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A Surprise Early Christmas Gift

You know the feeling when someone surprised you with a gift you didn’t expect, much more do the kind deed to you? I was just beyond surprised when a friend just left this beautiful Juicy Couture watch in my car one time when I dropped her off in her home.

After having lunch with the other girls, we ended up just the two of us shopping in a store and we looked in a store glass display several items and pointed out cute stuff that’s in it. One that caught my attention is this watch but did not even think of buying it myself since I don’t need a new watch these days. Little did I know, she had something in mind for me. I knew she bought it for we checked out the same register together but it was really a surprise that she bought it for me.

I am beyond touched by her and I feel happy, that someone so generous thought about me that day… thank you so much ate, will forever treasure this gift from you!

When someone gifted with you a watch and you didn’t expect it. I am beyond surprised.

Lavender Beauty Gift Set

I love lavender, it smells good, it is relaxing and calming. A couple remembers me this Christmas and gave me this gift set. I love it and I hope they know I am appreciative of their thoughtfulness. I can really use this everyday and will enjoy it!

Thankful for this blessing, it’s not every day someone give me something.

 photo lavender_zpsfwnmwyvy.png

Victoria’s Secret Free Fragrance Coffret Gift Set

I am glad I delayed one day of shopping on Victoria’s Secret or I would have not availed the offer free fragrance coffret gift set with sleep wear purchase. So, sometimes it pays to be patient. Here’s I scored this fragrance plus free shipping for $50 purchase!

Here’s how you do it.

1. Go through EBATES and get 1.0% cashback for shopping online.
2. Search Victoria’s Secret on the box. Place any sleep wear in your cart.
3. Enter code: FA1516450 on offer and rewards box
4. Enter your secret reward code and pin for additional discount
5. Make sure to make your amount to $50 to avail the free shipping promo last day tonight.
Enter code: SHIP50FREE

 photo VSFREE_zpst9j4wxtp.png

Personalized Gifts Are the Best

There’s nothing like receiving a gift with your name or your children’s/spouse’s name on it. For me, it makes the greatest gift of all I can ever receive from someone who put so much deep thoughts on giving me something I can treasure forever. One of the sites that I have bookmarked is Joy Jewelers sterling silver engravable charms so I won’t lose it and someday, I can give each of my child a necklace declaring my love for them. Why a necklace? So they won’t lose it and they’ll wear it every time they go out of the house.

I always thought there is something special with engraved names or customized presents that’s why I most prefer it over something that is store-bought and already made.

Someone So Generous

Nothing compares like receiving a lot of Filipino goodies from someone who thought about you. Thanks to her for sending me lots of goodies straight from the Philippines. I owe her a lot, that’s for sure! Some of items that are in the picture are long gone.

I felt the luckiest upon opening a box in the mail seeing all these yummylicious Filipino’s favorite sweet/salty treats. You know, I am not that bad of a person because there are people give me something when they are able to have a vacation in the Philippines.

Being able to eat these kind of foods in a country far away from home is heaven! Ask every Filipino/Filipina you meet and they will agree with me.

 photo goodies_zpseagugqzu.jpg

Balik-Bayan Box Contents

Those who receive goodies in the Philippines don’t have any idea how it is to send a box to them. Aside from the pricey cost we have to spend to fill up one jumbo box, putting all the stuff in there, seal it and trying to figure out how I can fit all in a box in order to save the shipping is HARD WORK!

I plan of sending two jumbo balik-bayan boxes before this month ends to the Philippines as I have collected enough for two boxes. One box has already been sealed containing the mess pictured below. These are VS mists for sale, chocolates, a few canned good, shoes, clothing for my brothers, sister, my mother, a few Victoria’s gift set for people I choose to give presents to.

I hope that they realize I still think about them albeit they are stubborn and cause me headache sometimes. The second box will be full of housewares, shampoos/conditioners, bar soaps, deodorants, laundry/cleaning stuff and many others. Thanks to couponing, it helped me gather necessary things that my family could use and will provide them a few months supply without buying anything.

It will be a freaking $240 cost to ship two boxes for sure! With that said, that’s already a lot of money for me to be paying for.

 photo bboxcontents_zpsu639d9bb.jpg

Personalized Cellphone Case from a Friend

Look at this beauty! I so love love it. It is a late birthday present to me by a friend from North Carolina. She just sent me the awesomest birthday present ever! I live in Texas and she chose this design with my name on it. I have seen the website on my Facebook wall where she ordered this from but I did not bother ordering some personalized cellphone case for I had other things in my mind that day.

I did not really expect that someone would care to send me something so special on my natal day. It felt great you know, knowing that someone thought about you so much on one of the big days of your life. Thank you so much day ‘chelle for this lovely case. You know I like it very much and I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

I love the quality of the case itself, I see it’s sturdy and durable compared to the ones I bought at Victoria’s Secret Pink. I have a feeling that this could last forever or as long as I keep my Samsung Galaxy S3 which I don’t plan of replacing or changing anytime soon. As long as it does what I intended it to do, I am fine with it. Besides, I don’t chase technology. What for?

 photo case_zps7e1f74e5.jpg

Cute Turquoise Fashion Earrings

It just melted my heart when my friend Clacla Newsom awesome caught my weakness and the fact they are my favorite color just made my day when she handed me these two cute turquoise fashion earrings. I felt thought of that day. There are not so many people that give me stuff and if there is one, I sure feel loved and appreciated it so much.

These earrings not only look pretty but they are easy on the ears, so light-weight as if you are not wearing anything when you put them on.

Fashion earrings are one of my must-haves to complete my outfit, blue in color especially, I find them easy to wear either doing errands or dine out at a restaurant. Just by having my rings and earrings on, I am good to go. I don’t need much to go out, I don’t need to look fancy as long I am comfortable with what I am wearing then I will be done dressing myself within ten minutes if I must.

 photo earrings_zpseaf1b8f7.jpg

Salted Goodies from the Philippines

Look what I received in the mail last week? These are dried salted fish straight from the wet market in my home town, Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines. Thanks to a friend who thought of sending them to me. It is very much appreciated. I was only wanting the “amahong” but she sent other kind of dried fish along.

I could smell the scent of the market when I opened the package. For my husband who don’t like these stuff, it smells stinky to him but not for the three girls in this house. I am so loving eating dried fish! Guess, I can make these last for months if I have to and would only eat little pieces every time I cook some to make it last long.

 photo buwad_zps4a00e081.jpg

Gorgeous Christmas Present from My Neighbor Friend

I was wowed when I checked this nicely packaged Christmas present for my two girls from our Filipina neighbor Santa this morning. I have never received such gorgeous present like this one in my entire life. The boxes alone are just wow! It is even more sweeter when I opened each and found that there were four different kinds of sweet treat each box. It was there quietly waiting outside our front door waiting for me to pick it up and bring inside.

Thankful me much for not we only got yummy chocs, I now have four beautiful boxes to reuse. The smallest box is now my instant lipstick organizer. I still have to think of ways to reuse the rest. Thanks for the thoughtfulness my friend!

 photo chocs_zpsa3edf7b8.jpg

 photo chocs1_zps90925367.jpg