Category: clothing

I Heart These

I know when I love something could it be shoes, bags, tops or dresses. Like these beautiful blouses here. At first glance I was struck by them. These two colors are my choices if ever I will buy tops. Each sold only for 19.99 but I don’t have the money for now. I just spent my money on 5 t-shirts I saw online. I hope when money is available, these tops are still there so I can buy them. Just loving the simple yet stylish cut of these eh.

I’m Eying For This

This Aeropostale collared shirt just so cool. I like the color and the style itself. It is on sale right now for half a price. I like it green although I have several choices of color on Aero site. Green is for environment and to honor St. Patrick’s Day as well. I will wait for the payday before I could purchase this and I’m excited!!!!

Summer Dress

I am waiting for this dress to arrive this week. I bought it from a filipina who sells nice affordable stuff on facebook. This one really caught me and gladly she had it on sale that I never hesitated to buy. I like buying stuff for less you know?

I guess this is going to be my last purchase for now. I am saving up for some important matters these days.