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Delicious Banana-Avocado Bread

Here’s my new idea on how to make a banana bread even better. It is my first to try this and it turned out really delicious. My girls love it. In fact, my firstborn kept saying when she ate it the first time “hmmmm hmmmm really yummy… hmmmm I like it!”

I call it Rocky Banana-Avocado bread because of the slivered almonds I mixed it with. Incorporating avocado to your traditional banana bread recipe makes it healthier, more filling in the stomach and most of all, tastier and softer in texture that you just want to eat the whole thing once done.

I would recommend, you will try the avocado and you will not regret it. That’s a promise! Talking about it… makes me wanna eat it right away, the fact that I still got some left over of the bread in the fridge and you know, leftovers taste even better!

 photo banaavo_zps017bcc11.jpg

Filipino Comfort Foods

There are some things that can be bought here in North Texas that ease my homesickness or that bring me back home a little bit. When it comes to Filipino comfort foods, I can eat or cook them where I am. I again, say this is , I am one of the lucky people to be able to still eat the foods I love faraway from home.

You know in some other places of the United States, many of these foods that I am enjoying at home aren’t available in their places and never will be. For instance, they don’t get to taste the grilled milkfish (pictured below) because it isn’t available at the Asian Market. Not forgetting a glass of freshly grated young coconut meat with fresh milk and its natural juice. Yum oh so yum! I don’t mind buying a whole piece of young coconut for $3 each as long as what I’m getting is the real deal. I dread the idea of buying packed/bottled coconut water for it has preservatives in them and sugar, not worth my money!

On the side is tuna steak salad or “kinilaw” in our native tongue, we didn’t cook the fish instead, put some spicy vinegar in it, and let the vinegar cook the fish mixed with cucumber, tomatoes, ginger, a pinch of salt and voila!

Another food that I love bragging on Facebook is this Filipino delicacy called “binignit”. This is the closest binignit I can cook that we have back home, the Philippines. I got all the ingredients needed for it to be called, complete. Ingredients like landang, sago or tapioca pearl, ripe bananas, sweet potato, coconut milk, brown sugar. Well, I didn’t have a ripe jackfruit that gives it that sweet aromatic smell but I do have some natural flavoring drops in it.

If in case you want to know where I got landang which is the main ingredient of this delicacy, I brought it straight from the Philippines during my last visit to my hometown last year. Talking about it right now, makes me wanna eat binignit again for dinner.

 photo sugba_zps35b5f5ed.jpg
 photo binignit_zpse6427996.jpg

Delicious Good Filipino Food

Nothing beats home cooked Filipino food, I shall say. If you are a Filipino yourself, you would agree just by looking at the picture below. One of the dishes that I love cooking for my girls is pork adobo. They love the taste and the feeling of chewing a fatty part of the pork, “squishy baboy” as they call it. Even more delicious when paired with ripe mango and grits.

When the pork was still cooking, the girls couldn’t help but ask what I was cooking because of its delicious smell filling the entire house that probably made them hungry fast. I could eat pork adobo every meal for a week but in our household with 2 other mouths that love eating this dish, it surely wouldn’t last for long.

Pork adobo makes everyone’s stomach filled and happy, well, except for the dada for he didn’t know I cooked it.

What about you? What sort of food are you cooking at home and what’s your favorite dish?

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Filipino Style Spaghetti for Long Life

It is our belief as Filipinos that having noodles of any kind on the table on birthdays is important for long life. I know it is pretty much a myth but I grew up believing the idea that it can be true, besides, there’s no harm with that. So, I turned 31 two days ago, we went out to a Sushi restaurant nearby but I didn’t order anything with noodles in it for a celebration and today, I cooked a Filipino-style spaghetti for again… for long life! Hahaha.

I prefer the taste of our own simply because I find the American version bland, I am sorry to be upfront. Filipino style spaghetti differs from what they serve here for it uses Pinoy spaghetti sauce that is a bit sweet and spicy, with hot dogs and shredded cheese on top. For my spaghetti, I added a cup of minced carrots at the end of my cooking to give it a “crunchy” taste. I got the idea from a brother in the Philippines who went to a culinary school, by the way.

At first my first born refused to eat my spaghetti. She thought it was yucky but then when she got really hungry, she accepted it and ate some. Unlike the little sister, I can say she is a spaghetti person. I see the appetite when I fed her twice today. Thank goodness she is not so ignorant when it comes to spaghetti.

 photo pinoystyle_zpsfb943169.jpg

The Benefit of Having our Own Little Garden

One of the many benefits of having our own little garden is that, we can get to eat very fresh vegetables. Picked straight from the garden to our pots is just unbeatable. Another benefit is that, we are sure what we serve on our plates are clean, free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals that aren’t good for our body.

Another thing, we don’t have to spend money and or gas to get these specific vegetables for they are readily available anytime we feel like eating them. You can tell the big difference when the vegetables are fresh or those that are stocked for many days like those in grocery stores. The taste is sweet knowing that it is from your own labor that you are harvesting.

How about you guys, do you have a garden too? What kind of vegetables do you have in your backyard?

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Food Combo that Brings Back Good Memories

Throughout the years of making ” flavored rice porridge”, I can proudly say that I perfected its taste. Even though I am now in America yet my stomach craves for the comfort food we used to eat a lot when we were little. Rice porridge is my girls’ favorite now. It is easy to make and very filling to the hungry stomach especially if it is paired with hard boiled eggs and egg rolls.

This food combo brings back a lot of good memories I had with my siblings and my mother. Mama used to bring us to church every Sunday and took us to Loloy’s Lugawan in Lapu Lapu public market and to have some of the porridge and other stuff. For me, it was one the fondest memories I had with my family.

Loloy’s lugawan is still pretty much in the business. In fact, my Philippine vacation would not be complete without eating lugaw at his place. I even brought my first born to his place twice already and would continue coming back whenever I am given the chance to fly to the Philippines for a vacation.

 photo lugaw_zpse58dc219.jpg

Filipino Homecooked Meals are the Best!

Are you curious what I feed to my little girls at home? I am a Filipino and therefore, I cook delicious Filipino foods all the time. We rarely dine out at the restaurant so I am left with no choice but cook my own food. I am one lucky momma for both of my girls aren’t picky when it comes to eating my own food. In fact, they like it better than some American foods.

Here are just a few of what I make at home. If you are a Filipino or love our dishes, I am pretty sure you are drooling with these awesome goodness scrumptious foods I share with you today. I would say, I cannot live without eating this tummy-filling healthy foods I like. Luckily though that most of the ingredients of the dishes I usually cook are available at a Mexican and Asian markets nearby.

So scroll down in order to know the name of the dishes below. I will not give the recipes since I am posting a few of these below.

1. Vegetable stew in coconut milk paired with dry grits, fried sardine fish and dried fish. This is perfect when the temperature is chilly and can be eaten during lunch or dinner.

 photo tuno_zps50f8d19b.jpg

2. Mung bean soup in coconut milk with spinach and okra. Those green veggies, man they taste so good and very healthy. I can eat it forever if I have to and not craving for a pizza. This way way better than a pizza if I should say.
 photo 1620056_10152562245159517_1531405691_n_zps4fd5da67.jpg

3. Buttered garlicky shrimp. A quick fix for brunch perfect for everybody. It is so easy to make just sautee the garlic in a hot butter, mix in the peeled shrimp and voila! Sprinkle with ground black pepper and lemon. Yum!
 photo 1077987_10152558973854517_352955585_n_zps56b8468c.jpg

4. Fried Marinated Pork Meat with a bit of fat. This is awesome goodness when you feel like you don’t want soup in your plate. Just eat pork with rice and you’re good to go. Best paired with lemonade or a bit of coke hehe. I love it cooked a bit scorched and chewy. Takes forever to chew but I grew up eating it the way it is.
 photo 1369041_10152285689704517_1001208215_n_zpse4a2fec4.jpg

5. Chicken with malunggay (moringa oleifera) leaves soup. This is what most Filipinos crave for when the weather gets very cold. Have a bowl of very hot chicken soup and it sure gives you sweat afterwards. This has ginger in it that its taste a little spicy that makes you sweaty. It is very good if you are curious how it taste.
 photo 1579950_10152554893679517_1772574553_n_zpseb33289a.jpg

6. Holiday brand corned beef Philippine brand. This one is the simplest and the easiest to prepare of all. It is not bad to crave for canned meat sometimes so here it is. Great for breakfast and doesn’t take long to cook. Although it has msg in it but it is sinfully delish, with rice of course!
 photo 1558902_10152534370434517_1051271173_n_zps6d9d6b40.jpg

7. Dinuguan or pork blood stew. For Americans, it looks gross or yucky knowing that a pig blood is the main ingredient of this dish but for us Filipinos, this is one hell of a good dish to eat. Not all Filipinos in America or other parts of the world can get to eat it but I do and I’m in Texas. Yeah, as long as the basic ingredient is available then I can certainly make it anytime I want to. You can cook it with just pork meat with fat and blood with it but when I cooked this one for the second time, I also put pig stomach in there that gives it a soft/tender kinda chewy texture when you scope some and put in your mouth.
 photo 1533254_10152515763409517_1082858033_n_zpsa49bc7ce.jpg

Fresh from Our Oven Blueberry Muffins

Here’s what’s baking tonight, blueberry muffins requested by my firstborn. She has been bugging me about blueberry muffins, oh well, as you wish my dear! I finally got the time to grant her wish, gladly enough we bought fresh blueberries yesterday and we have the mix so all I have to do is mix them with the batter.

It didn’t take long to bake the batter, just 10 minutes and they were done. My girls grabbed each of them a muffin even if I just took them out the oven. The baby had two, the big sister only had one and that’s it for dinner. These muffins are truly delish. Love that blueberry juice bleeding inside, taste good when eaten hot!

 photo blue_zpsdd43f2ae.jpg

Six surprising salmon Recipes

Salmon is a surprising fish that is really good for you, and is much more versatile than many people realise. It’s quick and easy to bake salmon in the oven, but if you’re feeling creative, try some of these inventive salmon recipes to really get your taste buds going.

 Salmon and beetroot

 photo beetroot_zpscb1a9746.jpg

This is a great combination of flavours – the tangy flavour of the salmon is complemented by sweet beetroot – and stunning pink and red colours make this a dinner party favourite. Lots of recipes use smoked salmon and beetroot in a cold salad, but you could try hot smoked salmon or salmon fillet paired with sweet flame beetroot and horseradish.

 Salmon and spice

Salmon goes well with a variety of spicy flavours, such as jalapeno. Make some spicy fishcakes and top with guacamole for a very nice twist on an old favourite. Or you could try baking salmon fillets with a spicy, crunchy topping of cayenne pepper mixed with breadcrumbs.

 Salmon and wasabi

A deliciously unusual take on serving salmon is the salmon meatloaf. Combine salmon with ginger, garlic, breadcrumbs, sesame and olive oil, egg and a pinch of a few Asian seasonings, and bake in the oven. Serve it in slices with a tangy wasabi mayonnaise. It’s a simple but delicious lunch, or a sophisticated dinner party starter.

 Salmon and soy sauce

Very simple to do, but the combination of flavours is perfect. You can make a soy and honey glaze for baked salmon, or add ginger and garlic for some extra kick. Serve with broccoli rice for a tasty and healthy supper.

 Salmon and peaches

For a mouth-watering dinner party dish, bake fillets of salmon and drizzle with a ginger vinaigrette, then serve with roast onion and peach wedges. It might sound strange, but the unusual flavours combine to create an unforgettably delicious meal.

 Salmon and citrus

This is really easy to make, but for the ‘wow’ factor, you really need a whole salmon or a nice big fillet. Simply slice up oranges and lemons and layer them over the salmon. Scatter some thyme on top, then wrap in foil and bake in the oven. Simple – but spectacular!

Crabs in Coconut Milk – A Must Try

Here is my recent dish that I’d like to share to all seafood lovers out there. It’s a crab in coconut milk, although this dish is not new to the Filipinos/Asians, but if you are American and haven’t tried this, now is the time to make it in your own kitchen. You will not regret making this dish for it really is scrumptious. It is simple and easy to fix. Read ingredients below and instruction of cooking.

After giving it a try, trust me, you will be making this dish again and again!

 photo 974520_10152303084849517_1709328542_n1_zpsaebd322e.jpg
2 pounds live crabs
1 can coconut milk
1 tbsp. olive oil
3 cloves minced garlic
1 medium onion
4 lady finger peppers
a pinch of salt
1/2 cup water if the coconut milk is too thick
a bit of ginger, cubed
some leaves of bokchoy or green leafy vegetable

Here’s how:
Sautee garlic, onions and ginger in olive oil until brown. Put the crabs, you can put them in the pan even if they’re still alive just cover it afterwards.
Stir occasionally so that the crabs will be evenly heated. Pour the coconut milk when the crabs are orange. Put the peppers, salt and a pinch of ground peppers. Simmer for 5-7 minutes. Serve hot.