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Kicking off 2016 with the #CheersVoxBox

Kicking off 2016 with the thanks to . I received these products for free from #Influenster. Looking forward to testing these full size Suave Biotin shampoo and conditioner, Way Better snacks and Dr. Teal’s epsom salt for days to come.

I love trying out new products and give my honest opinions after using them. Not only I receive free perks from companies but also I am hoping to give some insights and ideas to other shoppers before they spend their money on something new or a product they haven’t tested before.


CVS Thanksgiving Freebies

Free is good and I love it. Free paid for by your neighbors is bad and I don’t like that idea. So, if you haven’t head out to CVS this week, better go asap as these freebies are only good until tomorrow. I scored a few items that I use and are useful to my family worth $12.47. I could have scored more but when I went to the other CVS store, some items are out and I can’t force them to sell me the stuff I want if they are out, lol.

Anyway, I only paid $2+ out of pocket for all this since I had $10 extrabucks on hand. Goodies are good, eh! I used two cards for this, of course!

Items below;

1 CVS trial pack boys training pants

2 CVS brand pantiliners

2 Colgate toothpastes at $3 each ( I used (2) red machine printed coupons $2.50 and (2) .50 manufacturer coupons

2 CVS travel wipes

2 Extra gum sticks

1 Luden cough drops

1 sour patch gum

1 CVS adult gummies

1 sample Centrum vitamints

 photo cvsfreebie_zps9w45q7rx.jpg

Australian Gold Suncreen Lotion from Influenster

There’s nothing more exciting than receiving tons of freebies from Influenster. One of the many stuff that was in a Spring #VoxBox is an Australian Gold Sunscreen lotion with broad spectrum SPG F30. Thanks @AusGoldSPF and @Influenster. Freebies are sent to me for review purposes.

Now I can have something to use during my hiking exercises under the sun!

#LivetheGoldLife #contest

 photo 7a45975a-b50a-47fd-9b22-e59637a66de4_zpskatuzxpb.jpg

CVS Freebies This Week 4/13-19

Dang! It’s been four days since I skip couponing for the reason my car is in the auto shop. I don’t have a choice but to wait until the problem with it gets fixed. Hopefully, we can receive that anticipated call from the shop before this day ends.

Here are just a few freebies that I so want to snag at CVS this week. Coupons are clipped, I have listed down the items I want to buy for an easy shopping but heck, I have no car!

#1 Colgate toothpaste, I know I have shopped a lot of toothpastes already but who can say no to freebie? With store sale and manufacturer coupon combined, it’s just so hard to pass up this deal.

#2 Almay cosmetics, as you can see in the second photo, I have two store coupons that are high value and 2 manufacturer coupons which makes the deal MONEY MAKER for me. I am sure not all CVS shoppers receive the same store coupons as me, they have to get the item/s free but they don’t make money from buying it. I DO!

#3 Ban total fresh cooling body cloths, this is a trial promo from the company, they collaborated with the store just to get their new products out there. FREE is always good, you know?
 photo cvs_zpsd46c00b6.jpg

 photo cvs1_zps75a48f20.jpg

 photo cvs2_zpsd491035a.jpg

My Valentine’s Day Freebies

This is what I like about living in here in America for I get to receive freebies from my favorite shopping stores! I felt the luckiest on Valentine’s Day for I got to redeem two freebies from Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body Works. I snagged me this sexy lacy hearts V-day thong ( I am not a thong girl so I might just give it to a friend in the Philippines who wears it) and a full size diamond shimmering mist Mad About You that costs $14 each.

I looooveeeeeeeee freebies, who doesn’t? Bath and Body Works promo was free diamond shimmering mist of any purchase. I brought with me my second born to the mall and she liked the bath ducky with blinking light inside so I bought it for her, $4 and I received my freebie. As for the thong, it didn’t cost me a dime… yupzie!!


 photo freebies_zpsf27f279e.jpg

My 8X10 Canvas Print by Easy Canvas Prints

I now have something to give to my husband on Christmas. I don’t plan of buying him new clothes or whatsoever for I am afraid he wouldn’t wear them. Instead, I would like to give him this awesome 8×10 canvas print I ordered from Easy Canvas Prints. For so long, I have been wanting to get a canvas print to hang on our hallway wall because I thought canvas prints were pretty and now I finally got one but I won’t be able to see it hanged after Christmas. Yes, that is my plan. My husband would appreciate things that are personalized especially if it is about his family or children and I think I got the perfect gift for him.

I love how the company gives life to my picture. Its print is so clear and did not change the quality of the image. I am sorry though if the photo below isn’t as good if it was taken by a digital camera (I am sorry about the glare, by the way.). Anyway, I am very pleased of the quality and how they packed the item to secure and keep it from being damaged during the shipment.

 photo canvass_zpsd92895ec.jpg
 photo canvassjpg2_zpsf031bd3e.jpg

 photo canvassjpg3_zpsdf8bd988.jpg
… It is 8×10 in size as you can see and I love that they wrap it with a clear plastic before the final packaging. Water can damage such a sensitive item like this. They also taped it onto the carton to keep it in place and won’t make a lot of movements when in the vehicle. I would say, they did a great job packaging my item.
 photo canvassjpg1_zpsfe7303ba.jpg
… I am amazed at how they make the picture fit into the edges of the canvas. You might wonder why the image is not extended onto the wrap? It is because I choose just the border color instead of a mirror or image wrap. Green is my husband’s favorite color and it fits right to their background.

I highly recommend Easy Prints Canvas company to you all because they have done such a great job with my order. If you must, you should follow them on Facebook Page for promotions, giveaways, news, latest products and other information. They are also on Twitter, please check them out.

Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation for this review but I did receive a free 8×10 canvas print. All opinions are 100% percent mine.

Reduce Carbohydrates and Sugar in Your Diet with NuNaturals

The following review is based in my own opinion. I did not receive a compensation for this instead the company sent me samples of their products in exchange of an honest review I am about to give.

I have the privilege to contact the vice president of NuNaturals to ask for free samples of their products and try them at home. With no questions asked, he sent me tons of their awesome products and now they are in my kitchen. Products include in the package are; NuStevia white Stevia powder, NuNatural Pre Sweet Tagatose, and their new line of high quality Stevia liquids consisting of Lemon, Orange, Peppermint, cherry vanilla and vanilla Stevia liquid. I am glad I have all these great flavors now and could use them for a long time.

I am now enjoying the NuStevia- white Stevia powder in my coffee every morning. I am confident what I put into my coffee is a good thing. I quit using sugar into it due to the fact that it is no good at all. Before NuNaturals arrived, I substituted sugar with organic Agave which is a bit expensive for me.

With NuStevia white Stevia powder, I can be assured what I am getting doesn’t cause harm to my health. I only use one packet every morning which is enough to give me just the right sweetness I need, I got 100 packets of this natural sweetener to last for 100 days also.

 photo PA056327_zpscf533a5b.jpg
NuNaturals Stevia products are the sweet delicious way to reduce sugar and carbohydrates in my diet. And are truly the best tasting Stevia products available. They provide several forms of Stevia extract pictured below

 photo PA056330_zpsdd3e266e.jpg
These liquids don’t contain artificial flavorings as some other companies products do, only pure vanilla extract and real fruit ingredients. They are great and delicious in tea, coffee, or any beverage of your choice as well as make great distinct flavor additions to any recipe.
 photo PA056328_zpsb49d94d1.jpg
PreSweet Tagatose which I look forward to mixing with other ingredients for my banana bread and sugar cookies in the future. How nice of them for sending me tons of healthy recipes that I could follow using their products to feed to my children. I feel glad and happy, thank you so much!

The benefits of using this premium natural sweetener along with others mentioned above are as follows:

*Low Glycemic
*Low Calorie
*Low Carbohydrate
*92% Sweet As Sugar
*Browns Like Sugar
*Caramelize Like Sugar
*Won’t Raise Blood Sugar
*Safe For Diabetes
*Prebiotic- Feeds Healthy Bacteria
*Non-tooth Decaying
*Clean Taste
*No Unpleasant Aftertaste
*100% Natural
*Found In Dairy Products
*Found In Fruits And Vegetables
*Carbs Only Partially Digested
*Use Instead of Sugar in Recipes

For more information about these products and if you want to order for yourself, please visit Enter this code BLG1213 to get a 15% discount your entire purchase. Expires December 31,2013.