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Native Vegetable Stew

My mother is known in our place for her love of making the best native vegetable stew. She fed her children the best she can and would always find veggies to serve in our plate. Even at my age today, when I come home, she is still cooking me and the rest of my siblings the same old recipe she  loves cooking. It is what we call, “utan bisaya”.

I guess most Cebuanos love the watery soup in their meals, and so do I. I can’t blame them for it never fills my stomach eating grits/rice without soup. Utan bisaya is easy to prepare and is good especially for growing kids for it does have all kinds of vegetables that you can buy in the market for cheap prices. Just add some lemongrass, onion bulbs, ginger or whatever that gives it an aromatic smell and a bit of subak then that’s all it.

Look at the photo below, don’t you drool? I can imagine its smell and the taste of sweet bamboo shoots, squash and horseradish in my taste buds make me hungry and eat a lot again.

 photo 975026_10151917155504517_212503314_n_zps688df67e.jpg

Fresh Fish Anyone?

It is sad to know that we can no longer eat freshly caught fish like this photo below. In the Philippines, we can get to eat fresh fish everyday without going to the market simply because there are people that go in our neighborhood and sell fish. Prices of fresh fish ranging from 100-180 per kilo. I think that is a pretty good deal knowing what we get has got all the tastiest flesh in them. Filipinos call this kind of fish “isda sa bato” perfect for “paksiw” or “inun unan“. Inun-unan by the way is an easy method of cooking fish with garlic, vinegar, a bit of water, sword peppers, onions, salt and boil it until it is cooked.

Here in Texas, it is just so impossible to buy fish that is not frozen. Everything is like has long been dead with ice and I can greatly differentiate the taste between a fresh fish and frozen ones.

 photo 970235_10151941317274517_1202957392_n_zps04a04097.jpg

Fresh Sells From the Island

I feel lucky for having been here in Cebu for almost five weeks now. I have been eating fresh seafoods, fresh vegetables, barbecue, Filipino delicacies and those rare fruits that I haven’t eaten for years. I don’t mind my belly getting big everyday for I can easily lose the excess weight I gained during my vacation. All I care about is that I get to eat the foods I craved when I am in Texas.

One of the many foods I enjoy eating fresh are these shells freshly caught from the island of Sta. Rosa. For just 10 or 20 pesos a pack, you can enjoy the sweet goodness of soup it brings to your tongue.

You can only imagine how delicious the soup it makes that will really get you to eat plenty of rice/grits. Even my 5 -year old girl loves the soup and love taking out the flesh from its shell with the use of a pin or a needle. Anyone wants some “aninikad”?

 photo 960934_10151915224144517_798119685_n.jpg

Seafood for Breakfast

I had an early day. I started out by waking up at 5 in the morning for church. The mass was finished at 7:30 in the morning so I had enough time left to roam around the Opon wet market. So many things to see, fresh seaweeds, fresh fish, all different kinds of meat, fruits and a whole lot more. Two of the many things I bought today are these fresh seaweeds we call “lato” and a fillet fish ready for “kinilaw”. The kinilaw itself doesn’t look appetizing but it tasted good to me. The lato was fresh and I ate a bunch of it. My two girls loved it too.

My Sunday is complete, I fed my soul with the words of the Lord and so is my stomach. I am taking advantage of the foods that are available to buy while they are still in front of me. When I go back to Texas, I know for sure I am going to miss these kind of foods and it would take me a while before I can eat them. So don’t blame me if you see I put on a little weight in the pictures I post on Facebook.

 photo P5045714.jpg

Cassava Suman Recipe Proven Delicious

 photo bowsdots006_zps330968a7.jpg

A few people asked me if I have a cassava suman recipe which I have and would gladly share to my dear visitors here so they too can experience making it on their own and hopefully enjoy the goodness taste from their own fruit of labor.

This recipe is not mine, it is also shared to me by other blogger who happens to be kind enough of sharing her recipe. Enjoy and I tell you, it is worth the hassle once cooked and done for it truly is yummylicious.

3 cups grated cassava (drained)
3/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup thick coconut milk
3/4 cup macapuno
Banana leaves (for wrapping)
Mix all the ingredients together (EXCEPT the macapuno strings) until well combined.
Scoop about 3-4 tbsp of the mixture and place it on top of the banana leaves.
Fold or roll to enclose the mixture then fold each end. (Ipalaman ang macapuno strings before nimo i-roll)
Transfer the wrapped mixture into the steamer.
Steam for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Fried Tilapia Our Dinner Tonight

 photo isda-1_zps4563287a.jpg

At last I got to eat fried Tilapia again after such a long time of not having it. People in my Facebook list keep posting their fried Tilapia that made me drool and for some reason I kept forgetting to buy frozen Tilapia when we go grocery shopping. Last time we went to Walmart I made sure that I would get me some and I am glad I did not forget it.

Since today was a very beautiful day I decided to fry them outside with my electric skillet according to my liking, a bit burned and crispy is how I want my fish to be. How scrumptious and good timing I have six pieces of calamansi I brought from our recent trip in San Antonio. Just so lucky the Filipino restaurant’s owner we went to gave me some of his grown calamansi. Fried fish is best paired with rice and dip in soy sauce and calamansi you know…

Scrumptious Breakfast

 photo bfast_zpsa124072b.jpg

This is what I served to my two girls this morning. Greasy yet scrumptious food I know but I don’t think it is bad to eat such food like this as long as it is not everyday.

In our plate are fried rice with tiny squared pieces of ham and egg, fried daing milkfish, some tomatoes, slices of apple and banana plus lemonade. For me nothing beats Filipino breakfast, period! It is so much better compared to pancake or waffle. American breakfast doesn’t fill my poor stomach, yes I can stand eating it but it doesn’t stay long in my intestines. Two hours after that I will be looking for food again in the kitchen!

Our Dinner – Pork Bone Soup and Tuscan Style Roasted Asparagus

 photo 30317424-fd62-4e4a-a3ab-5d906e6b3820_zps77f2511d.jpg

This is what I prepared for dinner tonight. One for the Filipino taste buds and the other one for my husband. Since I craved for a soup, I made myself and the girls this tasty pork bone soup with young corn and bokchoy paired with rice. As for the husband, I only prepared him the Tuscan style roasted asparagus with minced almond nuts. It is my first time to try such and it turned out good, though it needs a  pinch of salt lol.

I am just so glad I got a really good food magazine in which I can quickly fix my husband’s dinner. Their foods are really good and healthy yet easy to do. Looking forward to trying new dishes in days to come from the same magazine that I receive monthly.

Seafood Noodles for Long Life


This is the only dish I cooked for Jadyn’s birthday yesterday. We don’t need that much for I am the only one eating most of the leftovers. Better cook just one dish that I really love eating so it won’t end up in the trash can.

I think I made a pretty good job making this seafood noodles yesterday for it really tastes great. The husband ate some too but he put some water and salt in it after putting in the microwave, I can only understand that for he doesn’t normally eat Filipino noodles or what we call “bam-e”.

This dish is cooked normally on birthdays because it represents long life for the celebrant. I cooked mine with bacon in it and used the bacon grease to sautee the garlic, onions and red bell pepper. I also added some jumbo shrimp in it to add flavor to the dish.

Round Scad Inun-unan


I made quite a lot of people drool when I posted this delectable round scad inun-unan on my Facebook album. It truly is yummy. It has been such a long time I have not eaten this kind of fish. It is best cooked in vinegar with onions, garlic, finger pepper and eggplant/okra.

When I had this, it didn’t last long. I paired it with semi scorched grits and fed three mouths in this house. You see, even the little girls loved it too. I can’t wait to cook another one like this soon. Good thing I bought two packs of round scad when I went to the Hongkong Market last year.