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Personalized Cellphone Case from a Friend

Look at this beauty! I so love love it. It is a late birthday present to me by a friend from North Carolina. She just sent me the awesomest birthday present ever! I live in Texas and she chose this design with my name on it. I have seen the website on my Facebook wall where she ordered this from but I did not bother ordering some personalized cellphone case for I had other things in my mind that day.

I did not really expect that someone would care to send me something so special on my natal day. It felt great you know, knowing that someone thought about you so much on one of the big days of your life. Thank you so much day ‘chelle for this lovely case. You know I like it very much and I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

I love the quality of the case itself, I see it’s sturdy and durable compared to the ones I bought at Victoria’s Secret Pink. I have a feeling that this could last forever or as long as I keep my Samsung Galaxy S3 which I don’t plan of replacing or changing anytime soon. As long as it does what I intended it to do, I am fine with it. Besides, I don’t chase technology. What for?

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Ozeri Epicurean Digital Kitchen Scale in Our Kitchen

A new added kitchen gadget that we both love is so pretty, this Epicurean digital kitchen scale by Ozeri is what everybody needs in their kitchen especially those who are watching carefully of their diet in order to take the accurate weight of the food they are going to eat.

I couldn’t be any happier being sent such a fancy weighing scale like this because I believe what we are getting is valuable and it truly impresses my husband who is known for being picky and won’t settle for cheap stuff. It is a beauty that I could not resist but tried it right away, it didn’t take long for the scale to give me the weight of 4 rambutan fruits pictured below. How nice can it be to be able to tell how many grams of fruits, nuts or other stuff you put in your mouth so that you will be careful not to overeat?

It does its jobs accurately and it also make a gorgeous kitchen decor!

Product features:

This digital kitchen scale includes 4 AAA batteries with an easy-access battery compartment, no tools needed. It is an award-winning design features a contoured base layered with a reflective glass sheet for understated elegance and decor.

Shatter-resistant glass weighing platform is completely separated from the touch buttons to ensure the highest possible accuracy.

Reinforced sturdy case keeps the scale in place during operation.

Two instant-response touch buttons for easy operation.

Equipped with 4 high-precision sensors that weigh up to 5000 grams or 176 ounces in units of 1 g or 0.05 oz.

Precision Tare feature instantly calculates the net weight of the ingredients.

Large high-contrast LED screen provides weights in grams and ounces.

Buy yours today available at Amazon for $34.95 PRIME.

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App Fan? Here Are 3 You Should Think Twice Before Using

There’s no secret that together with the technology developments and the stronger and wider popularity of phone apps for both iPhone and Android, people can benefit from almost anything they want by just a few clicks. From calling a cab at three in the morning to ordering pizza and finding the nearest gas station on your drive route, app developers thought about a lot of useful apps that can make our lives simpler and easier. There are, of course, a lot of apps meant to only entertain us, and that too is a good thing, considering we’ve become quite addicted to this particular technology and if you’re already there, why not have a few laughs along the way? But some app developers’ imagination went a little bit too far (although there is certainly a market niche for whatever they can offer) and created some apps that may be not so useful, if not downright strange.

  1. 1.      For the electronic cigarette users – The Electric Smoke

The electronic cigarette market gains new customers every day and of course, given the fast pace we live up to, technology didn’t fall behind when it came to develop useful phone apps for these new clients. If you want to check out reviews for your blu cigs, if you want to be connected with the community, if you’re looking for the nearby store to buy e-liquid or if you’re just interested in the latest news on the Internet regarding this product, there are a lot of helpful apps out there, some even more sophisticated and dedicated to modders and experimenters who create their own flavored e-liquids and vaping devices. But the Electric Smoke app, available for iPhone, will make you look a bit silly, as the only thing it does is to use sonic transmission technology that makes a digital cigarette appear on the phone’s screen and somehow mimics the act of smoking. Granted, you won’t inhale anything, but pretending to suck on your phone isn’t something you’d like to be seen doing in public.

 photo httpbyotipolcom_zps9554cb01.jpg

  1. 2.      For new parents – The Ugly Baby Meter

Parents – fresh or experienced are a very powerful customer niche which needs new and improved products and services all the time. There are a lot of phone apps dedicated to mothers and if now you can perform a pregnancy test just by putting your finger on your phone’s screen, allowing you to skip the drama and the shame of going to the pharmacy and hiding in the bathroom, some other apps sound good in theory, but in practice may do quite a damage. The Ugly Meter needs your new-born photo and then calculates on a scale form 1 to 10 how ugly the kid is. And then… what? You find out you have a 4 point baby. It’s not like you can return it to the store and it is definitely not likely that new parents will have no emotional reaction to this news. This app is probably meant for those parents provided with a strong and a little twisted sense of humor.

  1. 3.      For the forever alone guys – Honey, It’s Me!

You don’t have a girlfriend and if you ever use this app, chances are you’ll never have one. Koreans went head over heels with this one, as they created a digital girlfriend called Mina. She can send the app user over 100 messages, acting like a true female partner. She asks if you slept well and there’s a safe bet she doesn’t yell when (if ever) she asks if you took the trash out. Well, gentlemen, as much fun as it would be to wake up in the morning with a 20 – something Asian model’s voice telling you should get ready for work, this app may not compensate for the fact that you don’t have a significant other. Virtual and digital girlfriends aren’t new inventions but still, before getting used to play house with your phone app, there’s that girl at the office you meant for so long to ask out for a coffee. Maybe it’s time to act on that ide

Buy in Bundle

When buying for electronics or gadgets these days, it is just practical if you would buy a bundle of all the item and its accessories in order to save time and money. If you are looking forward to buying an asus vivo tab rt, you can buy it at It comes a free dock with registration plus it qualifies for free two-day shipping as well.

Got Her GPS Stolen

GPS is one of the hottest gadgets nowadays that if you mistakenly leave it in your car and park your car outside the store, guaranteed your car will be broken into and get the GPS just like what happened to my friend months ago. She went to Walmart and forgot to hide her GPS that was on the dashboard, when came back it was gone and her window was broken. Not only she lost her GPS but she also had to fix the broken window which probably cost more than the cost of the stolen GPS. Anyway, she can always replace her GPS with a tomtom gps so there is no worry about that.

Apple iPad coupon code

Everybody is so crazy with Apple brand electronics and gadgets. Why is that? Is it because it what is “IN” in today’s generation. The fact is, Apple products work or function just the same to other brand names of electronics only they are higher in price. If one is practical enough to realize that they pay more on to something that does the same thing as the competitor’s product then maybe he save himself a few bucks. Or he can use this free Apple iPad coupon code that he can find on the internet.
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Western Digital My Passport Essential SE

I bought myself this sleek portable hard drive called Western Digital My Passport Essential SE 1 TB USB 3.0/2.0 Ultra Portable External Hard Drive (Metallic Blue) to put my mind at ease. I got tons of photos stored on my computer and I am afraid my computer could crash one day and lose all my important photos and data. But with this portable hard drive that a friend recommended to me, it will keep all my files safely stored forever…well, unless of course I drop the thing then GOODBYE files!
Read the details below and tell me if you don’t consider buying yourself this one. By reading what is written below, it should be enough reason why this thing is a must to have.

Here are the technical details of my new toy;
Capacity: 1 TB | Color: Metallic blue
Dual USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 compatibility
Connectivity today; speed for tomorrow
Up to 3x faster transfer rates with USB 3.0
Maximum capacity
Automatic, continuous backup
From the Manufacturer
My Passport Essential SE – Next generation high-capacity storage to go.
Put your digital life on the stylish, maximum capacity My Passport® Essential™ SE portable hard drive. With WD quality and USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 connectivity, this drive is designed for today with tomorrow in mind.

Ipod Charger

I guess only very few people left in America not having an iPod or iPhone, one of them is me. But I guess I will be having an iPod soon for I already asked my husband I want one for our anniversary. I hope when he buys one, he would also include an ipod charger so he only pays the shipping fee once in order to save a few bucks. He said why I choose an iPod over an iPhone and I told him what for? I don’t need a grand cellphone I just want something to store my music and that’s it. Since I blog a lot, I would rather choose to have a new computer over an iPhone because I don’t think I would be satisfied doing my thing in an iPhone.

Droid 3 Accessories Website

Droid phones are as popular as iPods. I know many of you out there own a droid phone. If you have one and want to buy accessories please go to Droid 3 Accessories link and choose which item you would like to buy for your phone. Click on the link above and it will direct you to the only place for Motorola Droid 3 Accessories.

Latest iDevice Info

The following information is brought to you by My iDevices- Educating you on the latest iDevice info. Here is the latest and the best information delivered to geeky people like you that features multitasking and folders, introduced with iOS 4, were mostly inspired by
jailbreak unlock like ProSwitcher, categories etc. Following the same path, Apple has introduced some more features in iOS 5 for the first time, which are inspired by various jailbreaks. Here, take a look at few of those new features.
The latest notification center featured in iOS 5 is inspired by the jailbreak called MobileNotifier, which was originally inspired by Android. Now Apple has hired the developer of MobileNotifier, Peter Hajas, and now he works in iOS apps and framework team, no wonder you see such amazing things in the new iOS 5.