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Filipino Comfort Foods

There are some things that can be bought here in North Texas that ease my homesickness or that bring me back home a little bit. When it comes to Filipino comfort foods, I can eat or cook them where I am. I again, say this is , I am one of the lucky people to be able to still eat the foods I love faraway from home.

You know in some other places of the United States, many of these foods that I am enjoying at home aren’t available in their places and never will be. For instance, they don’t get to taste the grilled milkfish (pictured below) because it isn’t available at the Asian Market. Not forgetting a glass of freshly grated young coconut meat with fresh milk and its natural juice. Yum oh so yum! I don’t mind buying a whole piece of young coconut for $3 each as long as what I’m getting is the real deal. I dread the idea of buying packed/bottled coconut water for it has preservatives in them and sugar, not worth my money!

On the side is tuna steak salad or “kinilaw” in our native tongue, we didn’t cook the fish instead, put some spicy vinegar in it, and let the vinegar cook the fish mixed with cucumber, tomatoes, ginger, a pinch of salt and voila!

Another food that I love bragging on Facebook is this Filipino delicacy called “binignit”. This is the closest binignit I can cook that we have back home, the Philippines. I got all the ingredients needed for it to be called, complete. Ingredients like landang, sago or tapioca pearl, ripe bananas, sweet potato, coconut milk, brown sugar. Well, I didn’t have a ripe jackfruit that gives it that sweet aromatic smell but I do have some natural flavoring drops in it.

If in case you want to know where I got landang which is the main ingredient of this delicacy, I brought it straight from the Philippines during my last visit to my hometown last year. Talking about it right now, makes me wanna eat binignit again for dinner.

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Delicious Good Filipino Food

Nothing beats home cooked Filipino food, I shall say. If you are a Filipino yourself, you would agree just by looking at the picture below. One of the dishes that I love cooking for my girls is pork adobo. They love the taste and the feeling of chewing a fatty part of the pork, “squishy baboy” as they call it. Even more delicious when paired with ripe mango and grits.

When the pork was still cooking, the girls couldn’t help but ask what I was cooking because of its delicious smell filling the entire house that probably made them hungry fast. I could eat pork adobo every meal for a week but in our household with 2 other mouths that love eating this dish, it surely wouldn’t last for long.

Pork adobo makes everyone’s stomach filled and happy, well, except for the dada for he didn’t know I cooked it.

What about you? What sort of food are you cooking at home and what’s your favorite dish?

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Seafood Combo with Curry

If you have not tried this dish, well, you should soon. I tell you, it is awesomely good to the tastebuds. I love seafood but didn’t think about adding some curry into it ever. Curry, not only is healthy for our body but also it adds that spicy taste and aromatic smell of the dish we cook. Most people use it for chicken but it also is good for other dishes.

Seafood combo dish I followed from a friend a month ago! It is easy to cook and gives you a stomach satisfaction in just one serving.

In this recipe, I added the following;

4 pieces small size squid
1 large piece squid
half pound large shrimps
1 can coconut mulk
1 can young jackfruit meat
2 tbsp. curry powder
1 tsp. salt and pepper to taste
1 large green or red bell pepper
3 cloves minced garlic
1 medium onion
1 tbsp. olive oil

Here’s how:
Saute garlic and onions in a heated olive oil. Add seafood, stir until tender.
Add jackfruit, cook for 5 mins., add coconut milk, cover and let it boil a little bit.
Mix curry in half cup water, stir and pour into the pan, mix with ingredients. Cook for another 5 minutes.
Add seasonings and bell pepper! Serve and enjoy!

 photo curry_zps55275f81.jpg

Hearty Quick Fix American Breakfast

We stay home moms want to make sure what we’re feeding to our kids are healthy and filling to
their little stomachs. Isn’t it our job to do just that and the main reason why we stay home in the first place? To take care of them and look after their needs, am I right? Occasional eating junks is fine with me but as long as we do have stocks in the refrigerator, why not make them homemade meals straight from the stove top cooked with passion and love?

Anyway, here’s one example for quick fixes I do for them at home. It isn’t too fancy but makes them happy. Won’t take too long to prepare and most of all, it’s colorful! Exactly what my girls love to eat especially when they are hungry. A hearty quick fix American breakfast for my half-American girls looks yummy!

I just simply toast two and a half slices of bread, spread some strawberry jam in it, fried egg with chopped onions and a few slices of strawberries, voila! As much as possible, I try to make a presentation on the plate for them so that the food will look appealing to them to eat.

 photo bfast_zps9068044e.jpg

Japanese Food Trip

Since it was my birthday, I got to choose the restaurant I want for a birthday treat. I love sushi a lot but it is not often I get to eat it because it is a bit pricey in stores. My birthday, my choice of restaurant, great! There is this Japanese buffet restaurant that serves all the goodness a Filipina woman like me wants that I so wanted to go but the distance stopped us from driving over there.

It is at least 43 minutes drive near Dallas and I think it is not practical to waste so much time driving just so we can eat so we opted to go by a sushi place nearby. Though not a buffet resto yet it was okay. I ordered Chirashi which has ten pieces of cut salmon and other kind with a few pieces of vegetables in my bowl sitting on a bed of sushi rice.

My husband had a Tower Pisa of 4 which was shockingly very cute serving when it arrived on our table. I thought it wasn’t worth of the price. So did mine but trying out a new restaurant we haven’t been before is always a thrill.

 photo sushi_zpsc417425c.jpg
 photo sushi1_zps60d7d59e.jpg

Easy Fix Breakfast Loaded with Good Stuff

If you are looking for a quick fix for breakfast with all the goodness in it, try checking in your pantry if you have a canned tuna in oil or water and then look in your fridge if you have greens (at least one spinach or anything leafy green vegetable), onions, garlic, olive oil (our preferred oil to use), tomatoes, one egg, ground pepper and a bit of soy sauce to taste.

Just fry the ingredients together and you are good to go! Don’t forget to make a side to go with it, I did slice some ripe avocados with mine with mayo that was served for my husband. He liked it, he loved it and he ate it all in no time.

I am a Filipina and I prefer avocado to be eaten with condensed and fresh milk and ice!

 photo avocado_zps57bca3f7.jpg

Foods from the Grill

Nothing beats homecooked meals. A lot of people don’t realize that but once they start preparing their own food, they will recognize the big difference in taste, how much they save and the number of servings they get each time they cook their food. Not only that, they can assure what they are putting in their mouth is healthy and clean.

Anyway, here are some foods we do at home. These are from the grill and cooked the way we want them to be cooked and served. Cost us less than what most people usually pay for in restaurants.

1. Grilled giant squid. Found frozen squid big enough for grilling at Fiesta Mart last weekend for $9 for two. I cooked one and save the other one for next time. This one is so big that I couldn’t eat the entire thing for just one meal even if I shared it with my two girls.

The husband grilled it for me which he burned a little bit that made it crispy especially the tentacles. Best paired with ripe tomatoes and dip in spicy native vinegar with chopped onions. The sushi is not homemade, I bought it at the store.

 photo squid_zps08556a46.jpg
2. Grilled fish and dried fish. The fish itself was big with plenty of its natural oil that makes this perfect for grilling. Each time the oil drips into the charcoal, it makes such flavorful smell that goes straight to your nostrils once it hits in the charcoal. The dried fish was given to me by a friend and couldn’t thought of a better way to cook it but put it in the grill. Smells good for me but not for the neighbors who have never tried dried fish before.
 photo sinugba_zpsbe33898a.jpg
3. Grilled pork ribs. This one is sooooooo yummy, tender and tasty grilled by my husband. Grilling pork baby back ribs or country ribs is what he’s good at doing. Perfected throughout his grilling career. Anyone who can taste his job would say the same as me. It really is soooooo good, I promise. Makes you drool? I bet!
 photo ribs_zps7ad33d36.jpg

Food Combo that Brings Back Good Memories

Throughout the years of making ” flavored rice porridge”, I can proudly say that I perfected its taste. Even though I am now in America yet my stomach craves for the comfort food we used to eat a lot when we were little. Rice porridge is my girls’ favorite now. It is easy to make and very filling to the hungry stomach especially if it is paired with hard boiled eggs and egg rolls.

This food combo brings back a lot of good memories I had with my siblings and my mother. Mama used to bring us to church every Sunday and took us to Loloy’s Lugawan in Lapu Lapu public market and to have some of the porridge and other stuff. For me, it was one the fondest memories I had with my family.

Loloy’s lugawan is still pretty much in the business. In fact, my Philippine vacation would not be complete without eating lugaw at his place. I even brought my first born to his place twice already and would continue coming back whenever I am given the chance to fly to the Philippines for a vacation.

 photo lugaw_zpse58dc219.jpg

Surimi Rolls Sushi from WinCo

These are my recent Surimi rolls sushi’s first purchase at a newly opened grocery store just a few blocks away from our house. I already ate one package of it and I am not quite pleased of the taste. As you can see there is not much in it, not even an avocado in the center. The big turn off for me is how the rice is being cooked, it is pasty and not cooked as it should it be. For under $4 dollars, I thought it was a deal but if you are hungry and don’t mind how the sushi looks or tastes, then this will do the wonder.

Unlike the California rolls sushi I bought from Fiesta Mart and Albertson’s, I could say, they have the tastiest sushi! If I buy another sushi packages, I would go back and buy at Fiesta and Albertson’s and never again at WinCo or unless they correct the sushi rice in the future.

Anyway, I just bought sushi yesterday because I was craving for it but then they were not as good as I expected although craving is satisfied.

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Korean Soup Kind of Day

I didn’t eat much this morning so at 2 pm, I was shivering because I was too hungry. Before I could eat, I had to take a shower first so you can only imagine how I suffered before I could feed my stomach. After shower, I boiled the beef broth we had in stock and put some frozen wonton in there.

Gladly I the basic ingredients to make a quick fix wonton soup, it saved my stomach. Wonton soup not only delicious but it is perfect for a very cold weather like today paired with kimchi that made me full. As you can see, there is no rice in my plate. I don’t feel the need for it although it would be filling if I had some but… I try to avoid rice for days now since I am trying to lose my belly fat.

I have been doing some ab crunches and other exercises and so far I am showing some progress in my midsection. I am happy and I can only wish that I can continue doing this and don’t get lazy.

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