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My First Purse Purchase for this Year

I am excited for a package to arrive, inside it, is my first Coach purse tote purchase of this year, haha. For the record, I haven’t been buying purses simply I lost interest with them for a while. A friend showed me this particular item last week and I thought, why not buy it? Mother’s Day is coming so it serves as a gift for myself and also, the price was right for such a cute and feminine tote like this.

I did not hesitate checking it out because it is my kind of purse, I love the zip top closure among other types of purses. I feel safer using zip top you know? I can very well use this in the Philippines someday. I prefer using zip top purses while I am out of the country because you’ll never know when you can become a victim of pick pocketing, there are so many of them in the Philippines and using just magnetic closure purses are so inviting for those criminals.

I love the look of this tote so much, it has soft feminine prints with adjustable straps that could be made into a crossbody bag or shoulder bag. I hope the size is right when it arrives. For now I am so anxious to get it here and adore it, haha!

 photo coach_zps8fc34538.png

Coach Getaway Signature Packable Crossbody – This is the Last One

I bought this Coach brass/orange spice crossbody bag because I feel like I need it! Every time I buy me a new purse whether it be a tote, shoulder bag, body bag or wristlet, I tell myself THIS IS THE LAST ONE! But who am I kidding? I am fooling myself, right? Because here I am again, I found myself checking out from Coach factory website 40 minutes ago. I should not regret for buying this for “I REALLY NEED IT”. I hope it is the perfect size for me to be using everyday to fit my valuables when sending my kid to school.

I got a couple of the same brand handbags in my closet, a few of them still have tags, others I’ve only used once but why the heck am I buying another one again? Sniff! Sniff! I am so high right now. I just fueled my worldly wants. I have been thinking of buying a crossbody bag but been also putting it off knowing that I am trying to save some money for future use.

Duh blah blah, I fell inlove with this yellow color so I went ahead and checked out, I thought the price was okay but when shipping and tax added up, it went up to $74 total. No, I don’t want to regret it since I paid cash through my blogging money for it but heck… the fact that I am buying another bag (conscience) haunting me.

 photo coach_zps978514fe.png
… left photo is just to show how it looks on me… it’s the one on the right is the color I bought… I know it’s weird and crazy color but it’s interesting to look at.

I Have Been Waiting for a Long Time for this!

I have so many wants in life as a woman which for me is just normal for human beings, purses is one of them but no matter how crazy I am over them I cannot buy a purse often. I don’t wish for a luxurious purse either, all I want to possess are middle brands that I can afford.

I have been wanting to buy me a purse that has style and functionality. A cross body bag that I could use when traveling with kids is what I wanted to buy. God knows how I itched to buy me a new purse, for months it’s on my mind to really get one when I have the chance and that chance happened yesterday. We spent our weekend in San Antonio and on our way home I asked my husband to stop by one of the premium outlets so I can buy that very purse I have been itching to get … so we did. You know how it feels when you have been waiting forever for that perfect time to buy something that you really and it came true? Feels like heaven and couldn’t be more thankful.

 photo mcoach_zps40e29737.jpgw purse

… right picture is the color in actual, the photo on the left is a bit darker due to lighting..

At last I bought me this spacious 12″x13″ Coach cross body at Premium outlets in San Marcos. It can be worn as a cross body and hand or in shoulder. Originally priced for $328 and marked down up to 80%. Even with that massive discount, I still feel guilty about it for spending so much on a purse like this. But anyhow, this is what I really need when I fly to the Philippines in a month. I guess I just have to suck it up and be happy of my new purse!

A Coach Wristlet Gift

I am not so bad as a person after all because friends are giving me stuff for free. How do you like receiving a Coach wristlet as a gift from someone you’ve been friends with for a long time but haven’t met in person even once? That is just sweet! Such a cute thing to have, I love wristlets a lot and of course Coach too, haha!

I myself could probably cannot afford to give away my Coach purses or wristlets because if I like them too much, I plan of keeping them for a long time. I rarely buy me a present so I see to it that when I buy one, I am going to like it a lot or I’ll be regretting spending so much money on to something that I don’t like to use.

Coach’s Fun Summer Signature Print


When I first saw this on Coach Factory online store I fell in love with it right away. I just love the fun summer print of this tote that I so wanted to get it. I did try to put this in the cart though and check out. The item itself cost $69 that is after 30% off deducted from it but heck, it could total $84 final check out including shipping and tax so I had to close the window and just let it passed me by.

It sucks when you want something especially purses or handbags and you can’t get it simply because it is too much of a price. Several times I chose beautiful Coach handbags to just go and not buy them but this time, I really want it that I could roll on the ground and cry for it. My heart is bleeding right now because of this tote. Hmppppp! Next time, I would really buy the one I want without hesitation, I promise!

Wednesday Whites: Beautiful Handbag

It’s my first time to join Wednesday Whites meme. I hope I can continue doing this as long as I can for I tend to be lazy and forgetful at times that I forget those days for memes. First entry for Wednesday Whites is this beautiful Coach bag I had that I gave away to a friend in Japan, I like it very much but it’s too small for me. I have a baby and it just not big enough for diaper and wipes.

Coach Handbags Sale Online

It is the second day of Coach’s sale online. I used to be so excited and thrilled if given the invitation from them in my mail but in my case right now, aside from being low on budget, I am just pretty busy to even peek or browse their handbags. I did a quick look yesterday though but that was it.

I saw there wasn’t much going on except those handbags that customers think are pretty good deal were sold out. Maybe next time I will buy one that if I can sell these two brand new Coach handbags I have that I purchased last month.

I don’t know why I am having a hard time selling them, I thought they would sell as soon as I posted them on Craigslist. I might try posting them in my other blog with good traffic, who knows one of the bloggers would be interested in buying one.

First Coach Handbag And Swingpack

Weew what a fine day for me for Coach factory has floods of markdowns plus additional 30% off to already discounted items. Being a member of such store helps for we are given an “exclusive member only mail” that allows us to shop for their handbags and other stuff.
The items below are soon to be mine once they arrive in the mail. I am excited and so anxious to use my first Coach handbag ever! I’ve been wanting to buy one of this brand but I just couldn’t afford to spend my money on to something that is so expensive and is not so important but this morning I couldn’t let the opportunity slip away.

Coach don’t usually offer markdowns in their stuff unless of course you will go to their outlet store elsewhere… I am glad I bought mine early this morning for items are going away fast.  I only paid $185.56  including tax and shipping of course for these two items below. See the original prices and you’ll see how much I saved for taking advantage of the sale!


$328.00 MFSRP
$169.00 NOW
$118.30 WITH 30% DISCOUNT


$148.00 MFSRP
$69.00 NOW
$48.30 WITH 30% DISCOUNT