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My Kind Of Soup

I survived a day eating just this soup in three meals. Why would I not survive if this is the kind of soup I grew up with? Honestly, I can live all my life with this kind of food and not needing anything else except dried fish and salted anchovy to pair with my grits. I am easy to please. So long I got my vegetable soup and rice or grits I am fine with that. I used my one remaining pack of frozen horse raddish leaves left in the freezer for months today to go with my jackfruit and okra in making a soup that made it delicious plus subak dried anchoy, payts nah!

Fine Seafoods

I will never get tired of eating seafoods because for me they are the best. I am m beyond happy I am having my first trimester here in the Philippines where seafoods and other delicious delicacies are bountiful. How fortunate of me to be able to just go to the public market and buy anything I think of eating without hesitations. If I want something, I just hop in the cab and go. Aside from having my freedom back for a while, I also get to taste all the foods I cannot have back in the U.S. 

……… my ever favorite fresh grilled squid…

…… lato as we call it…

……….grilled yellow fin……

…….. and raw fish salad with all the needed spices to make it drooling…….


Here is a photo of the eel I had last night in Buagsong, Cordova. So nice of my friend for bringing in that place where they cook live eel only for you so you get to eat it fresh and new. I have been thinking about eating eel and I was able to eat it yesterday at long last. Filipinos love eel including me. It is known to be an aphrodisiac for men. Eel can be cooked in four different ways, boil, grill, fried and what they call “larang” as shown in the picture above with all the spicies to make it taste even better.

A Sweet Treat

I had this sweet treat last Sunday. After church I went to treat my cousin and her family this delicious Filipino delicacy with matching cacao hot drink. It is Sunday again here in the Philippines and I might treat myself  with this yummy puto-maya snacks after church. This kind of treat is something I seldom eat in Texas just because I don’t find purple sticky rice there. Of course if I do, the taste would be different. No doubt, nothing beats the Philippine made puto-maya eh!

Food For The Poor

These are the kind of foods I haven’t tasted for almost two years. The ingredients are freshly picked from the garden or bought from the public market. The bamboo shoots and horse radish leaves (first photo below) especially, they are something that can’t be bought fresh in America.
……… second photo right here is the lukot, I don’t know its term in English…it’s a seafood mixed with spices, vinegar, a little bit of salt and native pepper…
….… third photo is of pork blood pudding that can be bought in carenderias all over. I love it’s soft and tasty soup in my taste buds.

The Best

I had my first barbeque dinner last night since I arrived. Thanks to Jacky for buying me those. Man, how I craved for the sweet and very tasty Filipino style barbeque. Rest assured I am gonna have more of those in days to come. I promise I eat everything every food that is appealing to me. This is one of the reasons why I came home all the way from America just to have a taste of the foods I don’t find/make in Texas. So yummy!! I can’t believe I am here in Pinas so free to eat the foods I crave for and go freely anywhere I want to go not needing someone to drive me around.