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Deals on Snickers Bite Size Packs at Walmart

Right now Walmart has a rollback on bite size snickers and milky way 8 0z. packs. I got 2 $2 coupons printed online so I grabbed two of it for only 50 cents each. Amazing deal! Run to Walmart if you have the coupons and stock up on these sweets.

I thought I could quit couponing but obviously, I am hooked to it. I could slow down though but never can quit. How do I know these deals? Well, I am a member of two couponing groups on FB and from there, a lot of members share their scenarios, deals and which specific stores are having promotions! It truly is helping people save money on everything.

Filipinas especially are having fun couponing, great for balik-bayan boxes to send to their loved ones in the Philippines.

How about you readers, do you also do couponing? Do you take advantage of the sales and promotions that a lot of stores are offering these days?

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Savings on Diapers and Vitamins from Shopping at CVS Pharmacy

CVS Shopping deals 10/15/13. Paid $13.61 on Huggies 3 jumbo packs diapers and 1 tub 64-count wipes after using manufacturer’s coupons and rolled extra bucks rewards for my first transaction PLUS $10 extra care bucks from spending $30 on diapers/wipes. It’s like buying them $3.61 final price for 4 items.

I paid $10.98 after using $10 ecb from my first transaction on vitamins and canned soups for my second transaction. A total  savings of $67.06 of that day’s trip of products worth $90.50 after store sales, rolled ecbs and manufacturer’s coupons.

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CVS Deals on Nivea and Pantene Shampoo

When I started couponing six months ago I got hooked to it to the point of going to two CVS locations in our area EVERYDAY! When I got tired of it, I stopped for a while since I hoarded quite a lot of items in our cabinet, some of which were sent to my family in the Philippines. Lucky them!

I still got plenty of shampoos left and more coming, haha. Nowadays, I choose to only shop at CVS at least once a week to not waste the coupons that keep coming every Sunday. Today’s trip, I saved $18.96 for two bottles of Nivea body lotion and two bottles of Pantene shampoo.

CVS deal for Nivea this week, spend $10 on Nivea products and get $3 extra bucks reward, pantene is on sale 2/$7. I bought two each product and paid $10.26 for four bottles after using 2/$2 Nivea manufacturer’s coupon, buy one get one free Pantene coupon and a $2 off when you spend $10 on hand and body lotion store coupon which only cost me $1.75 each bottle final price.

Although other couponers can do better with what I scored today, still I think I got a deal of the products I use.

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Deals of Diapers at CVS


This is what I hauled at CVS yesterday, I only paid $15.65 for all of the items pictured above, could have been $4 less if I bought some coupons on ebay but I forgot to do that before going out to shop. This is at least a total of $55 plus worth of items but after rolling my ecb (extracare bucks) and some manufacturing coupons, it went down to that amount in the first sentence plus I got $10 CVS cash card for my next purchase.

I love love love saving money for our everyday and basic needs. Who doesn’t love saving money by the way by using coupons? I used to dread buying brand name diapers for my kids because not only they are expensive but it hurts knowing you paid money for it only to be thrown out when the diaper gets dirty. Now I don’t have that guilty feeling anymore for it is like paying $5.65 for all those items after coupons.

Coupons for Food


How nice it is to be able to get your food for free simply because you received coupons from fast food chains like Wendy’s. I went at one of their chains last Monday and a coupon in my hand that I printed online but they declined it. I wasn’t very happy with that at first but then when I paid for my order, the crew handed me these coupons that I could use next time I go to Wendy’s. I actually tried two coupons pictured above and yes they honored them.

Gotta go back there and use the rest of what I have. This is not the first time I used coupons in ordering my food. I have tried Jack in the box too. Isn’t that awesome you could eat for free and not asking from the GOVERNMENT? I also have coupons for Subway which are waiting on me to use…  I am gonna use them all before they expire one of these days! Ah! The advantage of couponing.

Shopping Coupons to Get Me to Spend My Money

As Christmas approaching, a lot of people are busy choosing and buying gifts for everyone in the family. This is when those retailers try to get customers’ attention and spend their money at their store by sending out coupons in the mail, in personal e-mails and on Facebook pages.

I do have a couple of shopping coupons on hand and guess what? I don’t plan of using them all. I only have one particular store that I’d like to go this weekend and buy summer clothes that are cents in prices and sell them online. Stores like Bath and Body Works, Carter’s, Osh Kosh B’ Gosh, Gap, Macy’s and many others have sent their coupons to me but I have enough shopping done already from the past weeks. Unless somebody give me some cash and tell me to spend it all on clothing and other stuff I like, going for a shopping spree is possible…


A Treat for Myself to Victoria’s Secret


I shouldn’t feel guilty for going shopping today. I told myself a thousand times that I would not spend money at least for now and the coming days but hey who could resist such a deal if you have coupons and reward cards that is enough to almost pay all of the stuff pictured above?

For a long time I have been wanting to buy me a robe for winter, I get very cold once I step out the shower during winter season and a good and cozy robe was all I wanted, for years I couldn’t buy one for me but this time I couldn’t let the chance to pass me by and so I bought a PINK robe along with other Pink mists,  little teeny tiny hand sanitizers and an iPhone case at Victoria’s secret store today.

I only paid $17.50 for all of my stuff after using a $50 secret reward card, a $10 off coupon and a free iPhone case coupon. Awesome and such a deal if I may say so. I still got 2 secret reward cards for $10 each for next purchase, I hope the $10 off a bra coupon will come soon so I can combine the two and get another deal from my fave store.

Raining Coupons from CVS and Sears


As you may all know I am into couponing now and almost everyday I shop at CVS doing smaller transactions to take advantage of the deals and extrbucks rewards they offer. If you can call it addiction then I am addicted, I won’t deny it.

There are several ways to find coupons to use when shopping. These are usually manufacturer’s coupons to be stacked with a store coupon in order to get deep discounts on items you love and use in your household. Find above photo to be amusing. I have been buying an exclusive CVS magazine called “Reinventing Beauty” for Winter 2012 which has $49 coupon savings in it for just 99 cents.

Another big coupon book I found is at Sears. I went there last weekend and I actually found a bunch of Sears coupon books in front of me at the register so I took two. Anyway, they are free so why not grab two right? These coupon books have plenty of big coupons to be used on clothing, boots or shoes, tools and other stuff you might be interested at Sears. Grab some if you are going there today or the next days!

Couponing: CVS Haul 11/27/2012


HERE’S MY SCENARIO to give you an idea how I came up with the savings I got for this haul today.

CVS Haul 11/27/2012
TOTAL: $61.30

First transaction my card

1 6pk olay bars $5.50
1 olay body lotion $5.50

Manufacturer’s coupons used:
1/$1 olay bar soap
1/$1 body lotion

and rolled my ecbs from yesterday


Second transaction, my husband’s card:

1 pack of charmin $5.99
2 cover girl lipsticks $7.99 and $3.99 for the other one
BOGO 50% off
2 dawn 99 cents each
2 Gillette male disposable razors $10.99 each

Manufacturer coupons used:
1 $4 off $20 purchase CVS coupon
1/.25 charmin mq
1/$4 cover girl lipstick mq
1 gillette mq buy one get one free razor

Today I saved: $37.90
RECEIVED: $10 ecb back…

Couponing: CVS Haul 11/25/2012


TOTAL: $57

1 big box of Pampers diaper on sale at $24.99
1 pack of 9 rolls charmin on sale at $5.99
2 Purex laundry detergent on sale buy one get one free
2 crest pr0-health $4.99 each and get $3 ecb back
2 cover girl lipsticks $7.79 each but promo buy one get 1 50% off
dawn dish detergent on sale for .99

Manufacturer coupons used:

1/$2 pampers
4/$1 cover girl MQs
1/$2.50 CVS oral coupon and .50 mQ
1/.50 crest
1/$1 purex CVS q

1/.50 dawn
and ECBS from previous purchases

FINAL PRICE FOR ALL THESE IS : $14 after the ecb… who doesn’t want to save some money?