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My First Jollibee in the US

Only Filipinos can relate how much we love dining in Jollibee. Wherever we may be in the world, we would always crave for that Pinoy taste only Jollibee can make. So here we are in Texas, we only have one Jollibee franchise here in Houston. And that is four hours away from where we live.

You see, going to Jollibee is a treat for us no matter how far it is, we are eager to drive to go there because it satisfies our cravings. Being on the road for four hours was nothing because of the anticipation that what we’re getting after such a long trip is heavenly.

An added bonus is that, Red Ribbon and two other stores are adjacent to Jollibee which made it very convenient for us. We brought home lots of goodies from JB and Red Ribbon. If money was not an issue, I could have bought the entire Red Ribbon stocks and re-sell it from here, just kidding! Anyway, chicken joy and gravy was my order and a taro boba. It filled me up, made my tummy happy and most of all, I had a lot of fun during the road trip. If we have to do it again, I will not say no!

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Filipino Foods During Our Picnic

April 25 myself, my family and a group of Filipinas in our area agreed to gather together and had a picnic near the back of Benbrook Lake. It was such a beautiful day, the weather was perfect for picnic with a group of crazy and fun people that consist of mostly Bisayan-speaking like me. Two of whom speak Tagalog.

Anyway, you know when Filipinos gather, you can expect plentiful of food to be served at the table. Yes, I must admit, we love to eat and eat and eat while chit chatting nonstop. That’s just how we are. Imagine, we live close by yet we don’t get to hangout a lot often. So when we have the time, rest assured, chaos and loud mouths are to be expected.

According to my husband, we brought more food than we contributed. I told him, that’s just pretty normal. We bring food and we take home a lot. Everybody is a winner. We will not go home empty-handed because no one would want to bring back her food. Might as well, share it to others and enjoy the left over at home.

Photo below were the foosd that each of us brought to the picnic. As you can see, there were squid, tuna kinilaw – my contribution, rice, fried fish, chicken bbq, pinakbit- not on the picture, fried shrimp, noodles, eggplant salad, pork adobo, boiled sweet potatoes, pork with carrots. Some desserts like leche flan, maja blanca and sweet glutinous rice.

Looking at the food in the photo, makes you want to think that there was a big birthday celebration or a fiesta going on but no, it was just truly a simple picnic on a beautiful day.

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Personalized Cellphone Case from a Friend

Look at this beauty! I so love love it. It is a late birthday present to me by a friend from North Carolina. She just sent me the awesomest birthday present ever! I live in Texas and she chose this design with my name on it. I have seen the website on my Facebook wall where she ordered this from but I did not bother ordering some personalized cellphone case for I had other things in my mind that day.

I did not really expect that someone would care to send me something so special on my natal day. It felt great you know, knowing that someone thought about you so much on one of the big days of your life. Thank you so much day ‘chelle for this lovely case. You know I like it very much and I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

I love the quality of the case itself, I see it’s sturdy and durable compared to the ones I bought at Victoria’s Secret Pink. I have a feeling that this could last forever or as long as I keep my Samsung Galaxy S3 which I don’t plan of replacing or changing anytime soon. As long as it does what I intended it to do, I am fine with it. Besides, I don’t chase technology. What for?

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Cute Turquoise Fashion Earrings

It just melted my heart when my friend Clacla Newsom awesome caught my weakness and the fact they are my favorite color just made my day when she handed me these two cute turquoise fashion earrings. I felt thought of that day. There are not so many people that give me stuff and if there is one, I sure feel loved and appreciated it so much.

These earrings not only look pretty but they are easy on the ears, so light-weight as if you are not wearing anything when you put them on.

Fashion earrings are one of my must-haves to complete my outfit, blue in color especially, I find them easy to wear either doing errands or dine out at a restaurant. Just by having my rings and earrings on, I am good to go. I don’t need much to go out, I don’t need to look fancy as long I am comfortable with what I am wearing then I will be done dressing myself within ten minutes if I must.

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My Free Sandals

It was my lucky day yesterday. Two pairs of new sandals arrived at our door step shipped to me by a friend in Illinois. She is probably cleaning out her closet and getting rid of her stuff that she don’t use or wear anymore. Fortunately, I got two of her sandals that are literally new. Who am I to refuse them? I love how super comfortable they are to my feet and the fact that I love the style especially the wedge pair. Lucky for me too because we do have the same shoe size, that is an added bonus. Hehehe.

I was planning of buying new flat sandals but then these two came at the right time. I guess I just have to delay buying new shoes for a while since I got these gorgeous flats from a friend. Weewww I feel happy and loved. Thanks to her being giving to me.

I am not a bad person after all because there are people out there who are willing to share their stuff to me. Well, I do the same too to my family and some chosen friends in the Philippines. I know the saying, the more you give the more you receive and I absolutely believe that. I trust that the more I share, I will be blessed all the more.

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Lunch with Friends at KFC

I am loving my stay here in my hometown. I love the idea of meeting new and old friends in the mall. This photo below was taken at KFC Ayala just a few days ago with my girls,little brother and two friends. Liezl is the one sitting next to my Jadyn has been my friend for over a year. We communicated through Facebook and we finally met in person last week for the first time. Trexia on the other hand, is my long old friend is the one on stripes who I introduced to Liezl because both of their boyfriends are from Scotland. They will be neighbors in Scotland if both of them will be successful in their love endeavor of their Scottish boyfriends.

I thought of introducing these ladies so that they will become friends too when they move to Scotland someday. That way, they will be comfortable with each other and they’ll have confidence living far from home that they are going to be alright since they know there is a Filipina living nearby. Wishing these ladies good luck and that they will become neighbors.

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Another Goodies From The Philippines


Another sweet friend has sent me another great goodies straight from the Philippines. As you can see I got dried boneless danggit, some squid and most of all me and my girls’ favorite, salted anchovy or what we call GINAMOS! This ginamos is made clean for it is her mother that made it, this is not something bought from the market which we don’t how they prepared their ginamos. We are eating it slowly so it can last a bit longer.

Thanks to her for remembering me and keeping her promise of sending me these! You know who you are girl and you might not read this but I hope you know I appreciate your goodies

Sweet Goodies From A Friend In Colorado


I am thankful that despite of the chaotic world I belong where only very few people remained true and kind to me, there are still some left I know that remember me and treasure me as their friend. I am so thankful I have them in my life. Those are the good ones that I plan to keep forever.

Someone in Colorado whom I met a couple years back on a dating site where we both found our husbands sent me these sweet goodies. I am happy of the thought that it is me that comes in her mind when she eats dried fish and that she sent me some. Lerio whom I have never met in person yet we felt we’re close at each other’s heart. For some reason, we are connected in a way two friends share despite of the distance we’re living and the fact that we have never met in person. Thanks for this so much friendship. Now I am enjoying my tamban buwad.

Filipino Goodies

We received a package from a friend the other day. I expected it would arrive any days within this week and I was right. It came earlier than I expected. Inside the package are great Filipino goodies from Claire who authors the blog My Rendezvous. It’s nice to have a friend like who thinks of me while she was having a vacation in her home town in Davao City.

Girlfriend, how can I repay you of your kindness and thoughtfulness to me and my kids? Thank you so much for the goodies day especially a box of Goldilocks polvoron. Jadyn loves it a lot that I have to hide the box out of her sight just so she won’t eat them all at once.

Filipino goodies from Tita Claire

A Satchel Given To Me By A Friend

I was so surprised when this satchel arrived yesterday. I did not expect it will come too soon because she told me her package won’t arrive until March 1. When I opened the package, I got wide-eyed and overjoyed for I got the satchel back!!!

It is the same exact satchel me and my friend Jazmine lost at Hulen Mall weeks ago. It was stolen from us by a black woman in Body Central’s fitting room. I was so upset when that happened because it was her who purchased the satchel for me. Take note, none of my friends offered me to choose a handbag and pay it for me but only Jazmine did.

Anyway, when I took it out the package, I was very happy knowing that I got the handbag I ever loved and couldn’t help myself to kiss it in front of my husband at the same time it brings back bad memory the day we got mugged by a thief black woman at the mall.

To you Jazmine, you are the best ever! Thank you so much for the gift. I will use it and take care of it for I know it is the only thing that reminds me of you. It is soooo pretty Kathy Van Zeeland satchel, I love its color and the style and it is the right size for me as well!