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Fruit Of The Loom

Two pieces of luggage are already packed and ready to go. They both are very full and are stuffed with more presents for my family including chocolates. My husband asked me why can’t I buy some chocolates when I get there and I replied it’s because I want to bring something to them that is from America. Huh, stupid answer why chocolates sold in Duty Free Philippines aren’t from America too? Lol for that.
Ah, I just love to shop for stuff in stores here because they are on sale. I doubt if I can purchase discounted chocolates in the Philippines? Anyways, aside from what’s in the luggage I am also expecting for my balik-bayan box to arrive days after I get there. One of the things I put in my box is the fruit of the loom brand for boys underwear and my sister’s underwear.
I hope they will be happy to receive them from me. They are simple things that I can afford to buy yet they are heartily given. I only expect for them to appreciate what is given to them because when I was growing up, I didn’t have someone to give me nice presents especially from abroad.

It Fits Well

I bought this dress of mine on Body Central online store. I was just lucky enough to have found this one on sale for only 9 bucks. Not only was it a great deal but it looks pretty as well. I love the colors too. It was originally priced for 30 bucks and when I saw it online on sale, I went ahead and bought it right away with no hesitations for I know I liked it a lot. I am just glad though that they had my size on this one. I bought it with an intention of wearing this dress for our anniversary celebration.

Sexy Cop Costumes

Hey ladies, what would you wanna be during the Halloween party? Do you consider yourself becoming a sexy cop for one day by wearing one of the sexy cop costumes? I bet you will look good in it huh? When it comes to buying Halloween costumes of any type, you know where you’re going already. Just visit on the link provided here, okay?

Old Navy Fur Coat

I realized I don’t have that many coats to wear for the Winter. I only got less than five decent coats to be honest. I guess it’s time for me to buy a new one for myself. I want something chic, warm and comfortable. This Old Navy fur trench coat is my prospect or the other one I’ve seen on Jc Penny. I am not in a rush buying a coat though since I am not gonna be here when cold days start, somehow hoping that I could buy this coat on SALE for me to save a few bucks.

Torn Between These Two Maxi Dresses

It’s hard when you shop online and you get to choose between tons of beautiful dresses with such an amazing deal. From $29.80 as the original price marked down to $9 all you gotta do is grab the chance and here comes the hard part, deciding which one to buy. I can’t buy 2 so I really need to think about it seriously as to which one to get.

My first choice was this blue embroided maxi dress. I fell in love with it the moment I laid my eyes on this one and then I kept browsing. The second photo below appeared which happened to have the same price as the first one. Now I am torn between these two maxi dresses. Help me decide people!

Box Stuffer

Here’s a few t-shirts I bought online for my brothers in the Philippines. They don’t cost that much so I went ahead and bought them. They make a good box stuffer and great for tropical country like the Philippines. The material is 100% cotton, very lightweight and cool.

I am very far from filling the balik-bayan box but I believe in due time, it’s gonna be full and hopefully send it this year. I still got a couple of months to look around and find stuff that they might like.

Bored, Just Browsing

When I got nothing else to do and am tired of facebooking, what I do is browse for cute dresses and tops online from different websites. There are tons of fashion clothing I have seen which are cute but only very few of them that I can’t take my eyes off them. Many times I am tempted of buying them but I am thinking of going home hopefully before this year ends or early next year so I end up closing the windows I opened where I found the cute trends. Here are two of them that I drool so much.

… this plaid halter top can be best compared to an ice cream, once it is melted you can’t help but lick it and enjoy the coolness of it..

…….. this one caught me among thousands of dresses I saw in amiclubwear… it’s my size and only 12.99! Geeeezzz very cheap for something that is classy like this blue thingy…… if someone say buy it Anne, then I wanna go ahead and buy it for me….

I Heart These

I know when I love something could it be shoes, bags, tops or dresses. Like these beautiful blouses here. At first glance I was struck by them. These two colors are my choices if ever I will buy tops. Each sold only for 19.99 but I don’t have the money for now. I just spent my money on 5 t-shirts I saw online. I hope when money is available, these tops are still there so I can buy them. Just loving the simple yet stylish cut of these eh.

I’m Eying For This

This Aeropostale collared shirt just so cool. I like the color and the style itself. It is on sale right now for half a price. I like it green although I have several choices of color on Aero site. Green is for environment and to honor St. Patrick’s Day as well. I will wait for the payday before I could purchase this and I’m excited!!!!

Summer Dress

I am waiting for this dress to arrive this week. I bought it from a filipina who sells nice affordable stuff on facebook. This one really caught me and gladly she had it on sale that I never hesitated to buy. I like buying stuff for less you know?

I guess this is going to be my last purchase for now. I am saving up for some important matters these days.