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A New Bag After a Long Time

I love purses and they are one of my treats. I know I work very hard these days and I deserve a nice treat which is this MK crossbody I bought at Premium Outlet in Grand Prairie, Tx last weekend. After putting off buying a purse for such a very long time, I gave up and went ahead, indulge! It is not bad I think knowing that I earned the money I used to buy this.

I wanted a Vanilla Michael Kors bag, like I said above… been putting it off and saved my money instead. For a medium-sized crossbody and a little under $100 after 60% off discount isn’t so bad after all. While some people putting a smirk face on items bought at outlets maybe because a lot of customers already touched and put their finger prints on every item displayed in the shelf, I have no problem buying there anyway.

By observing other customers while in the store, I found out that you can actually ask for a new item in the back from from the sales associate. I asked for one shown below with straps still wrapped for protection, so for me it is still considered “new”.

I love it! I love the size and the color. It is lightweight and I am anxious using it soon. It has 4 different compartments inside for your little valuables and a separate zipped compartment as well. I made a good purchase I believe and I should not feel guilty for buying a new one albeit of the many purses still new hidden in my closet!

 photo mk_zpsezzpskrw.jpg

 photo mk1_zpswovliz76.jpg

 photo mk2_zpsz55ez9ep.jpg

How I Scored This Rollerbal Victoria’s Secret Eau de Parfum

Getting freebies at Victoria’s Secret isn’t hard at all. If you follow them on social media or belongs to an FB group that posts deals and promos from stores, you can score yourself cool freebies from VS or other fave stores. How I scored this rollerball VS eau de parfum in store last weekend just by voting for VS’ new scent online that’s been going on and took a screenshot of it, showed it to the cashier at the register and voila! No questions asked, she handed me this nice scent perfume that I could wear once in a while. With no purchase necessary, I got this thing at least worth $10.

This is not the first time I got a freebie from them. If you are following my blog, you would know that. Thanks to VS for they know how to keep their customers happy and keep coming back to their store.

 photo vs_zpsa8eh6mkc.jpg

Cute Aldo Crossbody From $39.99 Down to $10 Plus

Look what I found on DSW website? This is probably one of the cutest crossbody bags I own now. I love it’s hot pink color ( photo don’t show and don’t do justice) and the first pink color bag I bought.

Sometimes it pays to be patient and wait until you hit the deal. Before I could purchase this thing, I eyed on it for a few days and so wanted to buy it right away but had a hard time using my coupon certificate on their website so, that somehow, delayed me from checking this out. Well, the odd was in favor of me because two days after I itched buying it, DSW offered 25% off promo for their entire site including clearance or sale items and take note free shipping too. BOOM! How I liked that?

If I didn’t wait, I could have paid more for this item than the price I got it for. Imagine this crossbody bag retails from $39.99 and only paid $10 plus tax final price after site promo and a coupon certificate worth $20! Ain’t that sweet? I am happy because the thing I really want finally in my closet for a fraction of a price than what most people normally pay. It’s sooo cute and beautiful!

 photo aldo_zpsgcxwyopk.jpg

My Friend’s Sun Hat Creations

It’s Spring and not long from now it will be Summer. Obviously, when it’s Summer, people are taking precautions in order to protect their skin from sun’s damaging rays. One of the ways they do is wearing sun hats. Look at these collection of sun hats below, aren’t they gorgeous? They are created by my friend Maureen and posted them on her album on Facebook. Sorry my friend, I stole your photographs without your permission.

It’s just that your hats are so fashionable and surely many chic women would love to have one of these. I admire how she beautifully made the hats with all the colors coordinated well and the time spent crocheting the hats. Can you imagine spending so much time making just one hat?

These are just a few of her creations. My favorite of all is the blue in the middle photo. As you may know, I am crazy with blue and you can pretty much tell why the blue hat is my favorite.

 photo 521771_4768516285816_497425444_n_zps4763ab19.jpg
 photo 551352_4768527886106_973013368_n_zps0bde68e1.jpg

 photo 563718_4768525246040_1410842496_n_zps9cad26dc.jpg

Wedding Gowns at Dimitra Designs

People just celebrated Valentine’s Day. And in fact, there are several couples who chose to get wed on that very Heart’s Day to make their wedding even more special. I guess it was all the brides’ idea so each year that passes by it will be a double celebration for them, wedding anniversary and Valentine’s Day that is.

Well, personally, no matter what month or day it is as long as the two partners genuinely love each other, they can be married of the dates they choose. Speaking of which, if you happen to stumble upon this blog today and are located in the Spartanburg, South Carolina and are planning your wedding, you may want to check out bridal shops in Spartanburg SC and at least gather ideas of what the cost for wedding entourage and a wedding dress might be.

Should you choose to have your wedding dress especially made for you, you have the option to avail the lay-away program for brand new wedding dresses cost a little bit more than renting it. It is okay if you want to keep your wedding dress, you are the bride-to-be and it is going to be your special day.

 photo dress-1_zps00bb4571.jpg

Dimitra Designs Bridal Emporium in Greenville SC, offers full service bridal attire, wedding bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses, mother of the bride dresses, tuxedo rental from famous brands, prom dresses and homecoming dresses in stock every season from top designers, exclusive pageant gowns for beauty contests and even little girls pageant dresses. Please check them out today!

I Have Been Waiting for a Long Time for this!

I have so many wants in life as a woman which for me is just normal for human beings, purses is one of them but no matter how crazy I am over them I cannot buy a purse often. I don’t wish for a luxurious purse either, all I want to possess are middle brands that I can afford.

I have been wanting to buy me a purse that has style and functionality. A cross body bag that I could use when traveling with kids is what I wanted to buy. God knows how I itched to buy me a new purse, for months it’s on my mind to really get one when I have the chance and that chance happened yesterday. We spent our weekend in San Antonio and on our way home I asked my husband to stop by one of the premium outlets so I can buy that very purse I have been itching to get … so we did. You know how it feels when you have been waiting forever for that perfect time to buy something that you really and it came true? Feels like heaven and couldn’t be more thankful.

 photo mcoach_zps40e29737.jpgw purse

… right picture is the color in actual, the photo on the left is a bit darker due to lighting..

At last I bought me this spacious 12″x13″ Coach cross body at Premium outlets in San Marcos. It can be worn as a cross body and hand or in shoulder. Originally priced for $328 and marked down up to 80%. Even with that massive discount, I still feel guilty about it for spending so much on a purse like this. But anyhow, this is what I really need when I fly to the Philippines in a month. I guess I just have to suck it up and be happy of my new purse!

Online Shopping

…is always the best and rather convenient for me because I’m not driving. It’s been too long since I have not done any online shopping and for that I thought of treating myself for you know looking for stuff on sale online since there are a lot of sales going on for Labor Day weekend.

This week I spent below 50 dollars on four items that I like on two different online stores. I consider myself as the queen of deals so what I found is very satisfying! I expect for my orders to arrive sooner or later next week… it’s alright as long as they are gonna come in the mail!

… this classy and chic turtle neck is from metrostyle that goes with any bottoms you wanna wear, sold originally for $39.99 and bought it for $9.99 and I also bought a skinny belt for $4.99.
…. new Fall stuff for me..hmm I just love them especially the one below, look so comfy, simple and could show a little bit of cleavage when worn. Sweater above was priced $39.50 got it for 9.99 and the one below was $29.50 and clearance price is $12.99. Not only that, I was able to avail another 30% off at final check out so you can probably guess these two items I paid for only 23.77 including shipping and sales tax… tell me, this isn’t bad right???