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Great Deal on Girls Adidas Yoga Pants

It pays to be petite and skinny for if you find a deal on small children’s clothing, you’d be able to snag a pair or two yoga pants for only $4.97 each pair. I found this deal at Costco two weeks ago. I did not expect to score these deals, really plus the fact that it’s Adidas which normally sold for over $30, nothing is sweeter than that.

I bought three pairs, one for me size medium which fits me perfectly. One for my little sister, a large size and a black color, small size for my firstborn. I don’t see yoga pants sold at this price so often and wished I bought the purple color so I can have two pairs.

I always love it when I find low prices on clothing or everyday household items. Because it enable us to save some money. Why would spend full price on something when you know you could pay less for it, right? Practicality is what I am up to for I was born from a poor penis!

 photo adidas_zpse42c820b.jpg

Naturalizer Sandals for Under $3

Look what I found at Goodwill today? A pair of unused and new pair of sandals. I even look at the soles, there isn’t a scratch, smudge or any sign they have been worn. You know Naturalizer brand is known for their durability and comfort, I shall say. This pair is obviously new and to think it’s only $2.99. Great deal, yeah? These sandals are size 6.5, I like them but I am not keeping them. My mother would appreciate these because they really are very soft to the feet.

There was another pair of closed wedge shoes that fit me very good, I was gonna buy them but I didn’t have enough cash with me, the store had some trouble with their register and could only accept cash. I won’t be going back there until the end of the month so I don’t think the shoes are going to be there when I come back. Anyways, I always love it when I find good quality stuff for affordable price.

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Saturday Mall Shopping – Chevron Print Kind of Day

I left in the house early this morning for I was concerned that it will be too crowded at one store which happens to have a day sale for flip flops. As early as 9 a.m we were headed to our first stop, CVS to grab some things which is on the way to the mall. Second stop is at Old Navy, they are having an in-store special today only for solid flip flops cost $1/pair, normally sold for $3.50. I bought ten pairs, you might think it is too crazy to buy that many pairs. Mind you, most of these pairs will go to the Philippines for my family.

As expected, the crowd was massive, the checkout was a bit slow albeit there were four people working at the register. The line was too long that it almost wrapped around the store inside. Anyhow, I chose to go there so I was willing and patient enough to stand in line.

 photo on_zps2b5f677e.jpg

After Old Navy, we went back to the mall and shopped some more. Last destination was Rue21. There I hauled pretty nice prints clothing and paid 50% with the use of a store coupon sent to me by a friend. Total was $44 plus tax and was able to make it down to only $25.95. It was a Chevron print kind of day for me. Look at my haul below. First photo was the two flounce top maxi dresses I tried on, I was torn between those two prints, I was gonna buy both but realized I love Chevron more.

 photo maxi_zps61e90f29.jpg
…. Another thing I bought for me are these cute Chevron print top and a white cropped bottom. Yes, I know I still got a few new clothing hanging in my closet with tags in them but I know these make me happy. Eventually I’ll be able to wear them, so no worries. I had a good time shopping today and saved at the same time.

Going out to breathe a fresh air without my little one is what I needed. I spent most of my days at home now that it’s getting very hot outside so I think I deserve the shopping spree I did today.

 photo pair_zps84b0b62f.jpg

Just Cents Everyday Items

I was lucky when I went to Kroger today and found out that they still have ample stocks on Hefty freezer slider bags or I’ll be very upset. I have not done couponing for a while now until today. I want to finish off my manufacturer coupons before they expire at the end of this month so I forced my achy self to go out and shop along with my two silly girls.

I went to three different stores to grab some items that are a good deal or on sale. First stop was Kroger which I bought the Hefty slider bags for just 49 CENTS each. Mega sale event 99 cents/each if you buy 6 and I had (3) $1/2 manufacturer coupons to use for all six that left me with 49 cents final price.

Second stop was Walmart, I bought a couple of items with the use of coupons but only pictured two products shown below. Final Touch fabric softener is 48 cents each after manufacturer coupons I printed from, two $2. Walmart price for it is $2.48. Next is the Rimmel London nail polishes for 50 cents each, I used 3 $1 any Rimmel product manufacturer coupons, Walmart price is $1.50.

I know I already have enough nail polishes but stocking up on them won’t harm me, besides, I am sending some to the Philippines.

 photo cents_zps8898c4bb.jpg

Kroger Deal and CVS Freebies

I am slowing down in my couponing. I would be glad for the day to come that I get rid of all my coupons completely. But for now, while I still have high value manufacturer coupons, might as well take advantage of the deals it give me. It is getting very hot here in our state so going out frequently would be too much for me and my children.

Anyway, here’s my deals of the week. CVS coupon red machine spits out a $2 off store coupon for select colgate products until Saturday, it is on sale until Saturday so you might want take advantage of that. You must scan your red card and print a $1 manufacturer coupon from and pair it with the store coupon. That is how you make your toothpaste free, trust me, it will not cost you anything, not even a penny. See the receipts below. I did it twice because I have two CVS red cards.

 photo freecolgate_zps67e30aa4.jpg

Another deal I hunted is from Kroger. There are tons of items that are on sale in Kroger stores right now but this one is so cheap that I want to share it with you my dear readers. Herbal Essences shampoos are part of the “buy 5 instantly save $5” promo, leaves you $1.99 each if you buy 5. But if you the manufacturer coupons from P&G from 5/11 $3 off two HE shampoo or conditioner, you can score each bottle for only 56 cents.

I came up with that price because I bought one bottle of body wash for $1.76 and used 2 $3 HE shamp/conditioner coupons and one $1 for body wash. I know my husband complains about the amount of shampoos we have in stock but it is hard to pass up a deal like this, besides, I love the new HE Moroccan  shampoo so I got them.

 photo hn_zps944db71d.jpg

My Hunt for Deals This Week May 25-31/2014

CVS: great deal on Cover Girl lip glosses : $3.99 each after 50% store sale, I used (2) $2 manufacturer coupons and (1) $1.50 manufacturer coupon resulting to (2) $1.49 and (1) $1.99 final price.
 photo cg1_zps16489100.jpg

Walgreens Clearance: Covergirl all-in-one mascara $2.99 each, Sally Hansen Xtreme wear polish $1.59 , Sally Hansen Diamond $2.64. Final price for two mascaras $1.99 each, Sally Hansen Xtreme wear polish .59 and Sally Hansen Diamond $1.64 minus manufacturer coupons.
 photo sally_zps7a8eccda.jpg

OOP: $4.45 RECEIVED $5 ecb back after store sale, using ECBs on hand and manufacturer coupons.
 photo tide_zpsd93b6ed4.jpg

Redeemed My Final Victoria’s Secret Reward Card

I scored a deal on these two items photographed below at Victoria’s Secret using two coupons, a $10 off a bra over $25 and a free lace hiphugger panty and a $10 secret reward card. Paid $11.11 including tax for these, not bad. It could have been over $30 if I didn’t use coupons and card. I love the bra especially, it’s Pink and it’s the only line of VS bras that I could wear. It is comfortable, stylish, fits me well plus it’s lacey which every woman wants rather than plain boring bras.

I lost track as to how many undies I received from them for free. You know when you are loyal to their store, you can expect freebies coming now and then. I love freebies, make me want to come back to their store and shop again and again for I know I will receive something cool and awesome from Victoria’s Secret.

I honestly don’t buy other brands of underwears from other retailers. Yes, I am a loyal and diehard shopper of VS so, let those freebies comin’ baby!

 photo vs_zpsdc0ee887.jpg

Shopping for Myself

I feel like I deserve to reward myself since I have been working so hard hauling some deals at different stores nearby. For weeks, all I have done was doing store hopping trying to stock up most of the stuff we need in the house. I feel exhausted and want to quit now since we got enough.

It is time to buy something for myself. It’s been quite a while now since I have not rewarded myself. These two below I purchased at Zulily are sure would make me feel beautiful, haha. The black and white maxi dress is only under $8 and the second photo which is you know look revealing maybe just under $6. Sweet deals, aren’t they? Not to mention they are free shipping. Zulily’s offer is I get free shipping on the second order if it is placed before midnight of the same day. So there I went, checked out and purchased these two aside from the other two items which are household items. Estimated shipping date will be on the 18th next month, way too long to wait but what else can I do?

Black and White Geo Surplice Maxi Dress
 photo dress_zps0f528935.jpg
purple sheer lace floral chemise – I chose this because summer is almost here and this I think would be comfortable during the warm nights for three months.
 photo lace_zpsbc7501a4.jpg

Great Finds at Walmart

When I go to Walmart, I make sure I stopped by their little “clearance” aisle and see what I can find there. There wasn’t much that got me interested yesterday except for these 50 cents 2-pack store brand toothbrushes. Since they are store brand, I don’t need to use manufacturer coupons on them.

We still have plenty of new toothbrushes stocked at home but I am also saving up for stuff for my box to be sent to my family next year. Another great find are the red Bic pens which are perfect for teachers for they do use red pens a lot.

I know who to give them to and surely she will be happy to receive them.

I love it when I find stuff on clearance that I don’t expect to see. When they are available I grab them so I don’t regret not buying them and feeling remorseful when I arrive home.

How about you guys? What sort of daily needs you are stocking up for in case prices go up, you got plenty? Do you do couponing too like me?

 photo 50cents_zps2c7127fa.jpg

CVS Freebies This Week 4/13-19

Dang! It’s been four days since I skip couponing for the reason my car is in the auto shop. I don’t have a choice but to wait until the problem with it gets fixed. Hopefully, we can receive that anticipated call from the shop before this day ends.

Here are just a few freebies that I so want to snag at CVS this week. Coupons are clipped, I have listed down the items I want to buy for an easy shopping but heck, I have no car!

#1 Colgate toothpaste, I know I have shopped a lot of toothpastes already but who can say no to freebie? With store sale and manufacturer coupon combined, it’s just so hard to pass up this deal.

#2 Almay cosmetics, as you can see in the second photo, I have two store coupons that are high value and 2 manufacturer coupons which makes the deal MONEY MAKER for me. I am sure not all CVS shoppers receive the same store coupons as me, they have to get the item/s free but they don’t make money from buying it. I DO!

#3 Ban total fresh cooling body cloths, this is a trial promo from the company, they collaborated with the store just to get their new products out there. FREE is always good, you know?
 photo cvs_zpsd46c00b6.jpg

 photo cvs1_zps75a48f20.jpg

 photo cvs2_zpsd491035a.jpg