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Filipino Foods

I’ve always been a soup lover but dry food occasionally will be good too. Here’s what I had yesterday and for my husband. Simple quick fixes to start our day will give us energy throughout the day without bothering of getting hungry an hour or two later. Not only I love fish but also fried pork chops eh.

Usual Foods For Breakfast

These are the kind of foods I normally cook in this house. I stick to what my intestines used to eating because it simply satisfies my cravings and it fills my hungry stomach big time. Of my 4 years of living here in US, I never learned to love eating American foods like pizza, lasagna, mash potato, mac and cheese and others. It is ok with me to eat their food for snacks but never for heavy meal as I can never feel full after eating them.

……. yeah it’s a fish head with horseradish leaves and other spices soup.

.. stir fry ramen, veggies with shrimp…

… mung bean soup with okra and spinach and of course a whole fried fish as subak..
…and below is what filipinos usually have on their table to match with rice…


I take pride of sharing my ground pork here because it tastes very tasty. I cooked it last few days ago and I still have some left over since I don’t wanna finish eating it all at once. I am eating it slow, savoring every bit of it for when it’s gone I know it’s gonna be long before I can cook this again. The meat I used for this dish is from the Asian Market — just my prefered meat for they don’t stick together unlike at Walmart or other American stores. Ali bay! Ngaon Tah!


I never learned how to bake until I tried it, making cookies as soon as we moved in here. From then on, I convinced myself that baking isn’t hard at all. In fact, I find it fun to do at the same time filling my stomach’s desire with something I crave for so long like fresh hot peanut butter and cheese bread. Not only me who loves baked foods but my baby and my better half as well. Jadyn loves cookies and my husband loves his food baked.

….photo above is of my very first try making cookies. That little hand right there is of Jadyn’s too anxious to taste her cookie not minding how hot it is.

Possum Pie Addiction

I first tasted this possum pie at the Filipino Christmas party last year when Janine brought it during the party. It tastes so good that I couldn’t get enough of it. I asked her recipe for the pie and made my own. I have tried making it twice already and planning to make some more for I really love the soft, sweet and coolness taste of the pie when it lands to my mouth.

Two weeks ago I made a whole lot of big baking pan of possum pie and it took me almost a week to eat half of the pan. When my husband got home from San Antonio he ate the remaining half as he was afraid it might get so dry. I told him, I am eating it slowly, savoring every bit of it because I really love possum pie.