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Deals on Chocolates and Vienna Sausage

I am thankful for the stores ads in the mail. Although at times they are annoying for there are so many of them and there are days that I can’t look into them until they pile up and become trashy. The only thing I could do is look through them as soon as they got in, threw away ads I don’t need and keep the ones from the stores that I frequently shop. Ads are truly helpful for shoppers who want to compare prices and shop wisely for groceries and everyday items we use in the house.

First stop of my shopping today was at CVS, I grabbed six of these fave chocs of mine, Ferrero Rocher. On sale at 2/$7. I used 6/$1 manufacturer coupons and extrabucks from previous shopping. Total for all 6 is $21 and paid only $3 plus tax. Not too bad of a deal although I used up all my extrabucks for these chocolates.

 photo ferrero_zps45118777.jpg
If it wasn’t because of Fiesta Mart’s ad in the mail, I could have not availed their Libby’s Vienna sausage sale today. It is the cheapest price I have seen so far. Today only sale for sausage is 3/$1 or 33 cents each. Fiesta Mart beats Walmart  store brand sausage for 46 cents. I bought 15 cans of it, ten will go to my family in the Philippines.

 photo vienna_zps59b1e6ac.jpg

CVS Deal I Made on 1/30/2014

I am into couponing as you may all know but I don’t go to the extreme. I only do it once or twice a week, that if I got really good CVS and manufacturer’s coupons or depends on my mood. Today, I went to CVS and managed to make some deals. For some, paying the amount below may still be big but for me, there is some deals there. Not much but I got pretty good deals on things we use everyday.

 photo coupon_zpse3119171.jpg
Total Cost of Items: $54.95
Extrabucks Rewards Received: $17

Final Cost of the Items after rolled and received ECBS: $10.83


1ST Transaction:
2 Colgate Total toothpaste $2.99 each
used 2/$1 manufacturer’s coupons and $3 ecb on hand
Paid: .98
Received: $4 ecb

2ND Transaction:
1 Dawn Ultra dish washing liquid .99
2 Charmine Ultra Mega Packs $9.99 each
used 2/$2 Charmine manufacturer’s coupon, 1/.50 dawn mq and $4 ecb from first transaction
Paid: $13.77
Received $5 ecb

Second Card:
1ST Transaction:
2 Maybelline Elixir Lipsticks $8.99 each
used 2/$2 mq, $3 CVS coupon and $1 ecb on hand
Paid: $10.80
Received: $5 ecb

2ND Transaction:
2 Nivea Smooth Sensation Lotions $6 each
used 2/$1 mq, $2 CVS coupon and $5 ecb from first transaction
Paid: $3.25
Received: $3 ecb

I still got total $8 ecb left for next CVS shopping.. Yeehaw!

Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body’s Mini Haul

I am one happy shopper for I scored some really great deals on my favorite shopping store, Victoria’s Secret. First photo below was just last week and read the caption to know how much I saved in my items. Second photo is today’s haul.

I shop using coupons because I am poor, I don’t have a job. I rely on a small earning of my blogs. However, I have a bit of knowledge on couponing so that helps me a lot buying some really good stuff at a fraction of a price. Why pay full price if we can get the items we want on sale and with a combination of coupons, right?

Store sales and coupons equals GOOD DEALS!

Last weeks haul, I paid $7.49 for 5 items worth $44. Could have paid less and got 7 items in my bag if cashier listened to me. I used 3 secret reward cards worth $10 each and a $10 coupon.

 photo vs_zps01367ed1.jpg

You see, it pays when you wait and patient. When sales are on going, I can’t help but take advantage of it but I make sure I also have a coupon to use in order to really make a good deal.

Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body Works mini haul, I paid $3.41 for items worth $23.41 and a $10 coupon from BBW. For the VS, lotions on sale today for only $5 and I used my one remaining secret reward card worth $10. For the bath and body works, men’s body lotion or body wash on sale today only for $5, I had a gift card worth $10 and a FREE item coupon with purchase of $10.

 photo bbw_zps3317ccb4.jpg

Bundles of Coupons to be Clipped

 photo c1_zps5de5ca47.jpg

I have never seen or possessed a gazillion coupons until my friend gave me tons of it last Saturday at a Fil-Am party we attended. Man, I was so wide-eyed when she showed me all those papers in her car’s trunk and just gave them all to me. Mind you, it didn’t cost me or her anything. She and her husband love finding coupons in a dumpster for free. Why buy if they can find for free, right? What they are doing is going to a dumpster on Sundays and dig for some really good coupons, the process is called, “dumpster diving”.

Anyway, I started working on segregating the papers and the coupon inserts as soon as we got home that night. For two days, I clipped the P&g ones and now starting on Smart Source and Redplum coupon inserts. Since I got tons of them, I am also giving away some to my closest friends.

Couponing saves you money but it is very time consuming! Clipping coupons alone could take days plus once done, your job doesn’t end there, you’ll have to segregate them again according to categories like food, beauty, household stuff, laundry and so on! I really have to be fast clipping them so when the big sale or mega sale in stores come, I am ready to head out and grab those deals for free, HOPEFULLY! hehehe. Take note, there are like over a hundred coupons need to be clipped there, some of which are HIGH VALUE coupons! I love it!

Free Fragrance Gift Set at Victoria’s Secret a $50 Value!

Woooooooohoooooooo another freebie online I got, a fragrance gift set by Victoria’s Secret, a $50 value! Head on to their site now. Purchase a pair of slipper sock for $10 then add item number VG-307-373. Use the promo code FA1339037 (for free fragrance gift set, save $50). Pay shipping $5.99 and tax, final amount will be $16.99 or depending what state you are residing but you will receive a secret reward card for it so it will be like getting two items for free in the future.

Grab this deal now people, deals like this don’t come too often so better do it now. Worry the payment later, lol. Don’t forget to shop thru EBATES for 2% cash back shopping at Victoria’s Secret!

 photo vs_zpsac828e56.png

Find Coupon Codes at

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If you love to travel during the holidays or any time of the year, you can also check out the traveling coupons. These types of coupons can include savings on buses, city passes and many more alternatives for your traveling arrangements. Although you are certain to find the coupons you want, you can contact customer service agents by sending a message if you have any questions.

CVS Pharmacy is Celebrating its 50 Year Anniversary

I got these coupons in the mail last Saturday and I feel great when I opened it! It’s pretty high value coupons that I could use at CVS once the car is back. In celebration of CVS Pharmacy’s 50th anniversary, they are giving out this $50 value coupons to their valued customers. Have you got yours? Be very careful checking your mails so you don’t throw it away. I am looking forward to using them all before they expire!

It is just right they sent me these coupons for I always run to CVS pharmacy whenever I need something. In fact, most of our daily needs were bought from them. CVS sells merchandise a bit pricey but with the kind of reward programs they are offering to their customers, I keep coming back. I can say I saved some money shopping from them!

 photo cvs_zps02ac8f75.jpg

Victoria’s Secret Promo Buy 2 Bras and get a Free Tote a $78 Value

I went to shop at the V.S store yesterday in the mall and did not plan spending more than $15 but I ended up buying two Pink bras. The temptation was hard to resist. I had a $10 bra coupon with me plus they offer a promo when you buy two any bras, you’ll get a free tote… that is without a minimum purchase.

I paid a bit over $50 for two bras, after using my coupon and got my silver bottom Victoria’s Secret tote and a SECRET REWARD card. I am okay if I just have $10 in my reward card and hopefully reduced that amount spent to $40. Promos like that doesn’t always come because they usually require customers to shop at least $65 or higher in order to qualify for a free tote.

I am happy with the tote because it looks prettier from the outside and is spacious inside. Although there is no velcro or magnetic closure, it is good enough to carry all essentials when traveling. This lovely tote will go to my mother and hope she likes it as I do.

Whenever I go shop for under garments or lingerie, I often thought of my sister, so the pink lacey bra will go to her. It is cute and is perfect for her age. I love her to death that is why I don’t hesitate buying her stuff for I know that makes her happy, besides, she is a person that knows how to appreciate the things that are given to her.

 photo vs_zps5a9fbcb8.jpg

Victoria’s Secret 3 Free Travel Size Fragrance and Secret Reward Card

Wooohooo, I think I scored a deal on Victoria’s Secret just now. Although I paid  over $6 for the shipping but the freebies I am going to get once they arrive pay for it plus one secret reward card worth $10, $25, $50, $100 and $500 with $10 purchase.

Also, when you shop online, don’t forget to go through Ebates so you’ll get 2.0% back by shopping online. If you haven’t registered, do it now, just click on the link before checking out from Victoria’s Secret website.

To avail these 3 travel size fragrance, enter code : 3FREE, another good deal to score right now is their current promotion for panties 7/$26 use offer code : PARTYON. I paid a little over $35 total including shipping and tax but who knows if I am lucky this year, I’ll get the $50 secret reward? I got it last year so hoping for another one won’t be bad!

 photo png_zps12aee10b.png

Free Lindt Chocolate at Walgreens

These are all what I grabbed from Walgreens for FREE! They are currently on sale 2/$4 and I printed 8 of $2 coupons which makes it ALL FREE! If you haven’t grabbed yours, now is your time and run fast to Walgreens in order to avail this promo or while the nice tasting flavors of Lindt and Ghirardelli chocolates are still available. Like Lindt on FACEBOOK PAGE, finish watching the video and print your $2 coupon. You can print two copies each computer. Same thing with Ghirardelli.

Free is nice when you know you got it in a legal way or if it’s not a government handout, ain’t it? I just love the way couponing works for me. Really help me save money on everyday necessities like toilet paper, diaper, wipes, shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste, toothbrush, chocolates, cosmetics, laundry detergent and VITAMINS!

 photo lindt_zpsa3539e9b.jpg