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Healthy Dessert

One of the many advantages working in a food service industry is that you get to learn how to prepare foods you have never tried before. My favorite things to eat at work is this delicious and healthy dessert. They sell it at the cafeteria for $2.59 for a 3-ingredient parfait.

I cannot always be spending my money on a dessert that I can easily make at home. All it needs to make a good parfait are vanilla of any flavor, granola and any fruits you like. Voila! Not only it is delicious but your mind is at ease even though you eat a whole cup of this thing knowing that what you put in your mouth is way healthier than those baked sweet cobbler, cake or deep fried stuff.

Avocado is in season and it tastes delightful when mixed with granola and yogurt. If I eat it alone, I’d put a bit of honey on it but with other stuff, I am good without the sweetener on my avocado.

Another way to have a dessert is a granola with milk and ripe sweet mango. It is equally delicious as parfait. Try it and you’ll love having it every night.

 photo parfait_zps3niirwfg.jpg

 photo granola_zps2xhxncnr.jpg

My Sweet Gelato Indulgence

I discovered this sweet gelato by Breyers a few days ago through the use of a coupon. If it wasn’t because of the coupon machine spitting out a $1 of any Gelato product, I would have not tried and tasted this sinfully delicious creamy gelato ice cream.

I tell you, it is as delicious as it looks and I promised myself to buy some more when I get to go grocery shopping next time. How tempting is it? Here’s what I can tell you, once you start eating it, you cannot stop yourself if only you are not concerned of your calorie intake. Geezzz this is just one-of-a-kind ice cream even my girls love!

I wouldn’t mind eating this kind of dessert for as long as I know I workout hard and eventually burn the calories I had in the past days.

 photo gelato_zpsf9xz6zsf.jpg

Filipinos Love to “Bringhouse Food” from the Party

“Bringhouse” is a common word we use in the Philippines for food that we bring from the party to our home. I guess it’s  a Filipino habit because I don’t see whites do that here unless a person is related or very close to the host. Filipinos anywhere in the world when gathered together, rest assured there will be plenty of food laid on the table to eat. Of course, a party wouldn’t be complete without food to munch in. Once done and there’ll be plenty of food left, the host will then ask the visitors to bring some when they leave.

We attended my firstborn’s friend’s 7th birthday last Sunday. His parents served plenty of dishes and desserts for their not so many visitors which resulted to still have so much leftover after that first round of eating. I actually brought some home, enough for days meals and not need to cook for a dish. I like it when we get to attend a Filipino party for I always bring some delicious foods at home.

As you can see in the picture below, so many sweets for desserts I was able to take with me. I love them, they are all just so freaking yummy. For some reason, I only got to bring a few dishes. Maybe I craved for desserts so much that I didn’t bother taking more food other than kare-kare, fresh lumpia, leftover lechon kawali and egg rolls , a piece of fried chicken and sweet shrimp.

first column are custard cakes, cheesecake, braso de mercedes, cheesecake, pitsi pitsi underneath cheesecake, fried chicken and shrimp
second column: kare kare, fresh lumpia, lechon kawali and egg rolls and lastly, chocolate birthday cake!
 photo bh_zpsdd776e9d.jpg

Mango Flavor Ice Candy Recipe

Ice candy is so popular in the Philippines that every household can make them for sale. This can make a good business over there only if they are strict for just selling them and not for personal consumption. Ice candy can be of variety of flavors like mango, avocado, mung beans, young coconut or any fruit you can think of.

Since it is getting hot here in our place, I thought of making some mango flavor ice candy to enjoy with my girls. Thanks to a friend who shared her recipe for it, it truly tastes oh so yummy goodness ice candy. My girls love it and so do I. We either eat them fast and finish them up or eat them slowly. It doesn’t matter to me because I still have ice candy wrappers left for more.

Anyway, if you would like to try making ice candy for yourself, here’s the recipe and how.

10 mangoes
1 can table cream
1 can evaporated milk
1 can condensed milk
1/2 cup fresh milk
nut of your choice
a sprinkle of sugar
and most of all ice candy wrappers, if you don’t have it then you can’t make ice candy instead a shake, lol

Blend all ingredients until smooth, pour into a pitcher and use a funnel to make it easy to put it in an individual wrapper. Freeze overnight or until it turns hard to eat. VOILA! You can enjoy chewing this cold, delicious and nutritious dessert.

 photo icecandy_zps3473692b.jpg

Fresh from Our Oven Blueberry Muffins

Here’s what’s baking tonight, blueberry muffins requested by my firstborn. She has been bugging me about blueberry muffins, oh well, as you wish my dear! I finally got the time to grant her wish, gladly enough we bought fresh blueberries yesterday and we have the mix so all I have to do is mix them with the batter.

It didn’t take long to bake the batter, just 10 minutes and they were done. My girls grabbed each of them a muffin even if I just took them out the oven. The baby had two, the big sister only had one and that’s it for dinner. These muffins are truly delish. Love that blueberry juice bleeding inside, taste good when eaten hot!

 photo blue_zpsdd43f2ae.jpg

Cakes for Dessert — and Plenty of It

 photo keyk_zps3e0ca4fc.jpg

I took these photos of my girl and the different kind of cakes that were displayed at the buffet table at Cochran’s in Air Force Village, San Antonio, Texas. Sunday lunch in AFV is always amazing. Plenty of good food just laid on the buffet table, nice people, good service and great company. What could be a better lunch than that?

We had a scrumptious lunch with Jean last Sunday, the last lunch we shared together and who knows when can we visit her down there again. Well, if only San Antonio wouldn’t be too much of a drive, we could visit her as often as we can but we also have a life here at home.

Anyway, as you can see in the photos, there are several small slices of cakes and there are also whole ones waiting to be eaten by the diners. Jadyn ate a slice of cheesecake and the other kind I don’t know what flavor that was. She was so tempted to try the cheesecake topped with cherry and take note, she only left a bit of that cake after eating the first slice shown on the bottom right photo. I could no longer pick a slice of cake for me because I had 4 rounds of food, I was so full and there was no room for more food in my tummy at that time!

Halo-halo for the First Time in America

So nice of my neighbor friend for inviting me to go with them to the Asian market last weekend. I thought we were just going to shop for Filipino groceries but little did I know she would treat me for lunch at a small eatery in Hongkong Market Asian store.

One of our orders is this delicious Filipino halo-halo. It was me and Jadyn’s first time to have tasted halo-halo in America. I was grateful I got to eat this yummy dessert here for this is what I have been craving so much lately. Below you’ll find snaps of it and my girl enjoying every bit of the Halo-halo.



Ice Candy Perfect For Summer


Ice candy is very popular in the Philippines sold for one peso each stick. It is made of flavorful fruit of any kind, sugar and milk. I made ice candies few days ago for the first time and guess what? Both of my girls love it. It is sweet and creamy. Since it is homemade and not for commercial purposes, I made sure I mixed it with a lot of milk, mango and cool whip.

It is ideal during hot summer days to cool off and bring some goodness into our taste buds. I still got four pieces of ripe yellow mangoes, I plan of making some more before we run out of ice candies. I tell you I could finish three of it every after meal, if I won’t control myself I could eat all of it but I am also thinking I have two babies that love ice candy too. So I must share.

Munching On Fried Fan-Shaped Banana

I am munching on a fried fan-shaped banana or “pinaypay” right now. Saging (banana) pinaypay (to fan out… paypay is fan). You slice the bananas thinly, spread it out to form a fan, dip in a batter and fry and sprinkle with white or granulated sugar before serving.

Pinaypay is my childhood favorite. A fan of banana cost five pesos back then. Having once a week of this pinaypay was glorious! Munching on it right now feels like I am back to my younger years again plus the temperature is hot I can very much compare to the tropical weather I used to have back in the Philippines.

Come let’s eat everyone!

my Pinaypie eating pinaypay

Purple Yam Ice Cream Flavor


You wouldn’t believe me if I tell you Texas has reached 91 degrees temperature yesterday. So hot already. How hot can it get when it’s Summer? I guess it will be doubly hot as last year’s. Anyway, as we get hotter, the more I crave for this delicious Filipino purple yam flavor ice cream. It is only available at Hongkong Market in Grand Prairie for $10 a gal. Heck, even if it is that expensive I would still buy it but the market itself is at least 45 minutes drive from here for one way. For now, I just have to drool this picture I took of the ice cream I bought a long time ago!