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I Scored a Great Deal at Hollister

I felt like a winner after scoring such a sweet deal at Hollister when I went to the mall last Monday. I am subscribed to their email notifications so I know when they have new arrivals or sales. I was so enticed to shop online because of the great deal they offered to their loyal customers of up to 70% off. In fact, I had at least 9 items in my cart ready to be checked out but I got discouraged when they gave me the final amount after tax although they offer free shipping of orders over $75.

Heck, I almost checked out when I realized I don’t need to spend that much money on clothing right now. What I did is, closed the window and forgot about the big savings I could score if I were to avail right at that moment. Hours later after putting the items in the cart, I saw most of the items were sold out. I got a bit disappointed yet thankful for I didn’t have to buy what’s in there.

Monday came, I was itching to go to the mall and at least buy two items that I fell in love with, the two yellow green/white and pink/white long sleeve plaids were effin’ gorgeous so I went to their local store and bought them along with a couple other items that were also marked down by 70%.

I got five items total in my bag and only cost me under $50 including tax. If I paid them in full price, I could pay roughly a hundred bucks. Also, I was happy I did go to the mall for the items were much cheaper than online. Imagine the plaids cost $10.40 online and in store it came down to $8.47. What I love about Hollister is that their clothing is made of high quality materials, soft and comfortable on to the skin.


Find A Quality Cowgirl Fancy Dress

There is no doubt that most kids love to play dress up and imagine they are their favourite cowgirl. In fact, this can be a great way for kids to use their imaginations and engage in exciting role-playing activities that are great for fun as well as their development. Whether it is for Halloween, a theatrical production or simply creative play time at home, having the right costume and accessories can certainly add to the fun. Fortunately, you can get a high quality cowgirl fancy dress at that can provide many hours of fun and excitement for girls of any age.

Regardless of which COWGIRL is your child’s favourite character, it is important to find a costume that not only accurately depicts this character, but can also stand up to many hours of play and fun. After all, once you have the perfect cowgirl fancy dress, your child will certainly want to dress-up and play as often as possible. There are plenty of manufacturers specializing in costumes and dress-up clothing; however, once you begin to research your options you will definitely find that the quality and detail between various manufacturers can vary significantly. Choosing a quality cowgirl fancy dress will ensure that your child is able to play and enjoy the outfit for many years.

Everything from the quality of the material and embellishments that are used to make the costume to the craftsmanship and sewing of the actual dress will determine how long your cowgirl fancy dress will last. Pick a company that has a good reputation for providing excellent quality items and customer service. This will often help to avoid potential problems and will even make it easier to find coordinated fancy dress accessories to make dressing up even more exciting. After all, a big part of the fun in dressing up is being able to complete your look with the right accessories.

Every cowgirl needs some type of accessory to complete their costume, be sure to consider the details when you purchase your fancy cowgirl dress. Take a look at the cowgirl your child likes to emulate and you will quickly discover the special items that will bring their costume to a new level of fun and realism. When it comes to dressing up or role-playing, a high quality costume and fancy dress accessories can make the difference between just having a costume and actually being able to recreate their favourite cowgirl actions.

I Like to Look Sexy


As much as I want to look sexy, I cannot do that and there is nothing I can do to change my body figure. I was created by God and was born to be this way so I must accept it wholeheartedly. However, I would like to wish to look sexy by simply wearing such a cool summer dress pictured above. I found this at Ukay2x group on Facebook for sale. This is to fool the husband for a second that I actually that sexy because of that dress, haha!

Guilty Pleasure


I thought I wouldn’t be tempted today but geeeezzz I found myself checking out at earlier tonight. I started browsing this morning, put two items in the cart and left it like that for hours to pick up my pre-schooler. I did not shut down my computer though so when we got home from the park, that very same website I left earlier was still there… so I browsed again and finally CHECKED OUT.

In my mind, why not? It’s a deal… the original price of those items are $24.50 and on sale for $19.90 plus 30% off entire purchase which brought the price down to $11 plus and the site offers FREE SHIPPING, bought two 3/4 sleeves tees in dark pink and gray! That’s what got me, the free shipping deal. Instead of going to the mall, why not do it online where I don’t have to burn my gas plus I do it in private although admittedly I could have had several choices of items in store…. but I doubt if they have the same deal there as what CYBER MONDAY offers?

I honestly feeling guilty right now for having spent $25 on clothing for myself today. I know it doesn’t sound much to you but I feel like I have been spending so much lately instead of saving my money.

Neon Colorblock Dress


I bought this online in medium size, I am selling it for only $18 free shipping within US. If small was available, I would definitely keep one for me but sad to say, it was no longer available when I opened the website.

If anybody out there interested in buying this dress, please leave me a message. Two pieces available as of now. This is just gorgeous that is why I am selling it for I know my customers would love to have this dress.

My Haul At Old Navy


This was my haul at Old Navy 2 weeks ago. You know when I shop for clothing at the mall I always turn to clearance section and see what I can find there. All of these clothing pictured above only cost me $47 something plus I got $20 voucher to be spent in my next purchase $50 or more. It is like getting all these stuff for only $27. Looking forward to shopping again in the same store 2 weeks from now and hopefully score more deals at Old Navy.

Brown Marled Cowl Neck Sweater Tunic On Its Way


Soon to be displayed in Ukay Ukay and Pinay Yardsale on Facebook is this beautiful brown marled cowl neck sweater dress. I ordered four of this and I hope I will sell them all for just $10 each. It is my kind of dress for Fall, simple but stylish, comfortable and not heavy. If anybody out there who wants to reserve one for herself, please tell me so I can spare one for you! The items should be here early next week!

I Got Me A New Hooded Fleece Jacket In Neon Orange


As bright as it is for a dark-skinned color Filipina to be wearing a neon color hoodie would be crazy but I like it. It is a treat for myself for working hard these past few weeks. Somebody gave me a Hollister 25% off coupon so I used it to buy this hoody along with a nice Hollister top.

I think I made the right choice for choosing to buy a hooded fleece jacket instead of cardigan because, it is thicker and warmer. Unlike the cardigan, it is so thin that it can only be worn in the 50’s temperature.

I Finally Got You

I’ve been waiting for forever to buy this purple watch on ebay. For weeks buying it has been put off simply because there are more important things to spend my money on rather than this but when I had ample funds in Paypal I decided to just go ahead, treat myself with this simple watch and a gorgeous yellow dollhouse coat. Both are free shipping so I literally just paid for the cost of the items.



US Made Tops For Sale

How many of your guys are delighted to see or shop US made clothing like this one attached here? If you are up for US made pretty tops like I have for sale here then let me know, I have three different colors of this style, fuchsia, yellow and purple. Sizes available S, M , L and XL … just give me a holler for inquiries okay? Hurry while supplies last. You don’t regret it, they are really pretty ….

….. front view of the top
… beautiful floral print back of the top