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Designer Sweaters for Less than $10

I should not underestimate the kind and quality of clothing that thrift stores are selling because it has proven (based on my shopping experiences) many times that they are the best places to shop for designer clothing at a fraction of a price. I feel in cloud 9 when I scored really great deals on my new Fall/Winter outfits for this year. I went to McCart Family Thrift Center not knowing what I could dig in their racks, with an open mind, I started going through each hanged clothes from babies, men’s and women’s of my size, then I went to their housewares and shoes.

I got several items in my cart and paid a total of a little over $60 for 14 items. Take note, what I bought aren’t just your usual brand of clothing that everybody can afford. I found me a Banana Republic sweater top, Calvin Klein, Guess jacket, Gap very soft long sleeves top, a pair of new Skechers shoes for only $12.95. Now if that doesn’t sound SWEET to you, I don’t know how you call that. Photos below are some of my haul at the thrift store last Saturday.

Look at photos below and tell me if they aren’t pretty, truly I feel lucky to have found such items that didn’t break my budget. I should have known that I can also wear designer clothing without spending so much money on them.

How about you ladies, do you also shop at consignment and thrift stores? Tell me what sort of stuff did you find there if you have shopped there before?

 photo PA056332_zpsf4743585.jpg
… this lovely open sweater here cost me only $4.94 and it still had a tag on it when I bought it. Take note, it is made in Italy not from China. It is really pretty in actual in grape color.

I didn’t really think that I could buy me this Calvin Klein new with tag sweater in beet red for $4.74 and Guess jacket for $3.33, although the jacket didn’t have a tag and may be a slightly used item, yet it still look like new. It’s a kid’s size and large but it fits me so I’m wearing it with pleasure.
 photo PA056333_zps7357796c.jpg

left sweater top below photo is a Banana Republic brand for only $4.74, slightly used but looking like new and in excellent condition, right long sleeves is a GAP and bought it for $2.72.
 photo PA056334_zps32dc6a89.jpg

You Can Be Clothed and Still be Sexy

A woman dresses to impress and express herself. How she dress up depends on her mood and her personality. A lot of women would express their sexiness by wearing tight and short clothing, others can be too revealing and almost wear nothing to attract attention. A few, dress just right and majority of them dress modestly.

There is one woman that I so admire. I have not met her in person yet I look up to her when it comes to fashion because I find her very sexy. You see her photos below that I snagged from Facebook, they are my favorite shots of her with her gorgeous maxis. I just can’t help but admire her sense of fashion, the styles, colors of her dresses and the overall look of this woman.

To me, a woman can be clothed and still looks sexy. I don’t need to see a lot of skin in order for me to tell she’s sexy. Manilyn, for one. She doesn’t reveal too much of her skin, her clavicles show, long skinny arms are exposed yet she still look decent, respectable, simple and gorgeous. Not to mention she wears her natural looks which makes her more beautiful. She is a modern woman yet she retains her conservative and innocent look of herself.

Agree or disagree but that’s how I see her.

 photo fqsbjul1p2yrgh3kd29itoc4p2ly5txw_zps2eaf7f1c.jpg
…. photos not mine, I don’t own them. These are all Manie’s property. I hope she won’t kill me to find her photos on her lol.
 photo ov3qnxtlrtm4j50381wvzv81muhp3c40_zps114da2a0.jpg

Dream Wedding Dresses at Dress First

I have been waiting for October to come because it is such a special month for both me and my husband for we are going to celebrate our 9th year wedding anniversary comes October 16. Yes, it has been that long yet it feels like we just got married not so long ago. It is probably because we have such a good marriage that makes me feel blessed to have been married with the man of my dreams.

When we speak about wedding, the first thing that comes in our mind is a beautiful Wedding Dress. Our wedding is the grandest, the most unforgettable and special moment of our lives so it is just right to pick the right motif and the perfect wedding dress brides could ever wear because it is their big day and a wedding can only happen once in our lifetime. Well, it is in a woman’s conservative point of view.

If we are to get wed again in our tenth anniversary, I would surely, with all my heart renew our vow that we made almost 9 years ago. And I would be more than willing to go through all the stress in my wedding preparation just to make it beautiful. I am eyeing on wedding dresses, shoes, bouquets and wedding accessories at DressFirst right now and oh boy, there are just tons of gorgeous dresses to choose from.

However, after just going through each page, I found the stuff that I really would like to try on someday. Following photos below are lifted from’s website that I believe are perfect. As for the wedding dress, I love the sexy detail of this Mermaid Sweetheart Chapel Train Organza Satin Wedding Dress With Embroidery Beadwork. This dress can be bought either in white, ivory, champagne and pink. I also love that a bride can have an option as to what color the embroidery is going to be according to her taste. Embroidery color choices are white, ivory, champagne, pink, gold and silver.

 photo cd8e937b4765babc61b891d9ed4a389b_zps1829b868.jpg

My second favorite from their site is this Mermaid V-neck Chapel Train Satin Lace Wedding Dress With Beadwork. If a bride is a bit conservative then this dress would be perfect for her since it is not too revealing with 3/4 lacey sleeves yet it has the elegance and current look of the gown.

 photo ab9b94e2b3abd01c6820fe919b1a371c_zps7348b2c2.jpg
Of course, one has a wedding gown, she should then choose the veil that would greatly match her dress.
 photo d10880788469f0fa58a2c50be5fea656_zps8e6e6b7b.jpg
9 years ago, I chose ash blue as my motif and if I had to choose again, I would go fuchsia or hot pink this time as my motif and I think the two bridesmaid dresses below are the prettiest.
 photo e0bed1a8f03750dac7c41e894f739bf6_zpsc69bc779.jpg
 photo 8d046676686ad94a8b1e475b5e93bf7b_zps2c184474.jpg
… and below is my choice of bouquet.
 photo 33c23af8134788e3084c4c24982f125f_zps30869b5b.jpg
and of course not forgetting the killer shoes that look trendy and sexy.
 photo 95d48aef8fd36633b19522857a3137b5_zps0962c2bb.jpg

Nice Print Ribbed Tanks for Under $2

It doesn’t hurt to buy Walmart brand clothing, does it? Although Walmart normally sells their products for cheaper prices compared to other store, that doesn’t mean the quality is cheap or is not presentable. I love shopping at Walmart for my girls’ clothing sometimes, you know?

I found these nice printed ribbed tanks at Walmart on clearance last weekend and bought five of the tanks. For $1.50 each, who doesn’t want to buy that? I could wear these tanks for running errands outside the house or sending my kindergarten to school. They are pretty, aren’t they? Who can tell they are from Walmart?

 photo 1242263_10152206042974517_885851172_n_zpsa91b9ad3.jpg
… I bought 3 pieces of the camou print for me and my two girls. I love matching tops/dresses with them..
 photo 1174399_10152206106394517_474065119_n_zpsbd83db13.jpg
… prints for little girls but they fit on me and love the prints, so why not buy them? XL size for a kid is equivalent to Small size in junior. I felt lucky to have found these tanks for they were really cheap.

Chocolate and Black Chevron Maxi Dress

I so heart this dress below, photograph not mine. I saw this on an online boutique last night and I am drooling with this dress. I don’t have that many maxi dresses and buying another one in Chevron print wouldn’t be bad, the only thing that hinders me from buying this particular dress is the price. It costs $40 or in any other stores but I am not willing to pay that price knowing that it will come down eventually to under $10.

Call me frugal but there is nothing wrong being one, right? I can’t seem to get over with this dress, it has been on my mind all night long. All I could do for now is to stare at it and wait for the right time to shop for chevron prints. Hopefully, before summer ends, I can buy me one or two of these prints.

 photo 2360986_ficon_1008__01698137531251212801280_zps4090ae7e.jpg

My Aeropostale Haul

This post is long overdue. But anyway, I am one of those people who loves to shop smart and anticipating for deep discount sales either in-store or online. Aeropostale had their biggest Bulldog sale a few weeks ago. My tactic was, I checked their online prices for tees and then in the weekend I visited their store and see if they are the same.

Guess what? Their physical store at the mall was .99 more. It took me days before I could visit their store so there wasn’t much left when I did so when I went back home, I checked out the items that were already in the cart. I didn’t mind paying for $4 shipping because I got prettier items online than in the store, besides, it made me save a few cents purchasing online because their normal shipping is $7 but they had a shipping promo that day so I still believe I got a deal. And oh not forgetting, I am getting a few cents back by shopping online through ebates.

I bought 4 pieces of men’s tees for $5 each for my brothers in the Philippines despite the fact that they do not appreciate the things I give them, two pieces aero bikini for my little sister and a color block yoga capri for myself. I know shopping is nice but you have to be smart enough when and what kind of stuff you’re buying so there will be no shopping remorse afterwards.

 photo 1057249_10152058224084517_790089263_n_zps20f2d82e.jpg

I Scored a Great Deal at Hollister

I felt like a winner after scoring such a sweet deal at Hollister when I went to the mall last Monday. I am subscribed to their email notifications so I know when they have new arrivals or sales. I was so enticed to shop online because of the great deal they offered to their loyal customers of up to 70% off. In fact, I had at least 9 items in my cart ready to be checked out but I got discouraged when they gave me the final amount after tax although they offer free shipping of orders over $75.

Heck, I almost checked out when I realized I don’t need to spend that much money on clothing right now. What I did is, closed the window and forgot about the big savings I could score if I were to avail right at that moment. Hours later after putting the items in the cart, I saw most of the items were sold out. I got a bit disappointed yet thankful for I didn’t have to buy what’s in there.

Monday came, I was itching to go to the mall and at least buy two items that I fell in love with, the two yellow green/white and pink/white long sleeve plaids were effin’ gorgeous so I went to their local store and bought them along with a couple other items that were also marked down by 70%.

I got five items total in my bag and only cost me under $50 including tax. If I paid them in full price, I could pay roughly a hundred bucks. Also, I was happy I did go to the mall for the items were much cheaper than online. Imagine the plaids cost $10.40 online and in store it came down to $8.47. What I love about Hollister is that their clothing is made of high quality materials, soft and comfortable on to the skin.


I Like to Look Sexy


As much as I want to look sexy, I cannot do that and there is nothing I can do to change my body figure. I was created by God and was born to be this way so I must accept it wholeheartedly. However, I would like to wish to look sexy by simply wearing such a cool summer dress pictured above. I found this at Ukay2x group on Facebook for sale. This is to fool the husband for a second that I actually that sexy because of that dress, haha!

Neon Colorblock Dress


I bought this online in medium size, I am selling it for only $18 free shipping within US. If small was available, I would definitely keep one for me but sad to say, it was no longer available when I opened the website.

If anybody out there interested in buying this dress, please leave me a message. Two pieces available as of now. This is just gorgeous that is why I am selling it for I know my customers would love to have this dress.

I Got Me A New Hooded Fleece Jacket In Neon Orange


As bright as it is for a dark-skinned color Filipina to be wearing a neon color hoodie would be crazy but I like it. It is a treat for myself for working hard these past few weeks. Somebody gave me a Hollister 25% off coupon so I used it to buy this hoody along with a nice Hollister top.

I think I made the right choice for choosing to buy a hooded fleece jacket instead of cardigan because, it is thicker and warmer. Unlike the cardigan, it is so thin that it can only be worn in the 50’s temperature.