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The enduring trend of online bingo

The perception that bingo is meant for elderly women has completely changed with a whole new trend engrossing the online bingo market.

Earlier, playing bingo was all about going to traditional bingo halls with a fancy environment and carrying loads of cash in hand. It wasn’t so easy or glamorous as one might perceive it as. Players had to sit inside stuffy halls for hours, straining their ears to hear their card numbers being called.

Now the scenario has changed with the emergence of bingo sites, as players can avail and play their favourite games exactly where they want or from the comfort of their homes. In fact the aspect of socializing is kept viable by implementing exclusive chat rooms in their site and also by integrating with various social media channels. So you can meet bingo enthusiasts from all around the world. The chat rooms are instilled along with the game which allows you to play and interact at the same time.

Another major factor which is contributing to the escalating growth in the number of people opting online bingo is the relaxation factor. Many players of all age groups have realized the importance of bingo, as a great way to refresh one’s mood after a busy day at work.

Hence online bingo is not only meant for older people, but also for the younger people who discovered endless joy in playing a game in any of the reliable bingo sites. After a lot of research and surveys the experts has finally come into a conclusion that the trend of online bingo is never going to fade away. Experience the joy of online bingo at!

The Best Online Games

When we speak of casino, the very first thing that comes our mind is “games“. But do we know where casino term came from? It is actually of Italian origin. From the root casa (house) originally meant a small country villa, summerhouse, or pavilion. It was in the 19th century, the term casino came to include other public buildings where pleasurable activities took place.

In modern-day Italian, the term casino means a bordello (also called casa chiusa, literally “closed house”), while the gambling house is spelled casinò with an accent.

How is casino being played? It is done by customers, they gamble by playing games of chance. One of the places you can go to I can recommend is uk casino Netbet. On their site you can play the very best online most popular casino games such as; European roulette, Blackjack, Cosmic Fortune, Lady Bug Adventure, Starburst and many more.

Join and become a member to Casino NETBET, it is free and packed with benefits. Once you become a member, you can start taking advantage of the promotions the site has to offer, and take note, you will start with 100% bonus on your first deposit.

The website itself is a user-friendly environment, with total security and reliable navigation which puts you at ease while browsing their casino games, superb video poker, vegas and etc. while you get 24/7 professional customer support team. You must be 18 years of age or older in order to access the website. Check them out now and start playing and winning jackpots!

A Crazy Collection of Bingo Daubers

One thing that most people are crazy about is creating collections. I am sure each one of us at some point or the other have flaunted and boasted about a particular collection that we had. It could have been anything like – stamps, books, clothes, cards, clothes and so much more. The above mentioned were the most common things that people intended to collect. Well, every one has their own individual choice of collection. As I’ve heard there are people who collect chocolate wrappers, antique elements, accessories, even hand cuffs – however to my utter surprise that I got to know recently was about a person who likes to collect daubers. The person is Gilbert Ellis residing in Michigan City who likes to collect daubers. Till now, he has a collection of 2100 daubers.

As all of us are aware that in the ancient days, bingo play took place in a much simpler form. People liked playing these games with stuff like corn, beans and other likely stuff to mark out the numbers on their cards. In today’s date, bingo tickets are printed on thin paper that is disposable too. And, when people got more acquainted using the disposable bingo tickets, the bingo daubers were no longer in use. For these days, numbers on bingo tickets are selected in accordance with random number generators. Bingo daubers were used to mark off numbers on cards. The daubers used initially were the basic ones filled in with ink. However, on today the scenario has changed absolutely – the daubers used today are quite fancy in nature plugged in with numerous themes.

This avid bingo player Ellis has quite a big collection of daubers. Even his wife Jeannie is known for playing bingo games. In a recent interview, Ellis has even told that for various occasions like Christmas, New Year, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day and many more, he ensures to use a bingo dauber that matches with the occasion. Sounds really nice that people tend to have such collections even now. That shows the demand for daubers is still there. Along side knowing such fun facts, ensure to check out some really good gaming stuff at newlookbingo. It’s a perfect site to indulge in for some really good bingo sprees.

Kids Academy Apps that Really Help Your Preschooler

I have been given a chance to review a few apps on itunes by Kids Academy, they are free but the opinion I share here is based on my own observance as I watch my kids play and use the apps. So here we go.

I have two girls, one is six years old and one just turned three. The little one already knows her alphabet, shapes and colors and is now starting to learn how to write the alphabet. This app not only teaches her the Alphabet phonics but will also hopefully familiarize some word spellings, sounds and do simple crossword.

I really believe these two other apps preschool and kindergarten learning kids for girls and boys, interactive BINGO song are a great help for her, not only they are colorful but also interactive, engaging and fun. As soon as I am done downloading the BINGO song app, she stopped what she was doing and paid attention to the song, sung along with it and most of all listen to the sound of animals as she tap them.

I am please that I have them on my ipod touch for they serve as great supplement towards my kid’s learning. Hopefully, she will learn alot from them before she goes to pre-kindergarten in two year. Thanks Kids Academy!

Fashion With A Heart

Why fashion charity events are always a hit

We always connect fashion to glamorous celebrities and models, especially if we’re looking at couture ensembles. We can’t help but admire how gorgeous Miranda Kerr is or how long Tyra Banks’ legs are; and every girl just wants to look like them. Who wouldn’t? If you’ll get paid to get yourself all “glammed up” in designer clothing and expensive make-up, you wouldn’t dare say no.

But there’s another side to fashion and you don’t have to be a supermodel to be in it. Here’s a rundown of how you can flaunt your own style and show your heart while you’re at it:

Fashionista’s Bingo
Gather all your girlfriends and organize a fashionista bingo event. You can customize the bingo cards and use top brands like Prada and Chanel on the cards instead of using numbers. You can get some ideas on colors and designs on foxybingo or that glossy Vogue magazine. Instead of giving away cash prizes, look for clothes, bags, and accessories that are in mint condition and use these instead.

Go Bogan
You read it right, “bogan”. Bogan bingo topples the much coveted classic game with its witty and unique dynamics. It is described as, “half bingo, half game show party.” It uses music from the ‘80s and ‘90s, wherein a bingo caller would call out a number and one of his or her ‘DJ’ buddies would play a song from that genre. True blue fashionistas can take it to the next level and dress like Cyndi Lauper or maybe Madonna. Some even use trivia questions and air guitars to make the event more fun. Bogan bingo is highly popular in the UK and Australia.

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How to Select a Film School

For many, pursuing film is a dream job. It’s the chance to create something huge and to shout “Lights! Camera! Action!” when a scene is being shot. Most who want to go into directing, editing, screenwriting, or other paths choose to attend a Los Angeles film school. Studying film in college offers excellent instruction and so many opportunities for jobs. The school you go to could have a huge impact on the rest of your career, so be sure you choose wisely when selecting an institution.

Assess Your Needs

You should have established criteria of what you want out of a film school. Think about what specific area of study you wish to pursue. The school you choose should have that emphasis. Go for programs that are particularly reputable in your focus. You’ll want to think about what you can get into post-graduation with your degree at a particular school. Next, think over finances. What are you willing to spend on tuition, books and materials, and transportation? Establish a cap price before you look around at schools. Consider if you might be eligible for financial aid so you can lower these costs. Additionally, decide how much time you want to invest in schooling. Do you want to go full-time, or would you prefer to attend school part-time? Last, think about if you’d be willing to relocate to another city and what environment would suit you. You may also want to consider if online classes are worth it.


With that said, review all this information when you look around for schools to apply to. What’s the general reputation of that institution? What do graduates say about their experience? Were these alumni able to secure jobs in the positions they wanted? Does the school have the emphasis you’re seeking? Can you meet the tuition and other rates for going to this school? Is the film school in a location you want to go to? Make a few other considerations as well. How many years will you be in school? What credits and courses do you need to complete before graduation? Then you can send out applications to the Los Angeles film school of your choice.

Mentalist Quirks: 3 Things You Didn’t Know about Your Favorite Psychic

Joining the police force after your shenanigans as a TV psychic anger a serial killer who subsequently murders your wife and daughter might not be a common career path, but it is the fuel which drives the plot of The Mentalist, one of the most popular series on television. Simon Baker plays the sham-psychic turned police consultant Patrick Jane, a whimsical and freakishly perceptive character (a parallel with Sherlock would be legitimate) who aids the California Bureau of Investigation in cracking the tough cases while hunting for any leads which might reveal the identity of the one responsible for the deaths of his wife and daughter.

Jane dismisses his own psychic-ness and can be heard throughout the so far five seasons of the show claiming that there is no such thing as psychics. He prefers to be considered very observant instead, and his seemingly off-the-cuff deductions are received with skepticism by his colleagues, most notably by the Sphinx-like voice of reason Kimball Cho (Tim Kang) and by Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney), the leader of the Serious Crimes Unit. That is, until said deductions turn out to be legitimate and lead to the bad guys being apprehended.

Easily accessible through Time Warner Cable’s affordable packages for digital television and internet, the show also serves up several quirks beyond the usual tension of police procedurals. These quirks revolve around the troubled pasts of the characters and reveal their multi-faceted development.

  • Jane is seen driving a Citroën DS, one of the most innovative and craftily designed cars of its time. The car was introduced in 1955 and while it might seem just another one of Jane’s extravaganzas, the symbolism of the car is revealing. The Citroën DS was meant to signal the rebirth of war-torn France and was hailed as a hallmark of French ingenuity, which echoes Jane’s recovery after the trauma of losing his family.
  • Lisbon’s relationship with Jane is ambiguous, often seeming it might develop a romantic twist. While the tensions between them (both personal and professional) will most likely carry into the sixth season, Lisbon’s affection for Jane, whichever way it turns, is steeped in brotherly love. After her mother’s death, she and her three younger brothers are subject to their father’s alcohol-fueled abuse and she is burdened even more so after their father commits suicide.
  • Cho’s ability to remain straight-faced is only matched by his dedication in the line of fire. His reliable, down to earth persona and his dry humor come after his tumultuous teenage years when he was a member of a gang. The cool and collected Cho leaves to enlist in the US Army after a brief stint in juvenile hall, but not before shooting the gang leader in the shoulder for planning a house invasion he did not want to see happen. This might account for the times we see Cho befriending young people in dire situations who seem to him worthy of a second chance.

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The Legacy Of The James Bond Omega Planet Ocean Watch

It may come as a surprise to some people that James Bond used to wear Rolex watches. In fact, he wore them all the way up until 1995, when he first made the switch over to Omega timepieces. This switch happened for a number of reasons. Mostly, though, it was due to the way that branding for the movie had changed, and the producers thought that the Omega watches gave Bond a more distinctly European look. Omega also made a move to impact its own branding, something that Rolex did not think would pay off in the future. One of the most recent timepieces worn by the world-famous spy is the James Bond Omega Planet Ocean at

As far as previous James Bond watches are concerned, the new model that was used in “Quantum of Solace” is slightly different from the one that he wore in “Casino Royale.” The new watch has a full metal band, for example, while the other one had a rubber wrist band. This makes the new watch look a little more formal, and it adds slightly to the weight. However, the watch is a bit smaller in terms of the casing, so that serves as something of a counterbalance. The weight ends up being closer to the same than it would have been if the large casing had been retained.

It is interesting to note that the face of the James Bond Omega Planet Ocean watch is also different from the face of the James Bond watches that have been used since Pierce Brosnan put an Omega on for the first time in 1995. The face now has a black bezel instead of the blue bezel that was formerly used. This also makes the whole watch look a bit more fancy and formal.

As far as actual function is concerned, the James Bond Omega Planet Ocean watch is a very good timepiece. It is water resistant up to a depth of 600 meters, or 2000 feet. The stainless steel case will ensure that the watch always looks its best. It is a self-winding watch with a power reserve that will last for 48 hours.

For those who want to see real James Bond watches that were actually worn by the likes of Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan, they are often displayed in the company museum. If you are taking a trip to the main factory, you should stop in and see these watches as well. For those who would like to own a piece of James Bond history, the watches are sometimes auctioned off after the movies come out. The watch that Craig wore in “Quantum of Solace” was auctioned in the middle of the fall of 2012.

There Is Nothing Wrong With It

There is nothing with gambling if one should know his or her limitation as to when to stop especially if he is losing money. It is not that I am against people who gamble but I guess playing poker at a free poker site is their way of relieving stress. In the world of gambling, people win and lose. However, I can only imagine the fun, entertainment and excitement they feel once they win.

Are you one of those who are looking for a place on the world wide web to play free poker? Then you have come to the right place. Please click on the link above and it should get you to the site where champions are born and beginners play.

You can start playing now free of cost. Other games you can play on this site are Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, Badugi and other poker games. Either you are a champion or a beginner it is still the best place to play poker despite of the idea you are about to learn how to play poker. You can practice your skills with play money or join real money games. There’s no better place to learn and play poker than PokerStars.

They do have downloadable cards for each of these rooms; Texas Hold’em, Omaha Poker, Omaha High/Low, Seven Card Stud, Five Card Draw, 2-7 Triple Draw, 2-7 Single Draw, Seven Card Stud High/Low, Razz, Badugi, HORSE, 8-Game Mix and Poker Tournaments.

Rental Property

Guest post written by my buddy Aldo Mays

My husband I have just invested in our first rental property. We bought a small, old house and fixed it up, and now we are going to rent it out to college students. We live in a college town, so that shouldn’t be too hard. We are hoping to have steady renters to pay the mortgage, and still make a little profit. Once it is paid off, it will be all profit. Rental properties can cost money, though, believe me.

Just the cost of maintaining it can get high. I’m sure that when someone lives in a rental property, they don’t take as good care of it as you would if you owned it yourself, so there will always something to repair. Right now I’m researching different cable providers that we could use. I wonder if there is someone that specializes in serving rental properties. Surely there is some sort of plan out there for landlords. Then again, we could just leave it up to the renters to get television if they want it.