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Tons of Great Gifts on Uncommon Goods Website

From the name alone, “Uncommon goods” you will know that this company is selling goods or merchandise that are not commonly sold in regular stores or even online stores. If you visit their website and browse through their products, you will find amazing and cute pieces of handmade, recycled and organic products made by fine artists and small manufacturers.

These products are perfect for gifting for the love of your life, friends or any relative who are celebrating their birthday, anniversary or any special occasions that matter to them. For men who are looking for great gifts to give to their spouses, fiancees or girlfriends this coming Valentine’s Day, a Crimson red heart-shaped umbrella would be interesting for it fits to the occasion we celebrate every 14th day of February each year and remind us how great it is to love or loved by someone. Or if you don’t find this to be good enough you can browse more unique gift ideas for women on the link. And if you’re a woman looking for masculine anniversary gifts for him, this website has it all.

Not only that, if you know someone who found the perfect dream house and you know you will be coming over for their house warming, one product that really caught me is this
60 Hour Beeswax candle shown below. It’s unique and first time I see this kind of candle. This is just my suggestion, feel free to browse for more interesting home decors on Uncommon Goods page.

Personalized Cellphone Case from a Friend

Look at this beauty! I so love love it. It is a late birthday present to me by a friend from North Carolina. She just sent me the awesomest birthday present ever! I live in Texas and she chose this design with my name on it. I have seen the website on my Facebook wall where she ordered this from but I did not bother ordering some personalized cellphone case for I had other things in my mind that day.

I did not really expect that someone would care to send me something so special on my natal day. It felt great you know, knowing that someone thought about you so much on one of the big days of your life. Thank you so much day ‘chelle for this lovely case. You know I like it very much and I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

I love the quality of the case itself, I see it’s sturdy and durable compared to the ones I bought at Victoria’s Secret Pink. I have a feeling that this could last forever or as long as I keep my Samsung Galaxy S3 which I don’t plan of replacing or changing anytime soon. As long as it does what I intended it to do, I am fine with it. Besides, I don’t chase technology. What for?

 photo case_zps7e1f74e5.jpg

Hello Kitty Fashion Earrings and Watch

I don’t like having a cat as a pet but I definitely, without a doubt love Hello Kitty cartoon character. Not only me who is into kitty but my first born as well. I can see how her eyes light up when she sees a Hello Kitty anywhere. Hello Kitty is the cutest thing ever and so to prove my obsession with it, I purchased these fashion earrings and a blue watch on Amazon last week.

The cute HK earrings were sold for 99 cents a pair so I bought three, one for me, my first born and my little sister. I wonder if the company which is from China is going to make a profit for this since it’s only less than a dollar and it ships free. Amazing deal, isn’t it?

Being fashionable doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t matter how much your stuff cost as long as you know how to carry your clothing and you look good on them…

 photo 51-XSz-aixL_zps7a6c8399.jpg
…… I will for sure wear this HK pair everyday to school once they arrive! I am excited and it feels forever waiting for the items to be here.
 photo 693c4921-8392-4a7c-a044-dac53e500c7b_zps78afc909.jpg

5 Christmas Gifts to Excite Your Inner Spy

Do you enjoy the adrenalin-filled adventures that James Bond always has on the big screen? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be put into such extreme situations? If you have ever wanted to experience the thrill of the chase without getting killed, then here are 5 Christmas gifts to excite your inner spy:

1. Driving experiences.

Part of what makes being a movie spy so appealing is the abundance of fancy cars. If you want to get behind the wheel of a fast, sexy vehicle, why not treat yourself to a Ferrari or Porsche driving experience this Christmas? If sitting behind the wheel of an expensive car while flying down a track does not make you feel like a secret agent, then nothing will.


2. Stunt driving experiences.

If just driving a fast car is not enough to satisfy your inner spy this Christmas, then you can get your blood pumping by purchasing a stunt driving experience. With driving instructors handy, you will spend hours learning moves from classic chases, such as the J-Turn or drifting. With a stunt driving experience Christmas gift, you will learn everything you need to know to escape the villains in your fantasies (or avoid traffic jams).

3. Shooting and paintball experiences – In a tank.

Aside from the fancy cars, another exciting aspect of being a secret agent is the weapon play. However, why have a normal shooting and paintball experience when you can do it all while operating a tank? With the tank shooting and paintball experience, you will rotate through various roles with your team of three. However, it will not be a nice drive through the park since you will have to worry about the other team driving their own tank as well. Fortunately, the life of a movie spy is all about the adventure, and driving a tank while shooting rounds of paint-balls will surely deliver.


4. Jet ski experiences.

If you want to bring your spy fantasies to the open water, then getting yourself a jet ski experience Christmas gift is the way to go. Not only are car chases a staple of the spy genre, but boat and jet ski chases as well. With a jet ski experience, you can experience the power of a jet ski by racing your way through a mile-long course. Whether you are chasing or being chased in your fantasy is up to you.

5. Bungee jumping experiences.

 If you have ever wondered what it would be like to bungee jump from a dam like James Bond, you can try a bungee jumping experience from a bridge or elevated platform. While an elevated platform or bridge will not exactly replicate the movie stunt you are familiar with, you will not be disappointed.

 Although your favorite movies spies constantly have to battle through deadly situations, you have the luxury of avoiding this risk. Instead, these 5 Christmas gifts to excite your inner spy are sure to fulfill your fantasies in exciting, but safe, ways.

  Jack Harding grew up with the James Bond movies and spent much of his childhood playing detective! Now grown, he spends his time writing about, and experiencing, a wealth of action and adventure. Click the link for more adrenalin-packed gift ideas.

Rekindle the Spark with These Top Romantic Gifts

The flames of love can start to die out if not stoked regularly. Once the novelty of a relationship wears off, everyday life takes over and threatens to suppress the romance. Do not wait for anniversaries, birthdays and Valentine’s Day; you can rekindle the sparks of love from time to time with these top romantic gifts.

 Holiday Getaway:

 Everyone loves to travel, and the number of romantic destinations around the world is unlimited. A quick online search will bring up a list of travel agents offering good services and attractive discounts. It is difficult for married couples having kids and jobs to put their life on standstill and take a holiday miles across the globe. However, even an overnight stay at a hotel resort in the same town can be romantic getaway. What is important is that the two of you get a chance to spend some quality time alone, without the distractions of kids, pets, work, phone calls, the Internet or television. You will be amazed to find yourself rediscovering forgotten qualities in your partner and even discovering new ones that you hadn’t known existed. The new surroundings and the allure of being on holiday is the perfect recipe to fall in love with each other all over again.


…photo not mine

 There’s nothing like a soothing couples’ massage at a top-class spa to relax the nerves and rejuvenate the senses. Make sure that both you and your partner are in the same room. With the silent ambiance and dim lighting, the healing taking place throughout your body also penetrates your mind, and you can connect with one another at a new level. Other pampering ideas are getting a manicure, pedicure and / or facial done together.

 Exotic Activities:

 Take a ride on the wild side; go up in a hot-air balloon, go deep-sea scuba-diving or indulge in a wine-tasting adventure. Such exotic activities may need some basic skills, so it is better to first sign up for a short course together. If you both have more time on hand, you can enroll in a longer course to learn something fun and new, such as a new language or a musical instrument. These experiences are truly out of the ordinary, and sharing the thrill with a loved one is what romance is all about.

 Show / Concert Tickets:

 Another top romantic gift is to buy tickets to see a favorite entertainment show taking place in your area. This has to be more than going to the cinema to watch the latest blockbuster. Pick the kind of show that you and your partner love but would normally not get a chance to attend due to lack of time or too many other commitments. An international touring music concert or play, a professional opera or ballet performance or a top-class game will be very much appreciated.

 In conclusion, if you are looking to bring back the romance in your life, you really don’t need to break the bank. Creative ideas similar to the ones mentioned above will work wonders, provided you know your partner’s likes and dislikes well enough. Material gifts will fade with time but romantic gift experiences will be treasured forever.

 Written by Erica Alman, a relationship consultant.  She loves sharing her isights on various blogs. Visit this link for more experiences.

Making my own Christmas centerpiece


I always love learning new things like simple DIY (do-it-yourself) projects for our home. Video tutorials are available on Youtube and are free of cost so there is no reason for me not to like it. I have made my girls simple hair bows and a Spring wreath before. It felt good to be able to do these things and actually see them being used by my kids and the wreath hanged on our front door for months. The only thing that hinders me right now is finding the time to do another inexpensive practical project like Interflora’s Christmas flower arrangements.

Christmas is approaching very soon and I think now is the perfect time to do some studying and learn how to make my own Christmas centerpiece and hopefully display some in our home. For sure it will take me sometime to make a perfect centerpiece which will then be delivered as a Christmas present to my closest friends who appreciate a more personalized gift than those usual stuff that are bought from the store.

You know you take pride of your own creations to give out as presents to people that matter to you with a personal touch in it. One of the best things I can only give this Christmas is a Christmas flower centerpiece inspired by my favorite flower website called They do have hundreds of different designs of flower arrangements which I believe would not be easy to do for someone who has no experience arranging flowers but are willing to learn how to make it. I know myself and I will not stop trying until I can make a perfect centerpiece.

I am looking at this eye-catching Christmas arrangement brimming with favorite flowers and has a wonderful festive feel. The exquisite red Asiatic lilies combine beautifully with a medley of long-lasting flowers while holly, spruce and gold eucalyptus add the final flourish, finally hand-tied and finished with Christmas gift wrap and gold ribbon.

Sporting Fathers Day gift ideas

For some reason choosing a suitable present for Fathers Day seems to be something that causes many people more problems than they experience when it comes to Mothers Day. This is probably because Mothers Day gift ideas – like compilation CDs aimed at mothers – tend to receive higher levels of television and magazine promotion than ones for Fathers Day, and because there are staple fall-back presents for the latter day –such as boxes of chocolates, flowers and jewellery – that everyone is aware of.  However, with the existence of specialist gift providers like amongst others, there are an abundance of ideal Fathers Day presents to choose from nowadays.

 One thing a lot of dads are interested in is sport, making this a perennially popular theme when it comes to Fathers Day presents. However standard gifts in this area, such as mugs related to a favourite football or rugby team, are ones which most fathers who have any interest in sports will already have. Therefore it is necessary to look for more unusual sporting related gifts for your sports-mad dad this Fathers Day – with one option being a personalised newspaper rugby book. These consist of books made up entirely of newspaper stories related to the Rugby League Cup Finals, or the Rugby World Cup, and also come with a customised cover featuring the name of your father and a message of choice – making it a truly unique gift for any father with a love of rugby.

 On the other hand, if your dad is more of a football fan, you might want to consider getting him a framed, personalised match programme for his favourite team, which features his name included as part of the match day team list and also appear on the front cover of the programme, superimposed on the back of a team shirt. Again this is the kind of one-off Fathers Day present that it is unlikely that even the most dedicated football fan will already have.


Gourmet Gift Baskets For This Veteran’s Day

Are you thinking of giving your mother-in-law, a friend or somebody close to your heart gifts for the coming St.Patrick’s Day or a hero/heroin in the family who bravely fought for his/her country? Why not try giving something unique, something that a woman can use in the kitchen or anything that could possibly lighten up her day? At, you have all the choices of gourmet baskets to choose from appropriate for each occasion coming in your life.

Giving gifts to other people should not be hard on your part because there are just so many gift baskets to find on the internet these days. I should have thought of this idea long before. I myself find it hard buying gifts for other people for I don’t know what they want. Giving gifts to my husband for example is the hardest. He is very picky when it comes to clothing and tools or stuff for the house so I couldn’t come up anything that he likes. Now I know what to give to him on Father’s day or his birthday. I found this “around the world beer bucket” since he loves drinking beer so much as thirst quencher every afternoon.

around the world beer bucket

Mens Gift Ideas

I love shopping for myself and for my baby girls. However, I find it so difficult shopping for my husband. It is because I don’t want to buy him things that he might not like that is why it is awkward for me to shop for him. However, there are websites out there that offer Mens Gift Ideas in every occasion. And since our 7th year wedding anniversary will be this Sunday, might as well look for something that I can give to him. Thanks to for it helps me give an idea on what to buy for the love of my life.