, I am safe from getting pregnant for 9 months and most of all save me some bucks! Thank you so much, friendship!

 photo 1147856_10152172436114517_1595029537_n_zps62d51854.jpg

My Free Sandals

It was my lucky day yesterday. Two pairs of new sandals arrived at our door step shipped to me by a friend in Illinois. She is probably cleaning out her closet and getting rid of her stuff that she don’t use or wear anymore. Fortunately, I got two of her sandals that are literally new. Who am I to refuse them? I love how super comfortable they are to my feet and the fact that I love the style especially the wedge pair. Lucky for me too because we do have the same shoe size, that is an added bonus. Hehehe.

I was planning of buying new flat sandals but then these two came at the right time. I guess I just have to delay buying new shoes for a while since I got these gorgeous flats from a friend. Weewww I feel happy and loved. Thanks to her being giving to me.

I am not a bad person after all because there are people out there who are willing to share their stuff to me. Well, I do the same too to my family and some chosen friends in the Philippines. I know the saying, the more you give the more you receive and I absolutely believe that. I trust that the more I share, I will be blessed all the more.

 photo free_zps79f9914a.jpg

Can’t Fit it All in One Box


I was dreaming when I said I am going to put all these in one balik-bayan box in order to save me some money when sending it to the Philippines. Sometimes what we thought isn’t always correct for I was unsuccessful putting them in a jumbo Forex box. Looks like I am gonna send two boxes next month eh, I don’t have a choice but to do it.

I am not done with stuffing my box yet, I would want to buy grocery stuff that they cannot find in the market there so at least they can taste of what American grocery stores have. And yes, I need to do it the soonest possible and seal the second box for I feel like the time is drawing near. I am just maybe too excited hehehehe, forgive me people!

Valentine’s Gift for Your Man

Choosing a gift for the man in your life can be challenging without the right resources. Women have faced this dilemma for centuries, and only the truly savvy ones pick the winners.

Gadgets for the Digital Man

If the gadget is the latest doodad on the market, your man will want it. The latest in tablet technology, phones and portable media make excellent Valentine’s Day presents for husbands and boyfriends who cannot get enough of the latest gadgets. GPS devices, smartphones and two-way radios are useful gifts for those who will never admit to losing their way once in a while.

Researching these gifts is a cinch, even if your knowledge of technology is limited, when you use online sources that provide price and product comparison. Pricegrabber takes the guesswork out of gift giving by listing popular products and their features, side by side with similar items.

Gifts to Impress

In gift giving, it is the thought that counts rather than the price or the size of the gift. However, a well thought out Valentine’s Day present for your man will impress on him that you care about his interests and encourage his hobbies. The latest flat screen television, large enough to share with his buddies when an important game is on, will show him that you understand the need for a Boys’ Night every so often.

Other gift choices that are bound to impress include audio and video equipment to upgrade his home theater set-up in the man cave. These are big-ticket items, but using the price comparison service for Pricegrabber electronics will ensure that you get the best value for your shopping dollars.

Update the Home Office

For some men, the home office is their man-cave. For others, the home office is a place where they retreat to contemplate life-changing decisions. Show him you value his efforts by ensuring that he has access to quality equipment that makes his work life easier. Computer equipment, ergonomic office chairs, other office machines and accessories are at his disposal.

Investigate how you can furnish or update his work lair on a budget by using an online source to do your research. It is always helpful to use one that will list similar items and their comparative features and prices.

Gizmos for Motorheads

Men have an ongoing love affair with their vehicles. It is as much a part of their persona as it is a mode of transportation. Even if your passion lies in Louboutins, show him you can tell the difference between a Pioneer and a Kenwood when it comes to in-dash audio systems. Count on Pricegrabber data to present a list of options and reasons to choose one item over the other choices.

This Valentine’s Day, show your man that you are woman enough to appreciate his interests. Research the gift options thoroughly by comparing prices and features to get the best bang for your budget. Your man knows value when he sees it.

Men’s Caravelle by Bulova

Oftentimes shopping for other people or for our husbands seem so hard to do. Shopping is easy but finding the right gift for them is the hard part for you don’t know whether the person you are giving the gift to is going to like it or not. Most men are so picky so you gotta have to really think of something that he is going to love. I think any man who receives this men’s Caravelle by Bulova would be delighted. It is elegant, nice style and most of all stylish.


Making my own Christmas centerpiece


I always love learning new things like simple DIY (do-it-yourself) projects for our home. Video tutorials are available on Youtube and are free of cost so there is no reason for me not to like it. I have made my girls simple hair bows and a Spring wreath before. It felt good to be able to do these things and actually see them being used by my kids and the wreath hanged on our front door for months. The only thing that hinders me right now is finding the time to do another inexpensive practical project like Interflora’s Christmas flower arrangements.

Christmas is approaching very soon and I think now is the perfect time to do some studying and learn how to make my own Christmas centerpiece and hopefully display some in our home. For sure it will take me sometime to make a perfect centerpiece which will then be delivered as a Christmas present to my closest friends who appreciate a more personalized gift than those usual stuff that are bought from the store.

You know you take pride of your own creations to give out as presents to people that matter to you with a personal touch in it. One of the best things I can only give this Christmas is a Christmas flower centerpiece inspired by my favorite flower website called They do have hundreds of different designs of flower arrangements which I believe would not be easy to do for someone who has no experience arranging flowers but are willing to learn how to make it. I know myself and I will not stop trying until I can make a perfect centerpiece.

I am looking at this eye-catching Christmas arrangement brimming with favorite flowers and has a wonderful festive feel. The exquisite red Asiatic lilies combine beautifully with a medley of long-lasting flowers while holly, spruce and gold eucalyptus add the final flourish, finally hand-tied and finished with Christmas gift wrap and gold ribbon.