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Food Combo that Brings Back Good Memories

Throughout the years of making ” flavored rice porridge”, I can proudly say that I perfected its taste. Even though I am now in America yet my stomach craves for the comfort food we used to eat a lot when we were little. Rice porridge is my girls’ favorite now. It is easy to make and very filling to the hungry stomach especially if it is paired with hard boiled eggs and egg rolls.

This food combo brings back a lot of good memories I had with my siblings and my mother. Mama used to bring us to church every Sunday and took us to Loloy’s Lugawan in Lapu Lapu public market and to have some of the porridge and other stuff. For me, it was one the fondest memories I had with my family.

Loloy’s lugawan is still pretty much in the business. In fact, my Philippine vacation would not be complete without eating lugaw at his place. I even brought my first born to his place twice already and would continue coming back whenever I am given the chance to fly to the Philippines for a vacation.

 photo lugaw_zpse58dc219.jpg

Salted Goodies from the Philippines

Look what I received in the mail last week? These are dried salted fish straight from the wet market in my home town, Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines. Thanks to a friend who thought of sending them to me. It is very much appreciated. I was only wanting the “amahong” but she sent other kind of dried fish along.

I could smell the scent of the market when I opened the package. For my husband who don’t like these stuff, it smells stinky to him but not for the three girls in this house. I am so loving eating dried fish! Guess, I can make these last for months if I have to and would only eat little pieces every time I cook some to make it last long.

 photo buwad_zps4a00e081.jpg

Filipino Homecooked Meals are the Best!

Are you curious what I feed to my little girls at home? I am a Filipino and therefore, I cook delicious Filipino foods all the time. We rarely dine out at the restaurant so I am left with no choice but cook my own food. I am one lucky momma for both of my girls aren’t picky when it comes to eating my own food. In fact, they like it better than some American foods.

Here are just a few of what I make at home. If you are a Filipino or love our dishes, I am pretty sure you are drooling with these awesome goodness scrumptious foods I share with you today. I would say, I cannot live without eating this tummy-filling healthy foods I like. Luckily though that most of the ingredients of the dishes I usually cook are available at a Mexican and Asian markets nearby.

So scroll down in order to know the name of the dishes below. I will not give the recipes since I am posting a few of these below.

1. Vegetable stew in coconut milk paired with dry grits, fried sardine fish and dried fish. This is perfect when the temperature is chilly and can be eaten during lunch or dinner.

 photo tuno_zps50f8d19b.jpg

2. Mung bean soup in coconut milk with spinach and okra. Those green veggies, man they taste so good and very healthy. I can eat it forever if I have to and not craving for a pizza. This way way better than a pizza if I should say.
 photo 1620056_10152562245159517_1531405691_n_zps4fd5da67.jpg

3. Buttered garlicky shrimp. A quick fix for brunch perfect for everybody. It is so easy to make just sautee the garlic in a hot butter, mix in the peeled shrimp and voila! Sprinkle with ground black pepper and lemon. Yum!
 photo 1077987_10152558973854517_352955585_n_zps56b8468c.jpg

4. Fried Marinated Pork Meat with a bit of fat. This is awesome goodness when you feel like you don’t want soup in your plate. Just eat pork with rice and you’re good to go. Best paired with lemonade or a bit of coke hehe. I love it cooked a bit scorched and chewy. Takes forever to chew but I grew up eating it the way it is.
 photo 1369041_10152285689704517_1001208215_n_zpse4a2fec4.jpg

5. Chicken with malunggay (moringa oleifera) leaves soup. This is what most Filipinos crave for when the weather gets very cold. Have a bowl of very hot chicken soup and it sure gives you sweat afterwards. This has ginger in it that its taste a little spicy that makes you sweaty. It is very good if you are curious how it taste.
 photo 1579950_10152554893679517_1772574553_n_zpseb33289a.jpg

6. Holiday brand corned beef Philippine brand. This one is the simplest and the easiest to prepare of all. It is not bad to crave for canned meat sometimes so here it is. Great for breakfast and doesn’t take long to cook. Although it has msg in it but it is sinfully delish, with rice of course!
 photo 1558902_10152534370434517_1051271173_n_zps6d9d6b40.jpg

7. Dinuguan or pork blood stew. For Americans, it looks gross or yucky knowing that a pig blood is the main ingredient of this dish but for us Filipinos, this is one hell of a good dish to eat. Not all Filipinos in America or other parts of the world can get to eat it but I do and I’m in Texas. Yeah, as long as the basic ingredient is available then I can certainly make it anytime I want to. You can cook it with just pork meat with fat and blood with it but when I cooked this one for the second time, I also put pig stomach in there that gives it a soft/tender kinda chewy texture when you scope some and put in your mouth.
 photo 1533254_10152515763409517_1082858033_n_zpsa49bc7ce.jpg

Purple Yam Dinner

Here’s a solution to my hunger tonight, a steamed purple yam. I’ve had it for over a week now so I really must do something with it. Since I don’t feel like making pork bone soup, I just cook it the simplest way. Purple yam when cooked gets dry and tasteless.

In order for it appealing to my taste buds, I sprinkled some white sugar in it and paired with salted anchovy and kimchi! Voila! Dinner solved.

Purple yam is best with bone soup for it absorbs the soup and the seasonings gives it a thick and rich taste of the soup. Try it, you know will love it!

Dioscorea alata, known as purple yam and many other names, is a species of yam, a tuberous root vegetable, that is bright lavender in color. It is sometimes confused with taro and the Okinawa sweet potato. photo ube_zps3f5227e5.jpg

Odong Noodle Soup for the Poor

Back in the Philippines, when a mother serves her family this easy to fix noodle soup with sardines that means the family is in tight budget. I grew up eating this soup and learned to love it. Even I am now living in America, my poor intestines still crave for “odong”.

Today is the perfect day to be fixing soup like this because three of us are unwell and it is cold outside. Feeling unwell in this cold weather is just miserable so a very hot soup can help ease it somehow. As soon as I got done cooking my odong, I dug it in, slurp it to my stomach’s content. Oh so yummy!

To cook this doesn’t take long, all you have to do is fry the minced garlic in hot olive oil followed by the sardines. Once hot, pour two cups of water into it and bring to a boil. Once boiling, put the dried noodles (at least 4 small packs, if you want it watery, add 2 more packs if you want less water) then let it cook for 5-7 minutes. Once noodles are tender, pour the chopped green onions then voila! It is ready to serve!

 photo odong_zps4cea6e2c.jpg

Beef Soup for the Cold Weather

It has been too long since I tasted real goodness beef soup until we visited Fiesta Manila today for lunch. I went with my friend who is our neighbor for we both craved for soup and Filipino foods. Glad enough that the restaurant has all kinds of soups. We dug into this beef soup and never tried the other ones as this was exactly what our taste buds were looking. Ahhhhhhh this was just so awesome goodness that when you sip it, you can’t help but utter, “oh this is sooo delicious, I want for more!”

I had two rounds of this soup, I tell you. If only I had a bigger belly, I could have made 4 or five more rounds of this. Trust me, it’s the tastiest with real beef taste in it. Even I, can’t copy the taste. Cravings satisfied!

 photo sabaw_zps9596235b.jpg

Crabs in Coconut Milk – A Must Try

Here is my recent dish that I’d like to share to all seafood lovers out there. It’s a crab in coconut milk, although this dish is not new to the Filipinos/Asians, but if you are American and haven’t tried this, now is the time to make it in your own kitchen. You will not regret making this dish for it really is scrumptious. It is simple and easy to fix. Read ingredients below and instruction of cooking.

After giving it a try, trust me, you will be making this dish again and again!

 photo 974520_10152303084849517_1709328542_n1_zpsaebd322e.jpg
2 pounds live crabs
1 can coconut milk
1 tbsp. olive oil
3 cloves minced garlic
1 medium onion
4 lady finger peppers
a pinch of salt
1/2 cup water if the coconut milk is too thick
a bit of ginger, cubed
some leaves of bokchoy or green leafy vegetable

Here’s how:
Sautee garlic, onions and ginger in olive oil until brown. Put the crabs, you can put them in the pan even if they’re still alive just cover it afterwards.
Stir occasionally so that the crabs will be evenly heated. Pour the coconut milk when the crabs are orange. Put the peppers, salt and a pinch of ground peppers. Simmer for 5-7 minutes. Serve hot.

The Tastiest Sweet Rice Ever and Recipe

I have been craving for a Filipino native delicacy we call “biko” or sweet rice but the thought of making it in a traditional method hindered me. It is too much trouble to make a really delectable biko but I can say, it is worth the trouble once it is done.

Biko is a Filipino rice cake made from sticky rice (locally known as malagkit), coconut milk, and brown sugar.

I made some the other day and I tell you, it was the tastiest biko I have made for a long time. It was too yummy and had a perfect taste that it did not last long. Both of my girls loved it that they wanted for more. Here’s how to do it so you can make some yourself. I prefer doing it on a stove top rather than using an oven to achieve the desired, Philippine-like taste we used to eat when we were growing up.


2 1/2 cups sweet/malagkit rice, half cooked in a rice cooker
1 can coconut milk
1/2 cup of water if the coconut milk is too thick
2 and 1/2 cup brown sugar (I used kinugay for this one) to make it dark brown in color
a pinch of salt

Here’s how:
1. Pour the coconut milk into a pot in medium heat, pour the water and mixed it with the coconut milk, stir.
2. Add the sugar and salt.
3. Stir constantly for 45 minutes or until the mixture is caramelized and thickened.
4. Once thickened, add the half cooked sweet rice into the mixture until evenly mixed or coated.
5. Simmer for another 6-10 minutes.
6. Serve hot and it can be topped with peanuts or other kinds of nuts.

…. here’s how it looks when it’s almost done, you can see how dark it is because of the kind of sugar I used for this one. You can feel it gets harder to stir when it is done…
 photo 1395019_10152287944124517_707648844_n_zps8ab3556a.jpg
… the final product, cooked sweet rice oh so good! Looking at the picture, makes me want to cook some soon. The aromatic smell of cooked coconut milk with sugar is just irresistible.

 photo 1374393_10152288098029517_891586187_n_zps4b61257d.jpg

Very Sweet Jackfruit, My Favorite

I have been waiting for weeks and weeks to get this tropical fruit I like, jackfruit. I craved for it but I had to be patient as to when we can go to the big Asian market which is 23 minutes away from home. You know when you are patient, when you finally get that thing you wanted to eat, the prize is sweet and craving satisfied. Not only I do like it but jackfruit has its health benefits too aside from being so sweetly aromatic to the nose. In common with other tropical fruits such as durian, banana, etc., it is also rich in energy, dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins and free from saturated fats or cholesterol, making it one of the healthy summer seasons treated to relish!

My two girls love jackfruit too so buying a whole jackfruit isn’t a waste of money. We’ve had it for a week and it’s almost gone now. The longer it stays in the refrigerator, the sweeter it gets.

Health benefits of jackfruit-

from its original source

  • 100 g of edible jackfruit bulbs provide 95 calories. The fruit is made of soft, easily digestible flesh (bulbs) with simple sugars like fructose and sucrose that when eaten replenishes energy and revitalizes the body instantly.
  • Jackfruit is rich in dietary fiber, which makes it a good bulk laxative. The fiber content helps to protect the colon mucous membrane by decreasing exposure time and as well as binding to cancer-causing chemicals in the colon.
  • Fresh fruit has small amounts of vitamin-A, and flavonoid pigments such as carotene-ß, xanthin, lutein and cryptoxanthin-ß. Together, these compounds play vital roles in antioxidant and vision functions. Vitamin A is also required for maintaining integrity of mucus membranes and skin. Consumption of natural fruits rich in vitamin-A, and carotenes has been found to protect from lung and oral cavity cancers.
  • addition, jackfruit is a good source of antioxidant vitamin-C, provides about 13.7 mg or 23% of RDA. Consumption of foods rich in vitamin C helps the body develop resistance against infectious agents and scavenge harmful free radicals.
  • It is one of the rare fruits that is rich in B-complex group of vitamins. It contains very good amounts of vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine), niacin, riboflavin, and folic acid.
  • Fresh fruit is a good source of potassium, magnesium, manganese, and iron. Potassium is an important component of cell and body fluids that helps controlling heart rate and blood pressure.

 photo 1379025_10152241125804517_943822466_n_zpsea149ffc.jpg

Filipino Dishes that I Cook in Our Kitchen

When it comes to Filipino dishes, I can very well cook them to satisfy my intestines. Some of my friends who don’t have access to these kinds of foods consider me lucky for I get to eat most Filipinas crave for. Luckily we are just located 23 minutes away from a big Asian Market that has almost everything I want.

I am a full-time homemaker so I have all the luxury to cook for my children delicious foods. Below are some of the dishes that I cook in our own kitchen except that pork blood pudding in the first picture that looks like chocolate. I bought it yesterday at the market as well as the jackfruit that tastes of so sweet. The third photo on the left is of my vermicelli soup made from scratch, it is so easy and simple to make that fills a hungry stomach. Just fry the garlic, onions and chicken meat, pour some broth in there and let it boil.

After boiling, put the soaked vermicelli noodles and cook it for a few minutes, then add the shredded cabbage and bell pepper last. Voila! Fourth photo is of my chicken soup with moringa oleifera, delicious and good for cold days. Kids love it!

 photo 00jl9v061qeof3xhlfwl3qsrq1sqoeq6_zps14d29f97.jpg