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Slimming Top

I know a few fashion bloggers that receive their clothing, accessories, handbags and other stuff free of cost by pitching companies and blog about them. While, I don’t do that often, I actually don’t mind paying for something that I can afford that I also like a lot.

One example is this striped slimming top that only cost me under $9 shipped. I love how it looks and its style. Although I don’t know yet if the material is good but I bought it from the clothing store that I bought several items from before so I trust this won’t disappoint me, material-wise.

Online shopping once in a while doesn’t hurt especially if you get the items for less than ten bucks plus they’re shipped free. I love it when I score great deals on clothing as well, who doesn’t want to save, you know?

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My New 2 Pairs of Boots

In my other blog I mentioned that I will receive no gifts from my husband but I don’t feel I am very poor because of the fact that I bought a lot of stuff for myself since Black Friday. One of the many things I bought for me are these new pairs of riding and combat/military boots.

I only paid $59.71 including tax for these pairs from DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) two weeks ago. They sent me a $10 gift certificate plus they offered free shipping for all members with a minimum purchase of $35. These boots were on clearance and luckily, when I was browsing for boots that day, my size was still available. I wear size 6.5 for normal shoes but I go one size up for boots for comfort and extra space for my feet.

I wore the  riding boots at church yesterday and I cannot complain a thing about the boots, they feel comfortable and they make me feel taller. I am glad I bought heeled boots this time for a change. Most of my winter boots are flat and a pair or two with heels don’t hurt.

 photo boot_zps8ff33ed8.jpg
… The other pair I haven’t tried fitting on yet, it can be worn folded or as it is as shown in the left photo below. Right now, they are just sitting in its original box waiting for the time I can wear them hopefully soon.
 photo boot2_zps87a57fca.jpg

Taking Advantage of Puma Sale

It is not everyday I see some really deep discounts on name brand shoes and if I do, I try to take advantage of it. I bought a pair of Puma running shoes to give to my husband for Christmas, I bought the pair for only $24 plus. It came in the mail and looks pretty, I hope he likes the color I picked for him though, it is burgundy and I am not sure if he finds it nice.

Last week, I bought another at least three pair of the same brand on Puma website since they still have the sale going on and the free shipping offer. 3 Pairs and a tee for me total a little over $100 but, I did not pay that amount because I got an additional 30% of from them (get additional 30% off entire purchase of $75) so my total came down to $79 and a few cents and FREE SHIPPING!

Three of my brothers will receive these awesome goodness beautiful brand new Puma shoes while the drug-addicted brother of mine that I hated so much  won’t receive shoes from me. He will drool and eat his heart out once he finds out that he has no shoes, lol.

I can’t wait for them to arrive. My husband will be shocked I ordered too many shoes this time!

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Choose Designer Sunglasses To Up Your Style Quotient

As you watch your favorite show, you may notice that each celebrity displays a fashion statement. If you will closely observe the way they complete their attire, they usually match their clothes with priceless accessories and enticing designer sunglasses. Looking at those elegant eye wear can trigger your interest. And you may plan of acquiring one too.

Select one that matches your taste. Pick an eye wear that will make you feel good every time you put it on. Make sure that you will not feel awkward with the style of the designer sunglasses.

Opt for sunglasses that can protect your eyes. They must secure you from glare and other visual damages and shield you from ultraviolet rays that can cause macular degeneration and cataracts. There is no specific color classification to determine the lenses’ coating against UV.

Choose a color that will compliment the tone of your skin. If you have a darker tone pick brown, orange, red, and gold frames. If your tone is lighter, select blue, black, pink, and silver frames.

Pick one that has good quality. The materials used to produce the designer sunglasses must be outstanding. Check on the hinges located at the corner of the sunglasses and see if they are properly attached. This is the common problem in ordinary sunglasses. Check out & have a look at top famous brands like Zenni Optical,,,, Frames Direct & many others.

 photo hp_slider_02_zpse6579348.jpg

Identify authentic sunglasses by checking if the brand’s signature is engraved on the arms. Avoid inferior quality, fake, and cheap sunglasses because they can compromise your visual health and also because you can get great offers on brands. If you will be able to assure the product’s value, then you can be happy to know that it is worth the money you paid.

Another thing to consider in selecting the right designer sunglasses is your face’s shape.

Oval-shaped face. – Fortunately, you can wear any style of sunglasses because anything will fit you.

Round-shaped face. – Wide sunglasses are appropriate for round faces. Your face can look thinner with square and short-edged frames.

Square-shaped face. – Your face can appear softer and finer with oval and round sunglasses. You can even look better on cat-eye styles.

Triangular-shaped face. – Aviator and rimless sunglasses is perfect for this kind of shape. This can lessen emphasis in your jaws because people will focus on your eye area.

Designer sunglasses are now available online. With advanced technology, you can use a virtual mirror to see how a product looks on you. This service is available on credible online stores. You can also get great offers and minimal shipment fees from reliable sites. You can also use discount coupons available on for buying your favorite brand.

Victoria’s Secret Promo Buy 2 Bras and get a Free Tote a $78 Value

I went to shop at the V.S store yesterday in the mall and did not plan spending more than $15 but I ended up buying two Pink bras. The temptation was hard to resist. I had a $10 bra coupon with me plus they offer a promo when you buy two any bras, you’ll get a free tote… that is without a minimum purchase.

I paid a bit over $50 for two bras, after using my coupon and got my silver bottom Victoria’s Secret tote and a SECRET REWARD card. I am okay if I just have $10 in my reward card and hopefully reduced that amount spent to $40. Promos like that doesn’t always come because they usually require customers to shop at least $65 or higher in order to qualify for a free tote.

I am happy with the tote because it looks prettier from the outside and is spacious inside. Although there is no velcro or magnetic closure, it is good enough to carry all essentials when traveling. This lovely tote will go to my mother and hope she likes it as I do.

Whenever I go shop for under garments or lingerie, I often thought of my sister, so the pink lacey bra will go to her. It is cute and is perfect for her age. I love her to death that is why I don’t hesitate buying her stuff for I know that makes her happy, besides, she is a person that knows how to appreciate the things that are given to her.

 photo vs_zps5a9fbcb8.jpg

Victoria’s Secret Order Arrived Earlier than Expected

I am pleased of the early arrival of my order from Victoria’s Secret. I placed my order last Thursday and I got the package five days after that. How awesome? I don’t mind paying $6 for the shipping as long as the items arrived in no time.

Here’s a deal I got online, $26 for 7 panties, 3 travel size fragrances and a secret reward card. Who knows how much is in the reward card, if I get lucky I can have the $500 hehe. I don’t really need new undies but I went ahead and bought 7 since they were on sale and three of these beautiful undies will go to my little sister in the Philippines.

I hope she’ll love what I give to her for I personally pick them, colors and sizes appropriate for a thirteen-year old girl. I can give a lot to her without hesitation because I love her and she is my sister. She is also appreciative and grateful for everything that’s given to her, unlike a few people out there…. they don’t give value to the small things that come their way.

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Fine British Leather Bags

Prepare to take on the world with style with British leather bags that you will find with companies like Ghurka. Travel aficionados usually look for the best quality in travel gear, and you will find it with an online seller with a commitment to quality, style and class in travel.

 photo charlie-leather-handbag-chestnut-final_zps6e1fae58.jpg

If you are a seasoned traveler, you understand the value of having a bag that you can trust in any situation. The perfect British leather bag will last for several years and will see you through and travel contingencies you might face. A high-quality leather bag will be your saving grace at places such as the airport, multiple train changes, the outback, wilderness and from one hotel to the next. Treat yourself to something practical and stylish with a British leather bag, tailored to your needs with the right number of–as well as placement of–compartments and pouches.

Stow your essentials and valuables, such as your camera and passport, in your bag and go about your travels without worry. Knowing you are carrying a durable bag that is appealing to the eye will make your travels more fun and easygoing.

Even if you only plan to use your new bag on a local level, you will feel confident that your daily goods are safe and secure. Check out the Vintage Army Collection, the Express bag, the Walker Collection, the Garrison Gusset briefcase, the Partido Collection and much more. There is something to suit everyone’s style and taste in these finely-crafted leather bags.

Victoria’s Secret 3 Free Travel Size Fragrance and Secret Reward Card

Wooohooo, I think I scored a deal on Victoria’s Secret just now. Although I paid  over $6 for the shipping but the freebies I am going to get once they arrive pay for it plus one secret reward card worth $10, $25, $50, $100 and $500 with $10 purchase.

Also, when you shop online, don’t forget to go through Ebates so you’ll get 2.0% back by shopping online. If you haven’t registered, do it now, just click on the link before checking out from Victoria’s Secret website.

To avail these 3 travel size fragrance, enter code : 3FREE, another good deal to score right now is their current promotion for panties 7/$26 use offer code : PARTYON. I paid a little over $35 total including shipping and tax but who knows if I am lucky this year, I’ll get the $50 secret reward? I got it last year so hoping for another one won’t be bad!

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Hello Kitty Fashion Earrings and Watch

I don’t like having a cat as a pet but I definitely, without a doubt love Hello Kitty cartoon character. Not only me who is into kitty but my first born as well. I can see how her eyes light up when she sees a Hello Kitty anywhere. Hello Kitty is the cutest thing ever and so to prove my obsession with it, I purchased these fashion earrings and a blue watch on Amazon last week.

The cute HK earrings were sold for 99 cents a pair so I bought three, one for me, my first born and my little sister. I wonder if the company which is from China is going to make a profit for this since it’s only less than a dollar and it ships free. Amazing deal, isn’t it?

Being fashionable doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t matter how much your stuff cost as long as you know how to carry your clothing and you look good on them…

 photo 51-XSz-aixL_zps7a6c8399.jpg
…… I will for sure wear this HK pair everyday to school once they arrive! I am excited and it feels forever waiting for the items to be here.
 photo 693c4921-8392-4a7c-a044-dac53e500c7b_zps78afc909.jpg

Sales Flooding Everywhere

It is the time of the year when people go broke even if they have a stable job because of the sales flooding everywhere, good thing there is a credit card that is ready to use anytime to the rescue, you stay at home and you will still have access to sales online. If you go to the mall, you will see big RED signs from each brand/boutique door trying to catch a customer’s attention to go inside their shop.

Either you know how to drive or not. There is truly no escape from shopping, I think!

For some, it is the perfect time to be shopping for summer outfits. Almost all stores are getting rid of their out-of-season clothing that they did not sell from last season so they are having really marked down items like the one pictured below. I took it at body central today where I spent most of my time after visiting Gymboree.

Body Central’s promo in-store is different from their website, right now they are having a buy 2 get 1 free whereas in-store it’s only buy 1 get 1 free. The only thing I am not willing to do is I get to pay for the shipping fee buying clothes online that is why going to the mall instead is practical. Plus, princes online and in-store aren’t the same.

When you go to the mall this weekend, rest assured and be prepared to spend some money due to many temptations you cannot say no. I got out of Body Central store today only spent $10+, I bought me a stylish printed fringed and striped maxi skirt (free, online price is $12.29) with double slits.

 photo 1388749_10152292735249517_331730399_n_zps080dde69.jpg
…. one of the skirts I bought is this striped maxi skirt with double slits. Yes, I am 30 years old but it doesn’t mean I don’t wear this kind of clothing intended for younger people, I still feel young at heart, you know?
 photo 6035_alt510_zpsed1be076.jpg