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Skill Games

Do you think you got skills? Show it off by playing skill games online. A new website I discovered just now where you can make your own account, play with your friends, submit your high scores. Hundreds of flash games and take note this is free online skill games web site.
I am excited to try it since I got plenty of free time these days. Facebook is getting boring and I find it tiring sometimes, so a new game and a new website to play on will be different. Wait until I am done with chores and online tasks then I can spend the rest of my day playing games online.
While it’s good I found hundreds of skill games, I don’t want to be playing a game that could make my eyes hurt. I want something that is easy to my eyes, no strong colors in the graphics and most of all easy to understand. If you chanced to read this entry of mine and want to have something fun to do during your spare time, please visit the link above and it should get you to the official website of the gaming page. Have fun and enjoy your day!


Gambling, Is It Practical?

I may not comprehend very well why some people should go out for trips going to places where they can have an ultimate gambling experience like Las Vegas while in fact they can just do the online casino. I really think it isn’t practical at all to go somewhere else while you can just sit comfortably in your own chair at home. But oh well, it’s their life. They probably wouldn’t do just to gamble but also to do other stuff aside from that. What I don’t understand is that why other people is so willing to spend on to some things that aren’t necessary. Shall we say, playing casino is their favorite past time, yeah right but is it really needed to spend that much money on it? It is okay to gamble though as long as you do it in moderation.
I grew up to be poor. My family was poor (until now) and we only had very limited resources so my parents tried really hard to support us and sent us all to school. My father especially, was always very tight with his money which I can deeply understand for he was the only one working in the family of 9. I could remember him always telling us if we had extra money left from school, we should always keep it for the next day because we will never know if he can come up some money in the next day to give us. So I learned so much from my experience with my father.
I learned to be frugal all my life. I always think there is no one out there to give me some money if I need it. Not even my parents or my siblings. I learned how it is to work hard so you can earn. With the kind of life I am living now, I should say I am more comfortable than I was before in the Philippines. I am living the American dream which my husband provided for me and our baby. Thanks to him but even that, I still try to be good at handling money. I tend to be tight sometimes too if I have to because time will come we need it. It’s like saving up for the rainy season. And that rainy season will soon to come…but I doubt if what I’ve saved up for a year would be enough?

Going To Be Broke

People who have been following my blogs on Facebook should know how excited I am now for the big trip. I have been so vocal about it that almost everybody knows we are flying. What can I do? I just can’t keep it a secret so I shock everyone else when I get there. Uh uh that is the hardest thing to do on Earth.
I expect to enjoy all the things I see when I go for trips to my grandmother’s place, meeting familiar and seeing old faces again, treat my little siblings to food chains they don’t usually go and most of all pigging out the freshest seafoods I can ever eat. But with all these being said, I would also expect to be broke in just a month. Big Holidays are coming up and it would be too awkward if I wouldn’t make a small feast for noche buena for my family.
Duh whatever. I just think of the joy and happiness I am going to experience once I’m on a vacation. Going home is like going to Las Vegas to play slot machines, casino and other gambling that you would not come home with a dime in a pocket. I know for sure, once you are in Vegas you can’t help but spend your money, try out some things you haven’t done before. If this is what it takes for a temporary happiness.
Oh by the way, talking about slot machines, if you are looking for a good website to play online slots, you might want to check out the link provided above and try it yourself. There are seven different online slots there that you can choose to play. Oh not before I forget, each of the seven online slots featured has its corresponding review that gives you idea how it is to play in each unique websites.