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Our Dinner – Pork Bone Soup and Tuscan Style Roasted Asparagus

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This is what I prepared for dinner tonight. One for the Filipino taste buds and the other one for my husband. Since I craved for a soup, I made myself and the girls this tasty pork bone soup with young corn and bokchoy paired with rice. As for the husband, I only prepared him the Tuscan style roasted asparagus with minced almond nuts. It is my first time to try such and it turned out good, though it needs a  pinch of salt lol.

I am just so glad I got a really good food magazine in which I can quickly fix my husband’s dinner. Their foods are really good and healthy yet easy to do. Looking forward to trying new dishes in days to come from the same magazine that I receive monthly.

Recipes of Taste of Home Magazine

I am thankful I subscribed to Taste of Home Magazine for I am getting delectable, simple and quick recipes for my American husband. There are tons of really awesome recipes that I could follow with no sweat. Two of which are Italian Sausage pizza and Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Cauliflower that saved my husband’s dinners for two nights.

I am getting what I paid for in this magazine and I have no regret for my subscription. I am pretty sure the next issue will be much more exciting for me for there will be new easy recipes that I could do. I don’t normally cook American dishes but with this magazine, it helps me a lot to not worry too much about feeding my family good and healthy dinners.

Photos below are actual snaps of the food I made the past nights. I am kind of proud of myself because the husband did like them. In fact, he encouraged me to cook more dinners like these and do not stop making him more. LOL.



Seafood Noodles for Long Life


This is the only dish I cooked for Jadyn’s birthday yesterday. We don’t need that much for I am the only one eating most of the leftovers. Better cook just one dish that I really love eating so it won’t end up in the trash can.

I think I made a pretty good job making this seafood noodles yesterday for it really tastes great. The husband ate some too but he put some water and salt in it after putting in the microwave, I can only understand that for he doesn’t normally eat Filipino noodles or what we call “bam-e”.

This dish is cooked normally on birthdays because it represents long life for the celebrant. I cooked mine with bacon in it and used the bacon grease to sautee the garlic, onions and red bell pepper. I also added some jumbo shrimp in it to add flavor to the dish.

Simple Cure for Banana Craving


There are times when I crave for fried bananas for afternoon snacks just like what I had in the Philippines. Since I don’t see the kind of bananas (saba) for frying I can just use plantain banana instead and fry them. So simple and easy to make that surely cures my craving for banana Q. Plantains are good enough, if ripe they are naturally sweet so I don’t need to add sugar in them which is healthy.

Round Scad Inun-unan


I made quite a lot of people drool when I posted this delectable round scad inun-unan on my Facebook album. It truly is yummy. It has been such a long time I have not eaten this kind of fish. It is best cooked in vinegar with onions, garlic, finger pepper and eggplant/okra.

When I had this, it didn’t last long. I paired it with semi scorched grits and fed three mouths in this house. You see, even the little girls loved it too. I can’t wait to cook another one like this soon. Good thing I bought two packs of round scad when I went to the Hongkong Market last year.

Grilled Dried Fish Taste Great than Frying It

Maybe it’s just me or there are other people out there notice that grilled dried fish taste better than being fried in oil in a skillet. While most people cook their dried fish the usual way by frying, little do they know that grilling it is healthier and yummier.

I have tried it a few times and each time I just love the taste of a grilled dried fish in my taste buds plus the fact that they get real crispy once done. Aside from that, I save the house from getting stinky for I am lazy bringing the electric skillet outside and fry it there..


Pancit Canton Straight From My Kitchen


Pancit canton newly cooked anyone? I know you are drooling as you are looking at this tasty pancit canton I have here. It is easy to prepare and doesn’t take long to cook. All you have to gather are the simple ingredients, the dried pancit canton noodles, carrots, cabbage, some meat, garlic, onion, ground black pepper and lemon. Just sautee the ingredients except for cabbage lemon, pepper and noodles because they will be added once the small amount of water added to the sauteed ingredients is boiling. You do not have to cook longer once you added the cabbage for it might get overcooked. A simple dish to make that everybody loves and that is the pancit canton!

Cornish Chicken Soup With Horseradish Leaves


I don’t normally get to make a soup exactly like this complete with ingredients. The main ingredient is cornish chicken which makes the soup tasty and added flavor to it are lemon grass, chayote and of course the horse radish leaves that my friend Jazzmine brought from the HK market two weeks ago. Thanks to her, I was able to make this soup which is most loved by Filipinos especially as days get cooler as we head into Fall. Tinolang manok anyone?

Small Feast At Home

I hungered for real Filipino food. It’s been a while since we last shopped at the Asian market so you can only imagine how I craved for filling food. Yesterday, we were able to shop at Nguyen Loi and good timing all vegetables I wanted to buy were available. It looked like they were just delivered at the store, shelves were full of stocks, even veggies or fruits that I don’t usually see at the market were available.

We spent over two hundred dollars there, most of which are my pick. Last night, I satisfied my craving for cooking/grilling three different kinds of food. We had grilled fish (three different types; salmon, milk fish and carabalyas as we call it in PI with head on), sauteed water spinach and tuna fish salad in vinegar. It looks like there was an occasion but truly, it was just an ordinary day for all of us.

…….. seafood party in the kitchen last night…
…. my plate and oh so yummy!

Bulalo Soup


There are times no matter how hot the weather is, I crave for pork soup. And when I do I make sure that I get to eat it. Does this bulalo soup make you drool? For sure you want to make this soup right now too, right? This was my lunch and dinner couple of days ago and it’s all gone now. Looking at this picture makes me wanna cook this again for it simply activates my salivary glands. The corns were so sweet that it gave the soup some sweetness to it. My little Morgana loved the corn as well as the soup.