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Healthy Eating at Home

When it comes to eating meals, everybody gets a fair amount of food I serve for them on their plate, well, I am talking about my two girls. My husband will sometimes take care of himself and figure out what to eat in that particular night if I don’t cook him anything. But for my girls, they eat what I give them and it is usually Filipino food.

They are trained eating healthy Pinoy food ever since they started eating solid food. With that being said, I have no problem what to give them these days or I don’t have to think about feeding them differently when I have something freshly cooked in our kitchen. One of the many foods they can eat is native vegetable stew paired with rice, sausage, shrimp fry, salted anchovy or dried fish at times.

Just by looking at their plates pictured below, you wouldn’t think that the ones who are eating the food are half Americans because not all FIL-AM kids eat this kind of food. There are just kiddos that we can’t force to eat what they don’t like to eat.

But my girls, I am super proud of them. You can give them anything Filipino. In fact, they prefer eating my food rather than some American food. However, they love pizza, mac and cheese, pancakes, bacon, hash brown and a few others.

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Spring Dresses 2015

Wearing a dress is what I am most comfortable with during this kind of season. I just can’t think of a perfect outfit than a nice, floral printed dress. I have two girls so I am more than proud to say that they are my living doll, who I can dress up whatever I like.

Below is of me and the girls with our beautiful dresses. This was taken at Baptist church nearby during egg hunting on Saturday. It was a bit cooler that day so I decided to put on cute little cardigans to my girls that coordinated with their dresses.

Mind you, I bought their dresses last year when stores had their end of season sale while mine, I have had it for maybe three years now but rarely wear it. One of the many things I like about dresses is that, I don’t have to spend so much time trying to figure out what sort of bottoms and tops to give to my girls in order to match because I am not good at that. With a one piece of cloth, they can easily put it on and I don’t worry about a mismatched outfit.

Photo captured by my husband about my girl crying. I was teasing her and acted I walked away because she wanted me to kneel down and be wrapped with my arms…

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Banana Muffins with Chia Seeds and Almond Nuts

Baking might not be very healthy because of sugar, flour and other unhealthy ingredients in it but you can make it healthier by adding some good stuff in whatever you wish to make for your kids or family. For example, this banana muffins pictured below. I used the usual banana bread recipe I can find online but I added two tablespoons of chia seeds and slivered almond nuts to it, not only it taste good but with those two added ingredients makes it beneficial to our body.

Another thing, I recently found that stir-fry asparagus not only is very delicious but also simple  to cook. With a few sprinkles of seasonings, viola! You can have crunchy and tender tasty cut up asparagus paired with my nutty muffins. I just loved the combo! I make sure that we have vegetables to eat everyday and or fruits.

You can always choose to eat healthy and at the same time prepare simple dishes for your family. By doing this, it puts your mind at ease because what your family is getting is nutritious!

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Mommy, the Girls and their Summer Dresses

Here are recent photos of me and my girls. They were taken at the Fair Park in Dallas last Saturday right by the entrance. We received a compliment from an older woman when we were at the park because of the  matching summery dresses we wore that day. She said, we looked cute and that our dresses matched and blended with the colors of the cabana and colorful rides in that place.

I think the only thing I like about summer is that we get to wear nice summery, comfortable, stylish and colorful dresses that best suited for the season. Take note, dresses are easy to put on and doesn’t need to spend so much time in front of the mirror trying to match your outfit with other accessories. Besides, dresses if you are not brand conscious are easy to find and are cheaper to buy.

I am not the most fashionable girl you will see on the street but rest assured, the dresses or outfit I am wearing aren’t complicated and would look good on me.

 photo adventure006_zpsef84e482.jpg
 photo adventure039_zps52cd2fee.jpg
…at 30, I should take care of myself not just for my husband and other people but for myself. Having two children already and weighing 96 pounds, towering a height of 5’1″ isn’t bad at all.

Advanced Birthday Celebration Prepared by My Mother

So nice of my mother for preparing me these yummy food before I left the Philippines last May 20. She said it is for my advanced birthday celebration coming June 21. It serves as my farewell meal as well. Deep inside I am more thankful than ever to have a mother who cares and thought about me greatly.

I am most touched when she bought me the purple yam cake from Red Ribbon that I so wanted to buy but couldn’t… we went to Gaisano Mactan the last day of my stay in Cebu and she knew that I really liked that cake but due to some unexpected major expense I was low on cash, I had almost nothing left in my pocket to buy the cake and she bought it for me so I could have a taste of the cake before I leave the country. Thanks mother for looking up to me when I am in your place.

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Our Dinner – Pork Bone Soup and Tuscan Style Roasted Asparagus

 photo 30317424-fd62-4e4a-a3ab-5d906e6b3820_zps77f2511d.jpg

This is what I prepared for dinner tonight. One for the Filipino taste buds and the other one for my husband. Since I craved for a soup, I made myself and the girls this tasty pork bone soup with young corn and bokchoy paired with rice. As for the husband, I only prepared him the Tuscan style roasted asparagus with minced almond nuts. It is my first time to try such and it turned out good, though it needs a  pinch of salt lol.

I am just so glad I got a really good food magazine in which I can quickly fix my husband’s dinner. Their foods are really good and healthy yet easy to do. Looking forward to trying new dishes in days to come from the same magazine that I receive monthly.

Recipes of Taste of Home Magazine

I am thankful I subscribed to Taste of Home Magazine for I am getting delectable, simple and quick recipes for my American husband. There are tons of really awesome recipes that I could follow with no sweat. Two of which are Italian Sausage pizza and Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Cauliflower that saved my husband’s dinners for two nights.

I am getting what I paid for in this magazine and I have no regret for my subscription. I am pretty sure the next issue will be much more exciting for me for there will be new easy recipes that I could do. I don’t normally cook American dishes but with this magazine, it helps me a lot to not worry too much about feeding my family good and healthy dinners.

Photos below are actual snaps of the food I made the past nights. I am kind of proud of myself because the husband did like them. In fact, he encouraged me to cook more dinners like these and do not stop making him more. LOL.



Can’t Fit it All in One Box


I was dreaming when I said I am going to put all these in one balik-bayan box in order to save me some money when sending it to the Philippines. Sometimes what we thought isn’t always correct for I was unsuccessful putting them in a jumbo Forex box. Looks like I am gonna send two boxes next month eh, I don’t have a choice but to do it.

I am not done with stuffing my box yet, I would want to buy grocery stuff that they cannot find in the market there so at least they can taste of what American grocery stores have. And yes, I need to do it the soonest possible and seal the second box for I feel like the time is drawing near. I am just maybe too excited hehehehe, forgive me people!

Money Sent

I just made two calls to my family in the Philippines. One last night to my father lasted for one hour and one this morning to my mother. It would have been cheaper if I was able to talk both of them last night but my mother wasn’t home when I called so had to make another call when I woke up.
I called them to let them know I just sent them some money for the whole month of October. I was not gonna do it because I spent a freaking $420 to the USCIS for my sister’s immigration application and I already told my mother, I am not sending them money for two months. I have to save some more for the upcoming immigration bills, you know?
But I sent anyway and they are happy especially my mother for she now has money to use to pay the bills and other stuff. If it wasn’t because of my sister rushing me to give her budget to buy herself a girl scout uniform, I would have not done that. Anyway, I feel good after hearing they are doing okay and helping them in a way I can.

She Looks Like Her Daddy

This is the first time we see a close up photo of Paloma since we found her on Facebook two years ago. I so wanted to add her up so that we could see pictures of her but she declined the request. She even told us that she’ll wait until 18 before she makes any further communication with her dad as  it is her mom’s wishes to introduce her and her sister Sofia to their daddy in person (shall we believe that? we doubt that…).
I think that is very unfair. There is a father here that has been longing to see, hug and feel the love of his kids but then when we found the kids on the internet that was she had to say. Anyhow, we will wait for that very day when Paloma and Sofia would just come see their dad on their own… someday when the time is right… 
Looking at the picture, you could see how Paloma really got the look of her daddy. The nose, the divided chin and the lips you can see those are all Sandy’s. Even I, when I first saw this photo of hers, I couldn’t believe how this girl look exactly the same as my husband. Too bad though they have not seen each other for over a decade….