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Sears $25 in FREE CASH points

Shopping for new coats online wasn’t in my mind but then I keep receiving this notifications from Sears in my email. When I looked at it, it is a whooping $25 in free cash points. Who am I to refuse?

Looking at my girls, they are growing up so fast and for that they need clothing appropriate for their age. Since Winter is approaching, I just thought a new good coat to keep them warm while going to school would be nice. I am not gonna give them the coats once they arrive, I’ll wrap them with Christmas wrappers so they’ll have something to open on Christmas Day.

Thanks to Sears for this awesome free cash point. As you can see, I am also earning $5.13 for next shopping. A whooping of $98 in savings for this order today. Woot! Woot!


Deal on Clothes on Abercrombie and Fitch- Stacking Codes HURRY!

I urge everyone to head on to Abercrombie and Fitch website now to register in order to get yourself a $20 off a $50 purchase when you sign up for the first time. To top of that deal, you can also stack it with FIRSTDIBS A&F CLUB 50% off summer sneak peek code.

Better use this code though for it is for TODAY only.

Then when you shop their  kids clearance you will also get an additional 30% off. I just got myself a tee and my oldest 2 shirts, 2 denim pants, a skater dress and a pair of shorts with free shipping it ended up coming to around $78, that’s a savings of $88.70 right there!

That extra 30% off only works on Kids clothes but the 50% and $20 off $50 works on adult clothes!

See photos below! DON’T forget to sign up on TOP CASHBACK in order to get 5% off rebate after purchasing on ABERCROMBIE AND FITCH site!

 photo promo_zpsu6c4cbjg.png

 photo andf_zps1jgxcjl1.png

 photo andf1_zpsakjrdonb.png

Pantene Haul at CVS

I rarely go to CVS nowadays to do my couponing. We are still pretty much stocked with almost everything right now so there is no need to anymore unless I have really good and many coupons to burn. That is when I find myself at CVS.

I decided to go today before the deal for Pantene ends which is 3/$15 and when you spend $20 on select P&G products you’ll get $5 extrabucks back. Here’s what I did, I bought 4 bottles of Pantene which will give me a sure $5 at checkout and grabbed several more products which I had a coupon to use too.

$41.64 worth of products, I used $24.25 worth of coupons, only $7.25 paid out of pocket and got back $5 extrabucks. The supplements is buy one get one free if in case you’re wondering why my calculation is lacking a few dollars. It’s like paying $2.25 for all at CVS. Coupons used were from P&G they sent in the mail, CVS coupons they also sent us in the mail and store coupons after scanning my red card in the store.

Life is sweet when you get good deals on things you use daily, isn’t it?

 photo haul_zpsijyd1ruw.jpg

Victoria’s Secret Free Fragrance Coffret Gift Set

I am glad I delayed one day of shopping on Victoria’s Secret or I would have not availed the offer free fragrance coffret gift set with sleep wear purchase. So, sometimes it pays to be patient. Here’s I scored this fragrance plus free shipping for $50 purchase!

Here’s how you do it.

1. Go through EBATES and get 1.0% cashback for shopping online.
2. Search Victoria’s Secret on the box. Place any sleep wear in your cart.
3. Enter code: FA1516450 on offer and rewards box
4. Enter your secret reward code and pin for additional discount
5. Make sure to make your amount to $50 to avail the free shipping promo last day tonight.
Enter code: SHIP50FREE

 photo VSFREE_zpst9j4wxtp.png

CVS Thanksgiving Freebies

Free is good and I love it. Free paid for by your neighbors is bad and I don’t like that idea. So, if you haven’t head out to CVS this week, better go asap as these freebies are only good until tomorrow. I scored a few items that I use and are useful to my family worth $12.47. I could have scored more but when I went to the other CVS store, some items are out and I can’t force them to sell me the stuff I want if they are out, lol.

Anyway, I only paid $2+ out of pocket for all this since I had $10 extrabucks on hand. Goodies are good, eh! I used two cards for this, of course!

Items below;

1 CVS trial pack boys training pants

2 CVS brand pantiliners

2 Colgate toothpastes at $3 each ( I used (2) red machine printed coupons $2.50 and (2) .50 manufacturer coupons

2 CVS travel wipes

2 Extra gum sticks

1 Luden cough drops

1 sour patch gum

1 CVS adult gummies

1 sample Centrum vitamints

 photo cvsfreebie_zps9w45q7rx.jpg

It Pays to be a Victoria’s Secret Cardholder

 photo vsqs_zps1s16eqjq.jpg

Stores want you to spend your money on them. Victoria’s Secret is one of them. They want you to keep coming back to their store year-round whether there’s a Holiday or normal days. To do this, they send perks to their loyal customers and or members.

Two of those perks I received are coupons for bra and a freebie, they send this to our mailing address a few times a year through a catalog and the other one that just arrived is this $15 of a bra, a freebie for panties and other coupons. While the rest of the coupons look enticing, I would not be using them as they have minimum purchase requirement which I am not willing to spend money in that amount.

I am a wise-shopper so I always go for a freebie or buy something I need rather than what I want.

Just Cents Everyday Items

I was lucky when I went to Kroger today and found out that they still have ample stocks on Hefty freezer slider bags or I’ll be very upset. I have not done couponing for a while now until today. I want to finish off my manufacturer coupons before they expire at the end of this month so I forced my achy self to go out and shop along with my two silly girls.

I went to three different stores to grab some items that are a good deal or on sale. First stop was Kroger which I bought the Hefty slider bags for just 49 CENTS each. Mega sale event 99 cents/each if you buy 6 and I had (3) $1/2 manufacturer coupons to use for all six that left me with 49 cents final price.

Second stop was Walmart, I bought a couple of items with the use of coupons but only pictured two products shown below. Final Touch fabric softener is 48 cents each after manufacturer coupons I printed from, two $2. Walmart price for it is $2.48. Next is the Rimmel London nail polishes for 50 cents each, I used 3 $1 any Rimmel product manufacturer coupons, Walmart price is $1.50.

I know I already have enough nail polishes but stocking up on them won’t harm me, besides, I am sending some to the Philippines.

 photo cents_zps8898c4bb.jpg

I’m Wasting My Gas

I saw an advertisement in one of the couponing blogs I subscribed to about a bottle of Nivea only for a dollar at Dollar Tree store. I was ecstatic and left home this afternoon with over ten coupons of Nivea on hand. Headed to the nearest Dollar Tree store and went straight to their beauty aisle only to be dismayed that the products they carried aren’t well-known brands. They are cheap products intended for their store, all aisles were messy, disorganized and just chaotic.

With that being said, I wasted my gas and my time driving to DS and did not get any deals instead spent $4 and a few cents on items for stocking stuffer. Anyway, I promise I will not go back to their store ever again. There is not much to buy there, besides, their store look dirty, there was a big stain in a green carpeted floor. Looks like it was either somebody spill something in there or a leak from the roof.

I Got My Free Photo Cards from Walgreens

I am so happy that there are certain ways to get free stuff nowadays. I am not talking about government handouts, but getting free through the use of coupons or items from my advertisers for a review.
One of the many stuff I got for free is this 20-pc. set of Christmas photo cards I ordered from Walgreens days ago.

I am ready to send out these cards to my friends, I just need to buy stamps and wait for December first before I could start mailing them to my friends. I used a coupon code for these cards online and picked them up from their store to avoid paying for the shipping. I really believe, getting free is awesome and saves me money big time! I got mine, have you got yours too?

 photo cards_zps266248bd.jpg

Free Lindt Chocolate at Walgreens

These are all what I grabbed from Walgreens for FREE! They are currently on sale 2/$4 and I printed 8 of $2 coupons which makes it ALL FREE! If you haven’t grabbed yours, now is your time and run fast to Walgreens in order to avail this promo or while the nice tasting flavors of Lindt and Ghirardelli chocolates are still available. Like Lindt on FACEBOOK PAGE, finish watching the video and print your $2 coupon. You can print two copies each computer. Same thing with Ghirardelli.

Free is nice when you know you got it in a legal way or if it’s not a government handout, ain’t it? I just love the way couponing works for me. Really help me save money on everyday necessities like toilet paper, diaper, wipes, shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste, toothbrush, chocolates, cosmetics, laundry detergent and VITAMINS!

 photo lindt_zpsa3539e9b.jpg