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My Breakfast– Eggplant

This is what I have for breakfast and lunch today. Eggplant made into two recipes. The first photo is a kinilaw na talong and the second photo is my ever favorite tortang talong– made with egg, a little bit of salt and onions. This simple breakfast simply fills my hungry stomach and this is all what I need and nothing else. Even my baby loves the tortang talong!

Luckily, I Tasted This Filipino Bread

I consider myself as lucky when it comes to eating filipino foods ’round here. Although there are some foods I crave for that I cannot have in Texas but occasional tasting of yummylicious Pinoy na Pinoy inato lang foods like this ensaymada bread that I got from our fave Pinoy resto in San Antonio is good enough.

It is truly a mouth-watering bread for me because it used to be my favorite bread back home. Hmmmm now I only got a small piece left of it and I dare not to finish it too soon or else it’ll take me weeks before I can have it again.