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After Christmas Sale

Most people have spent too much for Christmas for sure. We are not an exception because we got two kids that we want to have some nice things for Christmas even if it means sacrificing my own wants. They got what they wished for, I don’t.

I wanted a digital camera to use for my next trip to the Philippines but didn’t get it, Black Friday and many other big sales have passed yet I still haven’t bought what I wanted, but it’s okay. I just have to use what I already have and don’t let it hinder my enjoyment in the future.

Anyway, I always look forward to shopping and take advantage of After Christmas sale where merchandise is mark down to 50-75% off. I shopped for peppermint flavored chocolates to send to my family as well as some of the gift sets Walmart had on sale. It is a great savings I did not wanna miss. I wouldn’t be able to afford it if I buy them full price.

Below is a picture of a nice cubic zirconia necklace and earrings, a little something for my little sister also marked down 50% off.



Find Your Perfect Christmas Lights Online

I know it is still too early to talk about Christmas and Christmas lights but I guess it is not just me who is excited about it. I bet, there are also many women out there who think about it and wishing that it would come sooner. Why am I so excited? Firstly, when it comes, it would be like opening new gifts for me because I bought Christmas stuff last year right after the occasion at least over $300. I believe I got everything I need except for one, Christmas lights to be hanged outside the house. I am on looking for that specific lights that we want to buy.

 photo Starlight-Spheres-hp1013_zps09fe3171.jpg

When we went to Arlington for a beautiful Christmas lights show, we saw these lights that are subtle, not very bright lights yet looked nice to our eyes. I tried looking for themĀ in local stores but I couldn’t find them. They must be available online, only if I know their specific name so that what I am buying is the right product or item. Browsing through several Christmas lights that are on sale right now and hoping that I could find those subtle lights we saw.

Also more importantly, I would love to have an LED lights that we can confidently leave on for long hours without worrying they go very hot or burn so much energy. Here is the thing, we can have an array of lights at the same time save energy. I know they must be somewhere and waiting to be searched. Seems to me that Christmas Lights Etc. is the right place to be looking for Christmas lights, Christmas Tress, Christmas indoor and outdoor decorations.

There is an on-going Bright Lights of Spring Sale up to 40% off on their site that you might want to take advantage before the sale is over. Bright lights are ideal for party events like birthdays, weddings or just a simple gathering at your back porch. Check it out now!

Gorgeous Christmas Present from My Neighbor Friend

I was wowed when I checked this nicely packaged Christmas present for my two girls from our Filipina neighbor Santa this morning. I have never received such gorgeous present like this one in my entire life. The boxes alone are just wow! It is even more sweeter when I opened each and found that there were four different kinds of sweet treat each box. It was there quietly waiting outside our front door waiting for me to pick it up and bring inside.

Thankful me much for not we only got yummy chocs, I now have four beautiful boxes to reuse. The smallest box is now my instant lipstick organizer. I still have to think of ways to reuse the rest. Thanks for the thoughtfulness my friend!

 photo chocs_zpsa3edf7b8.jpg

 photo chocs1_zps90925367.jpg

His Christmas Gift For Me

So thoughtful of him to give me a pair of blue topaz earrings to match with my necklace that has the same gemstone my husband gave me on our 4th wedding anniversary. I remember he said to me that I need earrings of the same kind so I can have a set. I never thought he would buy them for me really.

For days I was thinking that my husband is not gonna give me something for Christmas but to my surprise, he gave me those beautiful earrings. He really is full of surprises! Thanks a lot for the beautiful set lalabs! Man, you’re the best!

Just Around The Corner

Oh well, Christmas is very very near. Clock is ticking tick…tock.. tick.. tock toe and soon enough it will be the 25th. Have you guys planned what to do on Christmas day? Surely, most of you out there are busy shopping for presents and busy planning for parties and games to do on that day, right?

As for us here, we are planning of spending it to my FIL who’s ill and elderly in San Antonio. Rose, my friend is also planning of special Christmas dinner in downtown but she has no schedule yet when. We also planned on getting together on Christmas but duh I don’t know how to make this come true as we do have conflict of schedule. Things will be ok I believe as we get closer to the day to celebrate!

Attached are photos of us with the Christmas tree in the mall and in her house! Just thought of sharing it here! ..myself with the giant Christmas tree in the background…

my baby with her Tita Rose
… she’s fond of playing the round ornaments.. first time to see such thing man gud…
… posing for my readers and visitors out there… peace and MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!
… at Rose’s place.. me with my baby fitting on her leopard print coat…