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US Made Tops For Sale

How many of your guys are delighted to see or shop US made clothing like this one attached here? If you are up for US made pretty tops like I have for sale here then let me know, I have three different colors of this style, fuchsia, yellow and purple. Sizes available S, M , L and XL … just give me a holler for inquiries okay? Hurry while supplies last. You don’t regret it, they are really pretty ….

….. front view of the top
… beautiful floral print back of the top

Be Stylish And Fashionable For Less


It is very common for celebrities shopping for a high-end fashion that are way too pricey because they do have more than they can afford for expensive stuff. But for  the common people like me, I would always go for cheaper ones and buy middle brands instead because that is what I can only afford to have. Aside from them being affordable, the quality is good and can last for a lifetime if you handle your things carefully.

To be stylish and fashionable don’t have to be expensive. As they say, it is not how much you paid for your clothes but how well you carry them. Besides, there are a lot of ways in order to save some money when shopping and be able to afford the latest trends without compromising your budget.

Looking for coupons and deals online should not be difficult to do. It only requires a bit of time and patience so that you can buy the things you want at lower prices. In fact, you can buy what you need using discount codes in almost anything nowadays. It is all up to the person whether he/she wants to save or not. For sure, so many people would want that. I want to save some money too, who doesn’t?

Color Block Tiered Top From Oasap

I have always wanted to buy a color block tiered top on the internet but for some reason something is stopping me each time I tried to check out. I was hesitant because that little voice in me is saying maybe I can find this very top that I would fall in love right away on a site that I have never shopped before. I was right! When I heard about, I registered and browsed their online catalog right away and look what I found? The exact top that I ever dreamed of buying.

Who would have thought that I could find this on the internet, I just love the fitting of this top, the way it looks and most of all the materials used. So light, so comfortable and most of all I received a lot of compliments when I wore it last weekend during our short stay in San Antonio.

I found this lovely Oasap women’s high street fashion store and would like to invite you to join its Fashion Hunter Program where you can get freebies in exchange a post on your lookbook, chictopia or blogspot.
PS: If you join through this invite and approved to be Oasap Fashion Hunter, I’ll get $8 cash credit. You can invite your friends and get money too. Join Now.




Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Clothing Sale


I don’t normally shop at Victoria’s Secret (well except for undies and bras) for clothing for I find them too pricey even if they are on sale or 50% off. Although I browse for their clothes I never would want to buy anything from them unless I see a dress that is attractive enough for me to buy and the price would also be affordable. One for example is the same exact dress photograph above. I bought it for $9.99 that is awesomely delicious for a Chain Strap V-neck Bra Top dress that’s below ten bucks.

I was very happy to have found this red dress. I love it, the style and the material but I wished I ordered in Small size since the waist area is a little too tight for me!

A bit of information about the item lifted from the original source.

Add a little glam to every day, with goldtone hardware straps. Imported Supima® cotton/spandex.
Fit-and-flare shape
Removable pads for added lift and contouring
Made with Supima® cotton for exceptional softness
18″ from waist
Hand wash. Lay flat to dry.
Orig. $39.50 Clearance $9.99

Halter Maxi Dress – Fuschia/Blue


Look at that dress above, isn’t that heavenly and comfortable looking? Of all the clothing stores I looked at for two days now, I never really click the CHECKOUT button until I saw this one on Many times I almost bought shoes, handbags and cute tops online but I closed all windows at the last minute to avoid temptations or just sudden change of mind. But then when I saw this one, I knew I liked it. It is simple, pretty, comfortable to look at plus I love the color and patterns of this dress. Added to the temptation is I get to pay it through paypal. I could have stopped myself from buying it if the website didn’t allow Paypal as one of their modes of payment.. Geeezzz pildi nasad ko but it is okay, a $15 dress is not so bad at all, or is it?

$13.00 Our Price
$49.99 Retail


One of the hottest trends this summer is the fabulous bohemian look. Theres no better way to get that hippie chic look than with this long and lovely Halter Maxi Dress. This dress is loaded with stylish details that make it perfect for day or evening wear. This dress features a flattering halter neckline with a flattering faux-wrap detail across the bust in a bright and colorful pattern. The empire waist is accented by a pretty scarf-like belted detail with a sparking buckle in the center. The long flowing skirt skims over the hips to create a long and lean silhouette.

Want to know more?

• Flattering and comfortable fit

• Easy to wear, just pull it on and go

• Pair it with wedges or heels for evening

• Wear it with flat sandals for a fun, casual day look

Blue Animal Print Top For $2.60

Sweet deal I got for this blue Forever 21 leopard top for $2.60. It was actually priced for $15.60 at my newly found favorite shopping website but then I had thirteen points converted into cash for $13 so I only had to pay the remaining balance from my Paypal. Kung swertihin nga naman. I love it a lot, the top is made of lightweight material and it is cool to the skin, it has a good fit in me too.

me pugot ulo

My Brother’s Preferred Brand For Clothing

How odd is it to live in Fort Worth, Texas where the factory or makers of Dickies Clothing is located just a few miles away from here. I have a brother whose preferred brand for clothing is Dickies.

Whenever he comes home to the Philippines from working overseas, rest assured he would shop for new clothing with only one brand he has known on earth. Dickies is a well-known brand for clothing back in my homeland. Everybody especially the young adults are so into it for its quality and comfort.

It was when I was about to fly to America I discovered that Dickies factory is located to where my husband lives. In fact, I used to just look at Fort Worth in the map and asked myself if I ever going to make it there, am I ever going to see what this place like or am I ever going to see myself the exact same place of this popular clothing brand that they are so crazy about?

All those questions were answered when I landed in DFW airport over six years ago. And every time we pass by near downtown, I smile because I can clearly see the Dickies plant or building that reminds me of my brother so much.


I Got Tons Of Aeropostale Tees

I can say I am most comfortable wearing tees during my normal days. I got tons of t-shirts and my preferred brands are Aeropostale, Abercrombie and Guess. However, I owned most number of Aeropostale tees because they are very affordable when they offer mark down sales of their clothing.

I am known to my friends being a wise shopper and coupon maniac for I never buy stuff unless I have coupons to use or they are on sale. I love that there are Aeropostale coupon codes available on the internet that I could use to shop both online and in the mall. Coupon sites like CouponCodes4u is such a great site to be getting an Endless coupon code in order to save some money when shopping.

Guys you have no idea how I happy I am to have found these websites. Next time I shop for tees, I would definitely use their coupons because of the savings! This is what I love about browsing on the internet for I find helpful coupon sites that let me save bucks.

Abercrombie And Fitch’s 40% Sale On Hoodies and 50% On Jeans

Do you guys love shopping at this popular brand of clothing called Abercrombie and Fitch? They currently offer 40% off on their hoodies online and in store, offer ends tomorrow as well as 50% off on jeans for men and women. Hurry now for it is the last day of their jeans sale. You don’t wanna miss this out, do you?

I always love how soft and comfortable A&F’s material used in their clothing but I can only buy one or two tees at a time when they are on sale because they are a bit pricey for me if I buy them in original price.